1220.0 The First Council

"To the covenant!" Alexei raises his cup and then takes a drink. "I need little inducement for a toast!" he adds afterwards and then fills his cup again.

"Tournament? What kind of tourney? Certamen? Wizard's Melee? I do enjoy such sport!"

"There are several events, the Hastiludium, a Certamen Tourney, The Joust, The Melee, which is only for grogs and companions, the Dimcatio, and then the hosting covenant has a choice of a game. I invite you to look at these events in the library at your convenience. It's not necessary for us to compete in all events, but the more we compete the higher rank we might achieve. The Tourney takes place after the official events of the Tribunal."

OOC: If there is active interest in this from players, this is something that you'll have to coordinate amongst yourselves to some degree. Figuring out who is doing what event, and if the Melee competition is desired, you definitely need to have any competitors fully fleshed out. If you have The Lion and the Lily, you can lookup the events there, that's what the Library has. If you don't, I'll post the events later. Of course the hosting covenant's choice of event is secret until announced. I'll give out some guidelines, if there's interest in this. You have 5 seasons to prepare for these events. If you're a less frequent poster, you can still compete in an event, we'll just use a bit more dice rolling to resolve it.

Fiona will say that she's interested in attending the Tribunal, but won't say one way or the other if she's interested in the other events. OoC, she would likely be interested in the Certamen Tournament, possibly the Joust and whatever the Host's Choice is.

OOC: I seem to be driving this thread more than I'd like...
Apollodorus looks around the tabel at everyone waiting for someone to speak up about the next issue. You get the impression that he'd rather be anywhere than here right now.

[color=blue]"And who among us is skilled enough at this game of theirs to play them for the vis?

"And are there any other sources of vis that we must concern ourselves with shortly? Or should the disclosure of that information wait until we have all signed the Charter?"

"I'd say anyone with superior intellect, or a bit of understanding of logic could play the game well. The game is Chess, and the Tremere have popularized it throughout the Order. Indeed, the terms pawn, rook and queen all come from the game." OOC: we'll handwave it and say it is the modern game of chess, unless someone has an interest in some of the types outlined in HoH:TL in the Tremere chapter. In game terms, the ease factor is Easy. Since the contested resource hook isn't in play here, it's flavor more than anything. It's not a stress die and the ease factor is Easy, so someone with an Int+Artes Liberales (or Philosophie)=5 will automatically win. "Would you like to take a break and play?"

Apollodorus calls for the Covenant's Charter, but not the Quaesitore to be called in.

Alexei shrugs. "I play chess now and again, but my style is too agressive, the long game suffers. I think I'd rather participate in the tourney, that is meet for me I should think."

"I think you misunderstand me, someone must play the game every year. I don't intend to do it all the time. If you don't play the vis will go uncollected. The Tourney is a tribunal activity, and participation in that is entirely optional."

"To the covenant indeed. I can certainly take over the duty of playing that game. Assuming of course those gnomes are friendly or at least neutral creatures. If they are, i welcome a game."

OOC: Silviatos has Int 3 + Artes Liberales 3, so should win regularly.

"Concerning the tribunal and the tournaments, i think i rather pass though. I doubt i will be much help in the tournament, being the generalist that i am, and i prefer to accustom myself with the immediate surrounding of our covenant first before mingling with all of our sodali of this whole tribunal."

[color=blue]"I would be delighted to learn this game of 'chess' that you say is the rage of the Order these days. We have no Tremere in Loch Leglean, so it's little wonder that I've never even heard of it before." She does well for a rank novice: Int 1 + Artes Liberales 2 + die roll of 9 = 12.

Tbh, I'm not sure what more needs brought up...this is more like a meet'n'greet, methinks. I'm sure once we get settled in and more familiar/comfortable it'll be more player-driven. Just my tuppence.

Here are some serious issues:
Order of governance (technically agreed to, but could be RP'ed out, entirely optional)
Discussion of the Charter generally
Discussion of the name of the covenant
I'm sure that there's other stuff that I can't think of just now.

"So Appollodorus...regarding the Charter, there is a proviso that I find curious. The Princeps or Praeco, or Steward, however you call it, rotates? Without vote or contest? I find this strange. Not bad, but very different from what I am used to. So at some point...and relatively quickly...all will have had the keys to the Covenant. Is this not so?"

"Yes." Apollodorus tone and look is one that is immediately familiar to each of you, as master to apprentice, which is entirely out of character that he has shown before.
"None of you have led your sodales before, so you must all learn to lead your sodales. Part of leading is also learning to follow. Those who follow become leaders, and the cycle repeats. Choose the order of leadership. Choose now." This is coming out as a command, it is stated gently, but Apollodorus' tone says that the matter is not up for discussion.

Onesiphorus: I can also play chess with some skill so perhaps a game later to decide who will face the gnomes. Now regarding leadership of the covenant. Do we really need a leader, a first amongst equals? My suggestion is that we hire a mundane so oversee the day to day operations of the covenant that concern our covenants more mundane concerns. He must keep books that we can look through at any time and he will be submitted to mind probing magic if needed. On the other hand he will get a good salary, freedom in his work and we can help him with magic if he or his family falls ill. When our steward grows old we will support him and his wife until the death of both. We magi take care of extraordinary circumstances and either decides what to do in a council or alone and then are accountable to the councils review.

OOC: Int 3 + Phil 2 + a sour looser :slight_smile:

Alexei looks over to Onesiphorus. "We already have such a Steward, Reynault I believe is his name. And I agree that we need someone like him to take care of every day issues, we will still need a leader of Magi, one who represents us to other Sodales as well as ourselves. Will you accept the judgment of a Mundane with regard to our various pursuits? I intend to be addressing the various security issues I have noticed since arriving. I nominate myself as first Princeps."

While The council members are contemplating their order of leadership Apollodorus adds a tidbit. "There will be times were esteemed members of the Order will come by to visit. I expect you to treat them with hospitality worthy of a Jerbiton."

[color=blue]"It will take several months for me to get my lab and my garden to an acceptable level for me...and unfortunately I cannot foresee taking months off from tending the garden to attend to the day-to-day duties of the Princeps. So...if I must choose now, I choose Winter for my first tenure as 'humble' leader."

As whomever is reading the charter quotes this passage, Fiona glances at Alexei with a knowing smile.

[color=blue]"So," Fiona says, making no effort to hide her skepticism, [color=blue]"If, God forbid, Apollodorus, you were to meet an untimely end, and the Quaesitor should decide that one of us, or any future parties to the Covenant are responsible, then the covenant is void?"

Fiona nods. [color=blue]"Yes...a tournament among those who wish to play the gnomes sounds like a reasonable way of choosing our 'champion'."

[color=blue]"Onesiphorus - may I suggest that if we have any in our employ whom we feel should have his mind probed from time to time, that we need to find a more trustworthy replacement?"

"Indeed you understand it well, Fiona. Of course, this is only for a period of 20 years at most. After 20 years, that clause carries no weight. It only applies if a member of this covenant were to murder me, and of course it could be proven so. If I die by other means or pass into Final Twilight, then the items would belong to the Covenant. I have been ill-used in the past, and I wish to ensure that I am not ill-used again. It is a reasonable precaution.

"Perhaps I see your concern. Let me adjust the text once again." With a gentle flick of his wrist the letters on the page squeeze together on the line, and some new text is written by the quill. It now reads "In the event of foul play, prior to the vesting period, by a member of the council, as determined by a Quaesitore, all items will be turned over to House Jerbiton and this Covenant shall be void."

"Is that more agreeable? That's my intention. After 20 years, there's little reason to murder me. Before then, there's every reason not to murder me."