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It's not necessary, but you might find it helpful.
You can look at the map of some of the covenants of the tribunal I put up on a google map (amul is also using it for Phoenix). If you want to get The Lion and the Lily, I recommend the pdf available from e23. PDFs are the bomb.

Does that come with a happy ending?

Well.... the book does say each person's Longevity Ritual is highly personalized to the magus's style... I'm sure Jormungand hopes so. :smiling_imp:

How the tourney works. A team is entered, and I'm presuming a team representing Mons Electi has been formed. A team consists of five magi, mundanes are ignored, and two alternates may be selected. Additionally, in the event of injury causing a member to leave the team, another person can be added at a later time. Requests for Apollodorus to join the team have been politely but firmly declined.

The Hastiludium: two opposing teams of three members face each other, one member is balanced on something that is suitable to their magic. That something is an item that can be found in any peasant village, not longer than a broom nor wider than a beer barrel. The field is 120 paces long, 40 paces wide. Each magus may cast a single spell before the contest begins, and then once begun may cast spells freely. You attempt to pass the other team's line while preventing your opponent from doing the same. Parma may not be extended over mounts. The mount must physically pass over the halfway mark and the opponents goal line. There will be a number of heats until the finals. Magi have been injured in this event, though not fatally, usually.

The Certamen Tournament: As certamen, and in heats as above. The senior magus in a heat chooses the Technique, junior the form. Vetos are not permitted. Heats are choosen at random. Champions may be choosen from the teams entered.

The Joust: like a mundane joust with the following exceptions. Mounts may be magical or mundane, magic used can only affect your mount, your weapons or yourself. Someone is elected as a champion for the team, and this may be changed from one heat to the next. Magi have died in this event, at previous tourneys.

The Melee: is essentially like capture the flag, but for grogs only. Speed is generally a useful characteristic here. Weapons are wooden and damage done is treated as fatigue. If there's a botch real damage is done, and the team doing the damage is expected to pay for healing with vis.

The Dimcatio: As the Flambeau contest, and it is a favorite of the Tribunal's Flambeau. A champion is choosen from the team, and competes in heats as above, and they may change champins between heats.

The Scavenger Hunt: A team of up to three has three days to find as many hidden objects as they might. Most are hidden by magic, or might need magic to discover their clever hiding spaces.

Some things to consider. Longevity is important in heat events. Events like the Hastiludium, the Joust or the Certament Tournament may need to change competitors if they sucumb from one event to the next. The ability to heal or restore fatigue quickly between heats would be very useful, and you should be specific about what resources you plan to bring to bear in advance. Also, House Mercere brings plenty of corpus vis and will extend credit or do some vis exchanges.

Contests take place over three days. So that gives each event about 5 hours to finish. I've paired non-fatiguing or less dangerous events with more dangerous/fatiguing events. Once a champion is selected for a heat, he rolls (stress die) to determine the competitor. Good rolls make your heat opponent the easier for that particular heat. A botch suggests you matched up against the reigning champion or expected champion (i.e. Maris in the Certamen tournament) for the specific event. The scavenger hunt is a bit different, and I'll detail that at a later time.

There are a total of 24 teams who enter the tournament, but some teams may not compete in individual events, so the number of teams you might face will vary.

Day 1
Certamen Tournament
Scavenger Hunt
Day 2
Day 3
The Melee
The Joust

So, we have six magi (Fiona, Alexei, Onesiphorus, Filtiarn, Korvin, and Jormungand), not counting Apollodorus. Who's volunteering to be the alternate?

And what happens if a covenant has fewer than five magi, total? Are they not allowed to field a team, or is that where the magi who aren't a part of a covenant can go the free-agent route? And does a team have to consist of magi of one covenant?

So, basically a cross between hoverboarding and rugby.

Fiona would still like to enter, just for kicks.

If Alexei is interested, I'd vote him for our champion, as he seems to be the most combat-oriented of the all of us. The whole dying part would suck, though, so..um..Alexei, try not to get yerself killed, mkay? :smiley:

Fiona is still interested in this.

Alexei is definitely interested in the Certamen and Dimcatio, I hadn't considered the joust, but he does have the skills for that (Long spear, combat riding, and spells that affect only him and his mount, plus a bunch of soak producing spells).

I should probably only be in 2 contests, so maybe the joust and cretamen?

So, I'm laying this out in a bit more depth, 24 teams means a 32 team bracket, with the prior tournament event winner and 1st runner up getting a bye in the first round. 6 other teams will also get byes, which will be chosen at random. 32 team barcket also means that it is 5 rounds of competition to the final. 1st round champions rolling have a good chance of a bye, and we'll proceed to the next round, rolling again. I want all the players to come to some consensus regarding the champion, next in line, etc for each event. Good rolls in subsequent rounds might indicate you're facing an sub-par opponent who managed to upset in the last round.

In those cases, they field a smaller team. 5 +2 alternates (my addition) is a maximum. Coenobium and foreign teams can compete, but they are disadvantaged in that their starting tally is only 1, whereas all other teams get a number equal to the number of magi of their covenant. Foreign teams also have to pay 5 pawns of vis per magus on their team (so 35 pawns to compete), Flambeau from neighboring Tribunals typically attend. Not all teams compete in every tournament game. Some covenants don't have the right collection of skills to compete in every tournament event. Some get beat out in another event and can't get healed in time for the next one.

This is a whole team event of up to three.

May I suggest Onesiphorous is either an alternate or doesn't participate? Mad Max's posting rate has fallen off recently. This isn't a slight against Mad Max, just an observation that he might be too busy, and I'm trying to wrap up his story from year 1.

By the way, the prizes are significant for doing well. Not participating in events is a sure way to make Mons Electi finish closer to the bottom.

Hastidium Scoring, 16 Teams:
1st Place: 20
2nd Place: 10
All Participants +1 point
Certamen Scoring, All 24 teams, 8 byes in the first round:
1st Place: 25
2nd Place: 15
Semifinalists: 8
Participants +1
The Melee Scoring, 16 teams:
1st Place: 6
2nd Place: 4
3rd & 4th: 2
5th place: 1
Scavenger Hunt, All teams, ranked by # of items found:
1st Place: 12
2nd Place: 8
3rd & 4th: 3
All Participants +1
1st Place: 23
2nd Place: 12
Semifinalists: 6
All Participants +1
The Joust, 16 teams
1st Place: 20
2nd Place: 8
3rd & 4th: 3
All Participants +1

Fieltarn is interested in the Scavenger Hunt.

((ooc : I've reread the thread, but still I've no idea what the Dimcatio is about, actually; except that it's favored by flambeau magi. I don't have tL&tL tribunal book)).

The Dimcatio is an event where two competing magi attempt to cast magic at each other with forceless casting (penetration at 0), and defend themselves with fast-cast defenses which try to stop the incoming spell. The first who reaches the other's Parma wins.

By the way, after discussion of who is doing what event is done, I'm going to merge these into the OOC thread.

Considering the direction currently taken by the Council Meeting's discussion, I sort of need to ask :

  • What's the overall status, and reputation of Mont-Vert? I mean the basics that most residents of the Tribunal would know?

  • What might have Fieltarn heard about this covenant's magi?
    ((+1 Int +3 Order of Hermes Lore (+1 specialty : personalities) + roll of 2 = 7 ))

  • Viviana is about to enter the room... Jonathan has hinted - through Jacques ex Flambeau at least - that her and Fieltarn's first meeting wasn't particularly friendly. Anything I should know about?

Actually, I just said you were shackled and they found you that way. I presumed the shackes you had on your person were for yourself, taking precautions... Did I misunderstand?

Montverte is an aggressive covenant, with several vassals. Atsingani was about as far from them physically as they could be and still be in the Tribunal. The vassalage was a matter of convenience for both, but neither really lived up to the terms of the agreement.

No misunderstanding, the shackles are Fieltarn's and used for such purpose. I was refering to Jacques saying, in Fiona's story, that "He (Fieltarn) was not polite", if memory serves me well. Which kinda surprised me, is all.

Good to know. thx.

Well, actually, I meant to say he seemed polite enough... I mean as polite a werewolf might be after he reverts to his human form. I can't imagine it is a pleasant experience.

Ah, okay. I read too much then. typical player's paranoïa... :unamused: 8)

I'm glad I'm not the only one :laughing:

All while qcipher sems unconcerned about the results of his botch... Which hasn't been tested. :smiling_imp:

Well he probably doesn't realize he botched, it was for the Hardness spell right?

Right. On both counts...