1222-1227 OOC

Far as I'm concerned, we've had ten months to nail that puppy down, might as well put him (or her?) to good use.

I redistributed those bps (specialists) to Chico and Hitsumei for them to use since the player responsible for them disappeared (zlorfik). I believe those points have been spent.
When I get to a computer I'll try and trace them through. Where exactly did they come from?

The chart on Cov pg63 shows the relationship between wealth and Living Condition Modifiers, with a blurb saying that you can chose to move people into various categories, so clearly we could, if we wanted, spend 10 points on every grog and give them a +2 LC Modifier on top of the Healthy Feature.

My question was whether the Vivid Environment contributes to the Living Condition Modifiers, since I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else.

Ah, well then I have a bit of math to do, since I have everything calculated in spell levels. Shouldn't be a problem for anything already in play, but it will jigger the numbers for the enchantments that I planned on putting into place in the future. I think it'll mostly be a matter of jiggering the Anti-Demon Wards that she plans to put on everything eventually.

I'm Guessing it would be after you fail your current LR. Just tell me a year/season and I'll do it.

I went through all the backlogs, traced and summarized everyone's point expenditures and had them verify them all, and then added them to the wiki. See this specialists thread, which was vetted in Jan.

Hitsumei allocated 20bps for specialists we might decide we needed later. I then went ahead and spent 5 points on a vintner for a storyline that was later scrapped, but the vintner is still on the list.

I wasn't doubting that they were there, I was just trying to track the...provenance, if you will[1].
Let me do you a solid. You have 21 points for specialists: Vin Diesel doesn't count, he's a fully formed grog and he does stuff. If he were just a meat shield for Viscaria, I'd feel differently.

[1]I really want the players here to own Mons Electi, this should have been obvious with Apollodorus wanting to be hands off, and now most certainly with his death. You guys can get as nitty-gritty with things as you want... I'm taking it as my role to throw out stories at you guys, but the resources you have at your disposal should be used.

No, it doesn't have any effect on Living conditions, the boon for that is Healthy Feature. And i strongly hinted at that for Magi that were 30 years PG that such a feature would be nice...but no one went there at covenant creation.

So, Peregrine, do we have a +4 modifier in Insula Canaria? +3 for Healthy Feature x3 and being a Winter/Spring another +1?

It needs to be completed before Winter 1228.

I just wanted to make sure you saw that you had already done this work before you went back and tracked it all down again.

If you're giving ME back the 6 points of personal BPs that I spent on Vin, then I'll drop them into a Spidersilk Weaver (although I think it'd be humorous to ALSO make this spidersilk weaver be part of Daffyd's Clan). And as Peregrine says, we've spent 10+ months with those bps unspent, so I vote that we spend them on a language expert who can solve all our communication issues.

Speaking of which, who is managing the finances and taking over the income management now that Appolodorus and his lover are gone?

1228 is going to be a full year for LR potion making. I just add 1228 to the Chart, and am putting myself down for Spring with Korvin in the Lab. Let me know if you want to adjust that.

I believe Peregrine has a MetaCreator file for ME. I purposely had not created one. No one seemed extremely interested in tracking mundane money, and I think Peregrine mostly uses it for the vis income.

I think there's enough mundane money to do just about whatever anyone wants.

And speaking of the file... I can now host it on Obsidian Portal for those of us with MetaCreator to use it.
I forgot to cancel the ascendant membership before going on vacation, so...I need to use the membership!

((I really need to get a milk crate for under my desk to put all my Ars books in...seems like every five minutes I'm getting up to get another book. On the plus side, all that exercise is good for working on my bikini body.))

I've just been doing the +3 for the Healthy Features, because the Boon description says "it is a source for the Healthy Location bonus given on the Aging Table (on) page 170."

Want me to email or dropbox the file to you?


If anyone's interested, I actually fully statted out a teacher-type for Arya when she was talking about making a companion. A Strong Sidhe-blood shapeshifter with Venus's Blessing, native Greek, speaks Latin 4 and French 3, has Artes Liberales 2 (so she has Greek and Latin script), and Teaching 3.

Hrm...that reminds me of the very young shapeshifter I was going to make that had been raised by wolves.

Viscaria is already a homebody. I need to make up a companion that goes on trips with people.

Speaking of trips, does anybody mind if Viscaria takes Mufarjj with her when she goes following that path she dreamt of?

I was thinking Helmut might try to go that direction, that's how I was thinking from the start, and I'm about to get Alexei's grogs up to date. If this would work I'll put Helmut on the path.

Him, or one of the Astingani boys would be an interesting twist. You've got my vote for Helmut.