1222.2b The Fall of Night

Can Theraphosa determine what the spell was that undid Appollodorus?

So if I understand this right, Alexei would have to teleport 50 paces to where everyone is, and then he'd be 100+ paces from the magus, essentially another 2 ports plus some running at least.

That depends on the spell. If he is controlling the wood like a bat and hitting the person then I think it has to penetrate. If he uses it like Jacques did by just propelling it and not guiding it then it bypasses MR.

Right, it is the same difference as Crystal Dart vs Invisible Sling

Deykin has some idea. Thera just saw him fall.

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Not quite. You teleport to where the intruder was you'll be 50 paces away. For the people in the tower, they are about 100 paces away on a straight line.

Alexei has Wizard Leap mastered for fast cast, could he cast it twice to end up right close to him?

No. Fast casting is for responding to something. I'm reluctant to allow multiple offensive actions. You can fast cast to save your life or the life of someone else, but you can't use it to close the distance by casting it twice. Lemme sleep on it, come up with a good argument, consider that this can have an effect on bad guys, too.

Nope, good enough for me, that is correct, it's in response to something not offense.

The arrow and a rock both hit, it appears a spell he cast didn't work. Ulrich's spell (assuming he wasn't attempting to throw it with Rego, as Invisible Sling of Vilano) fails to penetrate. Other attacks miss.

Round 4 actions.
The magus in black again Leaps. By the way, he's extremely fast. It appears he's making his way towards the cave entrance to Viscaria's(?) sanctum.

No, he was Rego-swinging it.

[color=blue]"Cac!", Fiona says. [color=blue]"The regio!

"Thera, Alexei! Stop him before he gets to the cave! Fiona yells. (4.745 seconds...I believe that takes her whole turn, as she can't spare the breath to cast a spell.)
All my others' actions for Round Four:

  • Ivor will drop his sword and string his bow, to fire at the mage next round.
  • Wen: "Aw, man, I wanna learn magic! Curse these stubby legs!" in Welsh as she grabs and hurls another rock at the magus. Dex 1 + Thrown Weapon 0 + Weapon Mod 1 + die roll of 2 = 4 – range modifier (5 pace increment). (and in an aside...I just noticed I misread the range for stone...it's 5 paces not 30. 30 is long bow, which is the next line down.)
  • Deykin: firing an arrow at the mage. Dex 2 + Bows (Short bow) 5 + die roll of 5 = 12 – range modifier (15 paces).
  • Ulrich: is going to actually ReHe fling a log or somesuch at the mage this time. Biggest chunk of wood he can handle. Re 8 + He 12 + Sta 2 + Aura 5 + die roll of 6 = 35 ÷ 2= 18. Finesse roll for aiming is Per 1 + Finesse 0 + die roll of 4 = 5. This drops him from Winded to Weary.
  • Catrin: throwing another rock: Dex 1 + Thrown Weapon 0 + Weapon Mod 1 + die roll of 5 = 7 – range modifier (5 pace increment).
  • Fiona: as above. Assuming that ravens fly fairly fast and can get to where he's going hopefully before he does, she's going to shuck her robes.
  • Daffyd: Firing a bow. Dex 1 + Bows (Short bow) 6 + Weapon Mod 3 + die roll of 2 = 12 – range mod (15 pace increment).

I'm assuming that you have rolled the damage from the arrow. If not let me know.

Jacques will try Pit of Gapping Earth to try and slow down the runner.

Exploding die 1d10=3 = 6 + 1 + Pe5 + Te6 + Stam1 + aura 5 = 24

Finesse for targeting 1d10=4 + Finesse 7 + Per 1 = 12

Isn't damage from a short bow 6+ Attack Advantage (attack - defence)?

Damage from weapons is calculated as Peregrine indicated: Attack Advantage + Weapon modifier.
Damage from spells is Stress die + amount indicated in the description.

He's going up the trail on the side of the mountain, towards Viscaria's sanctum, it's almost entirely rock, so Pit of the Gaping Earth isn't effective here.

Jacques can pick an alternative action, since he can see this.

"I see him blast it!" Alexei mutters as he realizes the fleeing magus's goal. He teleports as close as he can again before he tries running at a dead sprint after the wizard, already calling to mind again the spell to cast to put him in front of the magus.

"Cast those webs or vines again! Slow him down!"

((Alexei ports as close as he can see (50 paces since he has no AC and then runs. He'll spend a Fatigue to run all out if that helps))

Is Jacques' arrow still in the Mage?


Jacques does not have the strength to get through the PM. He will use Unseen archer again if he is in range.

[url=http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3398777/]1d10=4[/url] Re10 + He8 + Stam1+aura5 = 24

Finesse targeting 1d10=3 + Finesse 7 + Per1 = 11 aim for the legs.