0. Prelude - Winter 1214-1215

Scylax says "The most sensible thing seems to be to increase the scale of the herding operation. Would this step on someone's turf, Anastaj, do you know?
He turns to Aristocles, "Mining seems like it would require much official approval, and attract attention, so I would counsel to keep it fairly small in scope. Of course, you know best."
Arni sodales, I will endeavor to find magical resources for our fledgling Covenant...including allies! However, my gifts are not well aligned with the breeding, quick maturing, control and transportation of beasts, or of wood. Perhaps in the culling...though I cannot say I have specific formulae for it.
A quandary, we need some specialists, but have not the silver to recruit them!
What are our strengths, Anastaj, have you identified how we may rise above the rest and thus eke out a spot? I am unhappy to report that I have some talent with Perdo, and with Vim as I mentioned before, to my great shame, as these are of little use given our current situation.

[tab][/tab] Anastaj takes notes while listening to the young people talk about resources, translating where necessary in a resigned, bored monotone . He then blinks at Scylax's question, fixing his blue eyes on him. ''I...have no idea. I know little about beasts, they eat grass, make milk, breed...'' he trails off unhelpfully. He clears his throat then continues '' As for silver and specialists... what would you have in mind? We are covered for short term expenses, this is about gaining a financial foothold that will last us years. As for magical strengths, well I know very little about the scope of our covenant. Let me see... I think we are all over the place, some dabble on the elements, others in healing or pure magic. I deal with the art of the mind mostly, and other stuff'' he says evasively, continues '' The most apparent skills I would wager are young Aristocles skill in making item, the Bjornaers unique abilities, the Lady's academic pursuits and your keen eye for magic. How these are going to be of use, well thats what why are having this conversation really'' he smiles. '' Do not sell your self short, young man. I trust your arts will be in much demand in these mountains. Just keep your eyes open for opportunities''.
[tab][/tab] Anastaj turns to Arni, nodding '' I'll pen you up on the matter of sheep and goats then....eh livestock, yes. As for a mason, difficult to say. We could hire someone for seasonal work, but for a permanent residence it will be much more difficult, he has nothing to attract him here. Perhaps you can find someone?'' Turns to Aristocles again ''That could be helpful, yes. Just be cautious, there are many dangers here in the mountains'' Rubs his nose, spreading more charcoal around '' I doubt you will find precious metals or stone though. Never heard anything like that around here. Then again you might get lucky...''

«You want me to oversee the shepherds?» Arni asks, looking a bit surprised, then he adds: «Well, yeah, I suppose I could. It is really not my expertise, but I learnt a little when I was a kid.» Then he looks to Anastaj for confirmation. When it seems that he had understood him correctly, he continues «If anyone can do Creo Animal to the sixth magnitude, whether spells or items, please give me a hint. It might be worth investigating opportunities to boost the income. By the way, if anybody wonders, my specialty is the old mysteries of our ancestors, and of Bonisagus' arts, Auram is my strongest.»

In Latin as always <<I was planning on focusing on penning additional Hermetic Tractatus. If we were to teach a scribe magic theory we could have a useful business selling copies."

[tab][/tab] Anastaj keeps scribbling then pauses at Raven's comment. Rubs his nose again then delicately says '' Interesting idea hmmm. You have an important manuscript, a celebrated scroll that can be sold? Because child... the average magus in this Tribunal is...of advanced years. Young ones will be eager for what you offer but I doubt they would have resources. Most just trade and exchange what they need. While commendable and certainly in the spirit of sharing, I doubt that a copying endeavor can support a Covenant in monies''. He smiles to take any edge out of his comment '' You should find a trustworthy scribe though. He will be good for the Covenant''. He makes a small note, then turns to the rest magi ''I have instructed Dimitrios, the young lad taking care of daily stuff for me, to help you in any way and form, barring extravagant costs. We are a bit lean at the moment on victuals and foodstuff but I think we will do better later on. And I mean this for everyone, magi and covenfolk'' he says a bit pointedly.

«OK. Can we wrap this up, please, and get on with the real work? I think each and every one of us ought to take responsibility for one key matter to oversee. As I said, I am willing to take on the herding operation and expand it. I am sure there are enough roles to go around. Someone should focus on developing a second source of income. Maybe Aristocles can take that? Starting with prospecting as suggested? Anastaj mentioned a turb. Who can take responsibility for that? Maybe we need a person to oversee buildings with maintenance and deveopment, and one to take care of the library. What do you think? Are there other roles that we should assign at this point? I have a feeiling that I have forgotten something important and urgent?» He stops for a minute, looking around for
confirmation or objection. Then he adds, «Raven sounds quite keen on the library, which would leave Pavo and Scylax for turb and buildings. What do you think?»

«Obviously, we can only do the best we can at the moment. We do not know the area yet; we don't even know the covenfolk. Once we have explored the area and settled down, maybe over the Summer, we can revise the plans.»

«Let's try to settle space for sanctums as well. Both Raven and myself have been talking about setting up sancti in new buildings, which would leave room for some standard guest labs in this building. Can the covenant afford, inside the next very few years, to get the equipment for spare labs? If we do, we can set up labs in all the available rooms in the rotunda straight away. Personally, I would like a rooftop lab with a terrace, in two or three years time, but I can
use a guest lab until then. Is that a viable plan?»

«If this is possible, I think our dear armourer can have his spacious top floor lab. Pavo said he wanted the small room next to it, and I'd like the last available room on the top floor. That leaves two standard sized rooms on the ground floor for Raven and Scylax. If I have missed any wishes or interests, I am truly sorry; I don't mean to step on anybody's toes.»

Aristocles: "All sounds good to me, agreed"

Scylax says I shall attempt to deal with the buildings, unless Raven sodales wishes to trade for the library duties (she is clearly the darling of the coven folk)?
And nominate Pavo sodales to mold the turb, it is obvious that he holds their undivided attention.

I am content with Arni sodales suggestions for lab spaces.

<> Raven concludes, agreeing with the others.

[tab][/tab]Anastaj nods while scribbling down the lab spaces each person wants, frowns a bit about the problem with Arni. It makes sense the Bjornaer would want a high perch, he makes a note to ask the carpenter about this, maybe the could make the whole roof into a large laboratory. Satisfied he puts the tablet to the side, picks up another blank slate. '' Good. Now as stated, I am the disceptator for the next six years and I have the duty to keep our supply of funds and vis. We...I hold the key to our cache in my quarters...'' he reaches into his robe's neckline and fishes out a copper key engraved with hermetic symbols ''... if anyone needs funds or vis please inform me and I should dole out as our charter states'' He looks around a bit to make sure the young ones understand then moves on '' This summer I will be going to Delos for some...stuff... with the Tribunal. I think it would be a good idea for some of you to come with me. It will be a good opportunity to learn the duties this Covenant has to the Tribunal, meet with people and learn things, especially about running a covenant. I understand most of you would want nothing more than to closet yourselves in laboratories, but this is important too. Besides some walking under heat will do wonders to your complexions'' he smiles at his jest a bit.
[tab][/tab] Anastaj waits to see if anyone wants to ask questions or if anything has not be addressed yet.

Arni nods, «I am truly sorry that I have to miss the trip to Delos. The Gathering of Twelve Years is really the only event in the world which could possibly be more important than meeting the people of the tribunal. It is a great mishap that they clash. Speaking of priorities, please don't rush our dear carpenter. My personal ... «closet» as you say ... is not urgent. I think I shall be busy with other things than locking myself away for the next two years, and the carpenter shall be needed for other buildings. If we are going to expand the herd, we certainly need more housing.»

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