1197 A.D. (Late Spring) Beginnings


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I think I will have to travel to Crintera, Roznov and Dankmar to meet the magi. I can travel to Fengheld to meet with the Redcaps. I grew up in Fengheld so hopefully some remember me. Emericus pauses. We need to find magi at those Covenants who might support a new Covenant being made in the Rhine Tribunal.

"Understood," says Sigmund. "I will share that request with my fellow redcaps to see if they have suggestions. This may take several days, perhaps even weeks, as the most likely to have knowledge of these covenants spend a lot of their time on the road. You will probably have better chances at Fengheld for Crintera and Roznov, as they are closer, but I will ask here anyway."

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(Basilus could go see Andrus, the head librarian, about the older books that Durenmar is gifting to the new covenant. Aren't you curious to discover what these are?)

(In doubt, he could ask his future covenant-mates what he can do.)

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Basilus will go to visit Andrus.

"Salve", he greets the librarian while walking in. "I'm Basilus, one of the new magi come to establish a new covenant on one of the older sites. I've been told we would be gifted some of the library's books. Could I perhaps take a quick look at them before our departure?"

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Before Basilus is able to see Andrus, he runs into the magus' mundane secretary. "Master Andrus is a very busy magus," the man says in a rusty voice. "What is the purpose of your visit? I shall have to put you on his calendar."

The secretary appears quite old, perhaps in his sixties, with a corona of white hair shooting out around a bald pate. Like a monk's haircut gone wild.

"My apologies", Basilus says, and relays pretty much the same message he would've said to Andrus himself.
"There's no rush really, but it would be nice to do so while we're still in Durenmar" he adds.

"Hmmm, yes, yes. Master Andrus is working in his lab this season, so he only takes appointments in the evenings. I can put uou dow..." He looks through the pages in a soft leather folder, "three evenings from now, just after dinner. A quarter of an hour only, he has another appointment with... well, you don't need to know that." He looks up at you, "Will that do?"

"This should be more than enough to go over the books", Basilus says and visibly cheers up. "Thank you."
After this, he says his goodbyes and heads off for the day, intending to return later.

When Morrigan comes back to the Mercer House later that day, Sigmund is there. He slips back into the conversation right away. "I was able to check a few things for you, magus. Unfortunately, as I suspected, we have very little on the area around Bamberg. It isn't on any of our regular travel routes, as there are no covenants in the area. We have a few redcaps that pass through once every few years, but nothing has been noted in the last few decades. We have a few older maps -- which I believe mistress Tandaline has copies of -- and some general notes. Nothing about Staffelstein. Sorry."

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She makes a small smiles.

Don't worry that was a long shot anyway. If our project is successful, I'm sure we'll have other opportunities to meet again maybe I could return the favour then.

"If you wish," Sigmund adds before Morrigan leaves, "I can note your interest in the region so that one of the redcaps takes some time to pass through next time one is in the general area."

That would be appreciated, Sigmund. Thank You again Sodales.

The young man smiles, "I'm sorry I couldn't find more. Perhaps with more time..." He shrugs sheepishly.