1221.0 Council Meeting

Not true. There can be many leaders within an army or even a turb. If you wish to see us in joint exercises then we will have joint commands. I will accept commands from my Senior Brother of Flambeau but I will have the right to refuse foolish commands. Until Alexei learns of our talents.

Alexei raises an eyebrow at this...but says nothing. It seems perhaps he can accept this.

"Yes, that is a chain of command. For now, as it will be his turn as Princeps of Mons Electi, Alexei is at the top of the chain of command. Do you understand? And as to refusing foolish commands, certainly. One would hope that Alexei can exercise leadership and delegate the tasks he needs done. And while he is learning of you, you must take the same opportunity. But realize, whether you are a member of Mons Electi or Atsingani, Alexei is your superior for this period of time. In the future, as we change leaders, those leaders may delegate responsibility for the turb to Alexei. If you want the freedom to lead as you see fit, you have one simple choice."

While Apollodorus challenge to Jacques hangs in the air, asking Jacques to make a choice he doesn't think he can.
"And, of course, your men will be paid, if the magi of Atsingani join us. When was the last time you paid your men? How often do they get hot food? How often do they have warm beds? A roof over their head? Yes, you might have that eventually at your new home at Paul-Henri's. But it will take seasons, if not years of work. You can have that here, now, and put all that effort into building your sanctum here. Where are your women and children? Your men are rough because they lead lives of desperation, not lives of purpose. And you live a life of desperation."

Fiona lets the silence hang over the council and its guests like a storm cloud for a few long moments.

[color=blue]"It seems, then, that a motion needs to be placed before the Council to invite the magi of Atsingani to join Mons Electi as Probationary Members, whether individually or en masse. Would anybody care to make such a motion?"

Fiona is determined to place the onus of the decision on the others. She has already made her preference known, and still believes that a vassal-liege relationship is best for the both, at least for a few years. But she is willing to yield to the will of the Council, and hopes that her vote is not the deciding one.

"I motion that the magi of Atsingani be invited to join Mons Electi as Probationary Members if they wish."

Alexei sits, scowling. He was truly conflicted about this. On the one hand he'd now have the large turb of grogs he'd been wanting the enitre time plus easy access to the Flambeau who had allowed Brione to be beaten. Plus vassalage just did not sit well with him. On the other hand adding this covenant to Mons Electi brough numerous challenges. When the motion was seconded he was relieved, at least he'd onl have to vote and not second it. Plus he would be Princeps when they joined...hmmm...

Fiona nods at Korvin, then looks at Jacques. [color=blue]"It seems that we have a motion before the council. If you would retire to the next room with your sodales of Atsingani while we take our vote."

Once Jacques has done so, she will then look at each of the magi in turn and ask their vote on the matter.

Alexei continues scowling until the other magi leave and then raises the spear head he recovered from the cushion of the chair. "I vote that they join the covenant as probationary members with the ability to become full members in time as the Charter allows." he says through gritted teeth, it's obvious it was difficult for him to say this.

That was not quite the motionm but I think we can understand. Korvin says with a smile. I will vote for them to be invited to join Mons Electi.

"I wish for them to join us." Apollodorus says.

Fiona looks around the table at her sodales. [color=blue]"The vote comes around to me, with no votes in opposition to inviting them to join Mons Electi as Probationary Members," (per commentary found in the 1221 OoC thread)).

[color=blue]"Unfortunately, the vote must be unanimous to extend them that invitation, and I am voting nay. Aside from Jacques, I have never met any of the magi of our vassal covenant. I would have no problem with inviting Jacques, however, and once we have gotten to know the others, then we can revisit the question.

Furthermore, we are, despite our individual ages, a very young covenant. We have already expanded our numbers from six to nine today. If we add another four magi, that makes thirteen. I am concerned, in addition to what I have said earlier, that we are expanding too much, too fast.

Again...I am not saying that we can never offer them membership. I am simply saying that this is not the time.

"I also don't believe that this should be used as a referendum on vassalage, nor should it be an instrument of revenge. I simply see this as a vote on the merits and faults of inviting this block of magi to join Mons Electi at this time. Nothing more, nothing less."

"Very well, let's have them come back in, and extend to them your terms, Fiona."

Fiona gets up and goes to the door, thinking that we really need to train one of the covenfolk to act as a page for during council meetings.

[color=blue]"Jacques, Viviana, Argyros, the council has come to a decision. If you would please rejoin us."

Once everyone is seated again, Fiona looks at each in turn. [color=blue]"It is the Council's decision to not extend an invitation to the magi of Atsingani to join Mons Electi at this time. That is not to say that the question will not be revisited in the future...in fact, we anticipate that it will be. It is merely a matter of timing.

We do look forward to working closely with you in our role as liege and to help your covenant prosper and grow."

Fiona looks briefly at Alexei with a hint of a smile. [color=blue]"With that in mind, I believe Magus Alexei has expressed an interest in working closely with you and with your turb in particular, in order to develop their training and improve their lot.

"And I would not be surprise to learn that some members of the council would be willing to help you in other ways as well. After all, if you look good we look good, and vice versa. I truly believe that this can work out to the best for everyone concerned."

Viviana appears recovered from her fainting spell. When called into the council chamber she seems hopeful, but upon hearing the news her face falls. "The burden remains, and so I may not depart." She seems saddened. "Jacques, continue with the details of this matter while I retire to my wagon. Argyros, you may do as you wish." She leaves the council chamber.

Alexei does not seem pleased at either result and addresses Jacques.

"I have tentatively agreed to provide some training to your turb and you, should you need it. Do not misunderstand, this is the more peaceful option I believe. If your turb and your Covenant continues on this course of banditry I, or someone like myself, and possibly others, will likely look for a more permanent solution. This intervention might teach your men some discipline and provide you with greater control over them so that you can direct their...aggression better. Should you desire this, assemble your men i' the field tomorrow, sharpish. If you impress me with your own abilities...perhaps a word can be sent to our Primus, I often correspond with him. If you don't take this option...be ready for other options should you continue on your path. Unlike some...I am not impressed by a bandit mob with stolen weapons."

With that he settles into his chair with a frown.

Fiona looks around the table.

[color=blue]"Is there anything else to be addressed by the Council?"

Jormungand stays silent in his relaxed pose. He has an idea of a monthly dinner with the magi to better get to know his sodales, like he used to at home, but this is his first time meeting them. That idea is better held until next year's meeting, when he has a better idea of everyone's personalities (and how many beds he's slept in).

[color=blue]"There being nothing for the Council to consider, I call the meeting over. Alexei, sodalis, the covenant is yours, and I am at your disposal."

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Alexei stands and nods. "Fiona, I thank you for your service. I shall be reviewing the Charter for the upcoming seasons of service, should you have any requests please send a servant with it in writing if it will save you time. I should also like to say that with whatever course taken in regards to the Grogs, I will be training them to provide exemplary service and if any should like to partake in their training and development that will be helpful. Those that accompany you into the field will benefit from getting to know you and you magical styles as well as combat styles should it come to that. But even if you can't attend I shall have tracti written so that you may peruse them and take advantage of it."