1221.0 Council Meeting

"My filius, Iapetus. And another Tremere, Luna. And Iaeptus has taken a couple a filus who are lycanthropes. His is, involuntary."

[b]" Probably half my life, on and off again. I was born and spent my earlier years in the vosges region, nominally part of the Holy Roman Empire of Germany, but my master took me to Britanny, in our current Tribunal, to ensure that my training followed our ancient ways. But once we left the forests... we were almost always on the roads, never staying long to get to know any region more than superficially.

I've been a peregrinator for... 31 years now. :unamused:

I have. And not always for the best. He answers mildly, thoughtful. Then his furrowed brow regains the unfazedness of his obviously magically extended youth. (OOC : Fieltarn seems to be around 35 years old)

Although most of the time I found shapechangers who weren't members of the Order, nor even followers of any tradition but just once common folk whose lifepath had suddenly taken a magical turn. Truth is, my impression is that over the years, the diverse forms of shapechanging seem to manifest ever more rarely than before.Oddly perhaps, he shrugs, as if it weren't that important to him.

As for my Tradition, yes, every Aes Criedne can not be fully recognized as such without a Velgairn - pardon me - a bond with a... shadow-beast - that would be the nearest translation anyway.
Again, his face brightens and his voice betrays his enthousiasm at the occasion to speak about his Tradition.

We could practice magic without it, but the ritual of bonding, which occurs at our err... Gauntlet, does open our Gift to the full extent of its potential. Besides, it also attunes it to... hmm, new magical senses, which would be quite difficult to achieve otherwise, considering our already developed magical talent; And, of course, a different vision of the world.

Fieltarn smiles at Fiona. "Gift is the term indeed. I'm glad to meet someone who doesn't readily labels our lycanthropy as a curse, although I could understand why."

Fieltarn nods politely, an eyebrow raised in sincere interest when hearing the terms "filius" and "Lycantrope" so combined...
Nice, and rare, to find such unprejudiced sodales. Or was there another reason?

Fiona smiles back. [color=blue]"I know, better than most, I would say, what it's like to have to overcome such labels." Standing at about 2.2 meters tall, her giant heritage is plainly obvious to all.

Fiona glances at Apollodorus. Interesting, she thinks. I wonder if it is just the Tremere who are so accepting, or is that a trait of the Tribunal as a whole? It seems I have made the right choice in coming here.

"It seems our Charter is inadequate to granting full membership outright, but as it is, all members must take up the burden of running the day-to-day burdens on a rotating basis, I see no issue to complain overmuch about. I move we accept these Magi provisionally and welcome them as sodales. They will then enter rotation of managing the covenant, immediately. Unless there is an objection?" Apollodorus calls for a page to fetch the charter so that the new magi can review it.

(OOC: whether or not there should be a vigorous debate about new members is something I leave up to the players to determine, but do it in the OOC thread.)

Fiona regards each of the newcomers in turn.

Korvin, she thinks, [i]is a gifted Mercere. I've heard of them but had never seen one in person...and now one seeks to become a member of my Covenant? That could be a great advantage for us.

Fieltarn is a magus who is also a werewolf...quite possibly the only monster more feared, more hated, more despised than giants. And it sounds like we have rather similar agendas.

Jormungard seems friendly enough...and God is he gorgeous. Family man, it seems, despite his seeming youth. Doesn't seem much older than Ulrich, but he's a full magus. Perhaps newly gauntleted, or not much past. And yet Apollodorus believes he could be an asset to the covenant.

And two of the newcomers are ex Miscellanea...making half of us. Just like Loch Leglean.[/i]

She realizes with a start that her gaze has been lingering overlong on Jormungard...and is that a hint of a smile on her face? She resumes her customary stoic expression as she looks at Apollodorus.

[color=blue]"I have no objection. I second the motion."

OOC: Assuming no one votes no (and if they do,we'll circle back and revisit it), I'm going to move forward so that the new players can get their characters more involved. Feel free to quote the second and vote yes, if you'd like.

"Andru, Primus of my house has authorized a Hermes Portal between Valnastium and my pied-à-terre in Autun. I had asked this favor to facilitate our easy transport to the Tribunal gathering. We may depart and arrive at our destination within an hour or less, by taking advantage of various portals. I suspect that Andru has other motives behind authorizing the portal. Well, actually I know he does. As you may or may not know, the Normandy Tribunal has a faction within it that desires the creation of a new Tribunal, named the Lotharingian Tribunal. Also, those who plan to attend Tribunal this summer may expect to be scrutinized by both factions."

Anyone with an Order of Hermes Lore of 2 knows about this movement, even if they aren't from the Normandy Tribunal.

"How would this effect Mons Elect if Lotharingian is created? If I remember correctly, it would for in the north. Flanders and the Baltic coast."

Alexei returns to the council chamber, adjusting his tabard and carrying a tray with some meats and cheeses on it. When he sees the new magi he seems taken aback. "Ah...welcome. Forgive my absence, I am Alexei von Kroitsau ex Flambeau. I'm sorry that I missed your introductions, would you mind repeating them?" he sits at his chair with a slight sway in his step, he has perhaps been in his cups it seems.

"The answer, as to all things in life is: that depends. I'm not advocating a position one way or another, but I can lay out some facts. I see opportunities and challenges down all possibilities. So, to the facts.

"To establish a Tribunal there must be at least 12 magi from at least 4 covenants. I believe that Florum effectively controls 6 votes, perhaps a few more with their vassals, which would be 3 covenants. I know that Cunfin, a vassal of Confluensis, would prefer to be free of that relationship, but they haven't fought too hard to break it off. Cunfin is also a Mercere House, and relatively close to us. If they leave the Tribunal, and we stay, we may grow to be the second Mercere House of Normandy. We may choose to join the new Tribunal, or if we should happen into another vis source of at least 9 pawns, we could be rich enough to join the Tribunal of the Greater Alps, where each magus in residence must have a source of 10 pawns annually per magus, plus 1 pawn for House Mercere and Guernicus, per covenant. Many possibilities."

"Ah do actually have a question," Jormungand drawls, as he dips the pen and starts signing his name on the Covenant. "It seems a large part of the duties to the Covenant is being the Acting Princeps and other minor services that should take less than a week during the rest of the year. And there's not much about the care and well-being of the members themselves. While Ah eagerly look forward to contributing in a leading role of this covenant--"a slight but obvious shiver belies the words he speaks,"Ah was hoping to discharge some of mah responsbilities by offering Longevity Massages at cost to my sodales and mes amies while ah become accustomed to the new home. Can mah turn as Acting Princeps be traded in exchange, or would it be rewarded by Princeps decision, or does this have to be a private matter betwixt sodales?" He finishes signing the document and looks up as he sits back down in a much more relaxed and stretched out position.

"Ah think, at mah current abilities, ah can..." the teenager's face and nose crinkles in concentration,"...achieve around the 19th or 20th magnitude for most people arcanely inclined. The hardes' part is actually getting enough vis together."

"Ah'm assuming his motives go beyond just having us scouted by the different factions," Jormungand muses. "Realizing he hasn't confided in you, do you happen to be aware in which direction Primus Andru's has an inclination towards?"

"Korvin ex Mercere at your service" - bow

"Perhaps we should try to find a cusor so we know our range to look for more vis sources. Just to give us options..."

"Fieltarn Aes Criedne" nods

"The charter doesn't preclude you from trading your Princeps responsibilities to someone else, so long as you see the duties and responsibilities discharged."
OOC:The construct of the Princeps seasons is to give every magus an opportunity to shine in their own story related to the covenant life. If you don't wish to participate in those, expect activation of your story flaws with alarming regularity or the wrath of your sodales. :smiley:

OOC: Vis for Longevity Rituals is typically provided by the consumer of said ritual, so you don't have to provide vis.

"I can only speculate. A rich covenant, and we are, would be a boon to any Tribunal of which it is a member.

"Ooh, is that some of the local bleu cheese produced from around here? Ah've heard some wonderful things about this place's sheep." The magus licks his lips, either out of hunger or habit. "Jormungand Vor Si'r, ex Miscellanea, is such a mouthful sometimes, Ah really do respond to Jor, or even Jermy just fine." It's amazing how much one can slouch and relax even when sitting up straight.

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Fieltarn slowly nods in approval at these words, his gaze lingering on the covenant's charter, that he'd just begun perusing calmly, over Jor's shoulder. "I'd second that! Besides, if we don't do it, others will... as recent history has shown...(these last words almost muttered, with self-derisive smile).

"However, we need to know more than our range, I'd daresay.
He looks up at the present founders of the covenant, Appolodorus, Fiona, Alexei. "It is my understanding that the surroundings of Mons Electi have yet to be fully explored, have they not?

While I've been in the region less than a few months myself, starting this spring I would like to help as soon as possible to remediate to this situation. I intent to dedicate the coming months to exploring our surroundings. With Dana's favor, we might even find some previously overlooked resources, vis or otherwise... or the shadow of potential threats, unsuspected so far. Fieltarn joins his hands in front of his chin,touching his lips for a second, thoughtful.

"And even if I find nothing, at least we would know, to a reasonable degree of certainty. However, if the present Council approves of my project, I would like to request a few things. A small escort, say... one or two able men; able to ride would be a plus, relatively unfazed by magic almost a requirement, and ideally... they'd be something of foresters or at least a bit familiar with the region themselves. Final detail : a generous purse to ease possible encounters and untie tongs about local legends. Oh, and of course if another magus, or maga, would ever wish to accompany me... the more the better."

Hmmm... Fiona thinks, I might be able to visit Valnastium sooner than I had thought.

[color=blue]"I had heard of the Lotharingian movement...but isn't it the northern parts of the Normandy and Rhine tribunals that would be most directly affected by the new tribunal's formation? From what little I've heard, I would be quite surprised if their boundary reached this far south." Although they would certainly want to make sure that whoever is selected to represent Normandy in 1228 is going to be on their side. So, next Tribunal in 1227 should be very energetic indeed

As will they, she thinks.

[color=blue]"If you're feeling the effects of the fruit of the vine on the morrow, Alexei, come see me. I have something that will help ease the sting considerably."

[color=blue]"If things do unfold as you describe," Fiona muses, [color=blue]"Will not that wreak havoc on the very concept of Tribunal boundaries? It seems to me that if, for example, we were to then declare ourselves to be a part of the Alpine Tribunal and our claim were to be confirmed by the Grand Tribunal, or even uncontested by Normandy, then it stands to reason that any lands, and any resources on those lands, would rightly belong to the Greater Alps. In addition, that could possibly be construed as a precedent allowing any covenant to declare themselves to be a member of any tribunal, even if it doesn't fall within that tribunal's traditional boundaries. A covenant in Scotland could, if carried to a logical yet ludicrous extreme, declare itself to be a part of Novgorod without legal repercussion.

[color=blue]"My experience has been that it's usually a private matter between sodales."

[color=blue]"Is that by your own abilities, without including any assistance?"

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"Nothing would happen without the Grand Tribunal, and the Grand Tribunal, in my opinion has the legal right to create the smaller Tribunals. To answer your extreme question, boundary covenants (and we might be considered one to the Tribunal of the Greater Alps) have some discretion, although we're already registered with the Normandy Tribunal, fulilling all the legal requirements of this Tribunal. Part of the reason is that the legacy on which we baed our membership was a legacy of the Normandy Tribunal. That being said, given enough political machinations at the Grand Tribunal, if a new Tribunal is formed will create an opportunity for border covenants to push the case that they belong in another Tribunal. It may even be that Atsingani would suggest that they belong in the Provencal Tribunal, as an example."