1222.2e Getting the Band Back Together

So, is this session then wrapped? Any last minute items to cover?

I'm done here.

I can't think of anything offhand.





I actually like the way that Viscaria doesn't end up having a dog in this fight, since she is too recent an addition to the saga for that to have made much sense anyway.

Wait, what? What Durenmar offer?

As a reward for Alexei's service to Murion, she has given us authorization to spend not more than two consecutive seasons copying books at Durenmar.

This doesn't exactly belong anywhere, but this seems a better place than anywhere. Apollodorus's will left his pied-à-terre in Autun to Mons Electi. Since Jacques is the Princeps, he can check it out, unless someone else steps in, but I think he's the reasonable choice.

One fine summer morning, Jacques and Pecess will ride to the Autun to examine house. Jacques will bring the scribe and a copy of the will. The scribe is to take an inventory of the contents of the house for a report to the next council meeting.

Entering Autun is probably something Jacques has avoided for most of his life. Upon crossing the river Arroux he's assaulted by the divine aura. Further, the pied-à-terre is rather close to the cathedral. Upon entering the House (a key was easily found in Apollodorus's quarters) Jacques is immediately put at ease from the Divine aura.
Going through the House is rather straightforward. It's two levels, three counting a basement/cellar. The top level appears to have Apollodorus's lab. Pecess notes that the room is circular in shape, even though the townhouse is not, and when he communicates that, Jacques notes that the room is similar in size to the library portion of Apollodorus's suite at Mons Electi.

Jacques suspects a ward protecting it the same as the library. I will have to come back later to see if it is true. If the ward allows the scribe to enter, he will begin cataloging the spell texts that he can read ( assuming he can read latin) or Jacques can read to him as well as any other items of interests in the lab.

Jacques recognizes the lettering on the texts is similar to the Rego volume; it's all Greek to Jacques and the scribe.

hehe. Then will will just number the books and catalog the lab equipment. Is the Hermes portal in the lab or else where? Is it still functional? If it is not obvious, Jacques may miss it because he would not "know" it is there like the Magi who used it.

There are 4 doors in the room, when opening them, they all appear to lead directly into a wall.

Jacques will try to investigate them in a mundane way ( since his Vim score is zero). Just want to see if they are still active.

Grabbing something that can be pushed in is not hard to do. Only one of the doorways allows Jacques to push anything through. It's the door to the west.

5 xp for everyone participating in this thread.

For Fiona: 3 xp in Leadership, 2 xp in Order of Hermes Lore?