1222-1227 OOC

I've finally decided to go through MoH and take notes on the cool spells, because I will forget them otherwise. Hell, I forget spells from the core book that Tranquillina actually knows formulaically! :blush:


No, I think he was more or less excluded from the meeting, or invited in later.

He was too busy trying to hookup with Theraphosa, IIRC.

And he would'a gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for that meddling Tremere.

When you start losing arguments with your recycled dinner, it's time to stop drinking.

I just looked at the Workshops sheet that amul made, and I had a few (possibly dumb) questions.

  • Putting the -36 build points in specific seasons is just a way to make the spreadsheet come out the way you want, not anything from the mechanics, right?
  • During seasons marked "Travel" and "Seek assistants", Rashid is getting XP somewhere, right? - and you're just not recording it on the workshop sheet?
  • My understanding of the French house rule was that characters get this 4 XP only if they choose Exposure as their season's advancement method, not every season. Am I wrong about this? (or perhaps this question and the last one answer each other)

While I'm thinking about it: how many XP per year do grogs get in our saga?

I've been giving Fiona the 4 points in French for every season that she doesn't have Exposure in some other field. For example, when she's studying, she's been taking 4xp Exposure in French as well as the xp for the Source Quality of the tome in question. When she's been inventing spells, working in the lab, or teaching, she's been taking "normal" exposure (e.g. in Corpus, teaching, or magic theory).

30 xp per year plus any adventure experience, for grogs and companions both.

I guess then the question is: for characters who work in Workshops, do they follow the 30xp/year saga rule, or do everything one season at a time....

~violent flashbacks to my last cab ride~

((should this thread be in 1225.2? the letter says "Delivered the beginning of summer 1225"))

Regarding Roberto's passage, Alexei is sponsoring you and has the Generous Personality trait...

While that may be true, he may or may not know that. OoH Lore check necessary to know details about Alexei...

And be all emo, right? If he does show any sign feeling sorry for himself Elizabeth smacks him on the backside of the head and says, "Snap out of it!"
See also...youtube.com/watch?v=0x-fkSYDtUY

For some reason, I got the giggles when you linked this picture in a post talking about Alips. :smiley:

I wish I could claim conscious credit for this :laughing:

Excellent question. How does Tranquillina react to Fiona, who (I believe) has become imbued with five pawns of Corpus on her trip to Magic with Laetitia et al?

A similar question came up with Viscaria and her spirit of terram or whatever. The way I look at it: if I killed Fiona (reasonably hypothetically), would her corpse contain vis like a magic beast? If so, then Tranquillina would probably treat Fiona as vis for the purposes of her allergy. If not, then no problem.

Based on what I was told when it happened (it can be removed and used as vis, presumably in spells or in enchantments), I think that it can be harvested.

Pretty cool!

And yep, to me this means that Tranquillina's allergy will react negatively to Fiona. That'll be interesting to roleplay (especially because Fiona is Tranquillina's natural first friend at Mons Electi, because of the shared Scottish background). Also interesting since Fiona will at some point lose that vis to a Virtue or something.
Note that as long as Tranquillina doesn't cast spells around Fiona, she won't literally be nauseated by her :smiley: