1222-1227 OOC

We already have a lvl 15, Q11. Ain't that enough? :open_mouth:

Well...they don't make them much higher than that do they? cost to benefit kind of falls off a bit from here. Ok never mind about the Animal Summae then, i didn't look hard enough at our library.

Fiona will be able to copy 48 levels of summae in the two seasons, but the quality of each book will be reduced by 1 due to "copying quickly."

It looks like she's going to be going for summae on (in order):

  • Parma Magica
  • Finesse
  • Ignem
  • Mentem
  • Creo
  • Imaginem
  • anything Giant-related.

I have no idea how much Durenmar is going to charge us. Fiona probably won't be taking any vis with her; any vis she needs to pay, she will get from Redcaps and have repaid from the covenant stores.

Say Hi to Murion for me! :slight_smile:

I thought Murion gave us two free seasons worth of access?

Murion's letter just puts us at the head of the line for the opportunity to copy or study. It "does not waive any of the normal vis costs associated with studying at Durenmar."

Wait, so why do you need to teach Sheelagh about Mythic Herbalism? They're two different skills? Can you give me page number references? We should really put a note on the Herbalism book about where the rules are for it.

Mythic Herbalism is from Houses of Hermes: Societates, p. 125-126, and allows you to make potions, creams, ungents, oils, whatever, that can give bonuses to the patient's Healing rolls, grant certain physical bonuses (such as increasing Soak, adding to Fatigue rolls, or increasing a Physical Characteristic), or create a potent poison.

Plain Herbalism is basically something like a Profession or Craft skill that gives you knowledge of plants and herbs, and what they're good for (such as ginger or chamomile being good for nausea).

When I first made Fiona, I was thinking I was getting a version of the 4th edition +1 Virtue Herbalism, which gave you skill at "releasing the inherent magical properties of plants for use in potions, elixirs, pastes, and powders," giving you bonuses for making certain kinds of substances (such as +5 Poisons, +5 antidotes, +5 healing and health, or +3 hallucinogens). My fault for not reading the descriptions more closely, I guess.

But, yeah, Mythic Herbalism and Herbalism are, as near as I can tell, two different abilities.

Methinks that what you're searching is, in fact, Reagents and Theriacts from Ars and Academe.

Since Hiems doesn't like the plants at all and that is tower is probably by then quite a sight, aside from him being withdrawn, I can picture him being the bogeyman for apprentices.
"If you don't behave, i'm lending you to Hiems for a season. You'll probably freeze to death there, just like these poor plants did. If he doesn't lock you somewhere to starve, that is"

Touching on the Heims and Cygna thing...
I'd really like it if they had left for Gallus Florensis for about a year, and then decided that their life was better in Phoenix. Making a big deal of their return...

Sounds good to me.

Perfectly fine for me :smiley:

Good for me as well.

If we're going to continue keeping Phoenix in this game, then we should probably make some explicit boundaries about which stuff I'm in charge of and which I'm not (ex: the Gilderoy Lockhart subplot, the truth behind the regio, what happened to Salamandrus, Cersei, Tyrion, etc).

So the book in the library just grants P/C: Herbalism and not Mythic?

If you want to be in charge of Phoenix, then restart the saga, dammit! :stuck_out_tongue: I haven't used much if any of the stuff I know, and I can compartmentalize stuff I know that my character shouldn't.

The version of Phoenix that exists within this saga doesn't have to be exactly identical or track to whatever events you had planned there. Multiple parallel universes is the theory I've been operating under. For example, Laetitia's vulgar pater was never going to be Quendalon on this saga.


At this point, Hiems Tower is covered in a second type of sentient plant, which has a ranged ballistic ice attack that it uses against the undead horde that attacks the ruined city. So, yeah. Boogeyman.

Oops. Yes, I meant Cygna's research with the sentient plants.

Silviatos was Criamon, yes? Turning Ulrich into a Criamon Herbam specialist seems.....very apt for Phoenix.

Silviatos was Ex Miscellanea, with Diedne magic...although an Herbam-based Criamon sounds pretty cool, actually. Especially Norse. The whole hanging from Yggdrasil for nine days sounds like a pretty nifty way to gain butt-loads of Enigmatic Wisdom.

If Isen's making the coolers, then that frees up V for a season (subject to the goods we collect from Confluensis). I was thinking that would be a good time to give Theraphosa a human form.

The math gets tricky, to do it in a season. The MuAn(Co) version in the book is 25 + uses/day, but V's lab total for that is only 27. I could make it into a ring, but then I have to overcome Theraphosa's might, jacking it up to 33+uses/day vs a Lab Total of 63, so again I miss doing it in a season by a hair's breadth.

Theraphosa was bound using CrTe, and so enchantments to her using those arts would get bonuses. CrIm, maybe? Only, changing her species should be MuIm, and the spells there suggest it would be even more difficult to make a spider's species seem feminine (say that 5 times in a row!), er, human, I mean.

Any other suggestions?

Could Fiona make an item for Theraphosa that'd do it, in a season?