101 items for a Scavenger Hunt

This is an idea for a mini-scenario for new players, playing newly-gauntleted magi.

The background could be something like this. The newly gauntleted magi are presented at Tribunal, perhaps at the beginning of 2-3 day meeting. At the end, they will take their vows and be given the secret of Parma Magica. In between they don't have much to do. One of the magi, perhaps a magi Tytalus, runs an unofficial scavenger hunt during this time. There aren't really any rules, and no defined winning conditions, just a book with a disparate list of objects. And perhaps the unstated expectation that the more objects you gather, the better a mage you are?

So here's an initial dozen ideas or so. Ideally perhaps I would describe each item in a period-appropriate way. Several of these descriptions are deliberately contradictory or ambiguous. Many of them are references to content in various ArM books.

  • a matching set of vis of the 10 Forms
  • a commentary on "Principles of Hermetic Law"
  • a Bookstand of Hespera
  • a complete set of Pliny the Elder's Natural History, made with resonant materials
  • a Helm of Invisibility
  • a Flour Maker
  • a Shawl of Cemunnos
  • a Faerie Stone
  • a barrel of water from the Well of life
  • a sword with a hilt containing a finger bone of Saint Paul
  • a librarian's buckle
  • a BiargrĂșnar amulet
  • a hive of Mighty bees
  • a spear of quality

What do you think? Any more ideas?

Any of the items that can be dragged from a creature/object/plant of virtue would be good.

write up a description of some unusual natural object ( for example; sand that floats, from a river bank in a genus loci) that can function as natural vis for magi with the wilding virtue.

Now this would be a funny way for that Tytalus mage to con the entire tribunal into quickly building a realia collection for him :stuck_out_tongue: