1222 Etc

Depends how much vis. Vis distillation isn't generally approved for service unless it generates a minimum of five pawns. If you can make five or more for the covenant in a season by other means, it would likely be approved.

Tektonius can distill 5 pawns in a season, by himself, so probably wouldn't do a LR for any less than that anyway, if he can get Claudia and Schmuel, that would push it up to 7. So, I can't see him doing an LR for any less than 7, and probably would be more.

A few things I wanted to be sure to mention having done during Tribunal -

  • On the familial front: Attravere sought out a member of his house, Silvana, to see whether the restoration of a particular text was possible. In the event it is possible he'll see about some recompense commensurate with the amount of time such an endeavor might entail. He made a gift of a recently invented pen to Vincentius ("I've heard of your troubles and learned of this delightful device just two days ago. An invention by one of our esteemed Verditi."). And he made it a point to catch up with his hermetic brother, Viator, and his mentor, Alessandro ("What news from ?").

  • Attravere will try to learn what he can about Iulia, Scintilla, Immanola and Trutina's reputations from those gathered at Tribunal from sources both within their covenant's (when able) and without. Taking a grain of salt with what he gathers and a larger dose of it from those within each maga's respective covenant.

  • When the Magi return to Gallus Florensis Attravere proposes that the covenant Magi work toward resolving some of the joint outstanding issues they face. In particular, three items - the mental compulsion they have ("assuming none of us enjoy having such compulsions, I propose we find some way to be rid of it. I don't mind working hand-in-hand with Blackthorn, but an unknown mental effect is not something I enjoy."), the freeing of a powerful demon and discovering what happened to the rest of the missing Magi - Leona, Justinius and Aislinn.

    • "Shouldn't winds of mundane silence remove the mental compulsion upon us?"
    • "Cygna, since you suggested it, would YOU consider speaking with Stellaluna to try to find out what she knows of this demon?"
    • "Sophia, Iapetus can you get an arcane connection or two to Justinius and Aislinn so that we can try to find out what happened? And on that note, is anyone here fair with Intellego?"

At some point after Sophia has departed Tektonius will don his yellow robes and leave his sanctum and seek out Attravere. When he does find him he'll ask, "Attravere, what are your intentions towards Schmuel? When Sophia requested him to assist me on her Longevity Ritual he seemed tense and out of sorts. I got the impression he doesn't feel he belongs with the Mercere."

((Cygna is going to be at Schola Pythagoranis until at least the end of summer.))

Attravere looks both curious and concerned and replies (whether Shmuel is present or no), "Strange you would ask that. I took him as apprentice because I understand the importance of family better than most of our order. Frankly, he doesn't fit in very well with my house because of some of our expectations... which I broke by claiming him. Nonetheless he is a brilliant young man and with enough hard work could get past some of the stigma he faces." Attravere sighs, then pauses. "Why?"

(I figured that talking with Stellaluna wouldn't be a season consuming activity - something she might be able to do on the side. Maybe by correspondence after an initial meet-up?)

"Well, honestly. He's brilliant, as you say. And while I'm sure he is capable of overcoming that stigma he would always stand alone in your House, wouldn't he? At some point he would have a desire to take an apprentice and would he select a descendent of Mercere, or like him, someone outside the House. My gifts do not lend themselves to being out in the field[1] and solving problems in that manner. However, I am gifted in the lab, and I think Schmuel can be, too. I don't wish to exercise my House privilege, but I think we could find a better situation for him than he has now, don't you think?"
"Despite getting blackballed from Oxford, I am a gifted teacher, and while I have gaps in several of my Arts, I think I could prepare him for a brilliant career as a magus. What debts did you incur taking him back from Aulus?"

((Can we get a summary on Shmuel, his parens how far into apprenticeship he is, etc? I'm really unclear on who originally opened his Arts. And elsewhere it was indicated he could open an apprentices Arts himself, does this mean he has at least a 5 in everything, or would he inflict a Deficient Art on an apprentice?))

Shmuel is 9 years into his "apprenticeship." He has had his Arts opened by Lamentus, and was put to work in the lab for two seasons, ever. He has spent all the rest of his time exhausting the library (which previously had no gaps in it) with Lamentus occasionally waking out of Twilight long enough to give him a season of instruction here and there.

He has a +5 Int, an 8 (+2) in Magic Theory, and is an Apt Student, a Book Learner, and an Inventive Genius.
He has an Ability Block for all social skills, and has the major personality flaw of "Precocious" (a nice way of saying 'obnoxious twit').
He would inflict no Deficiencies were he to open someone else's Arts >.<

"Attravere, I'll be blunt. In my limited assessment, in the few days we worked together he has none of the skills, nor apparently any aptitude for developing them, that would be useful to your House. I suspect the cost of recovering him from Aulus was minimal, too? He and I are two sides of a coin, after a fashion. It is doubtful that any amount of discipline could teach him social skills necessary to succeed as a Trianomae or a Magical Mercere, but I believe he could be a brilliant magus of Bonisagi. He needs an environment where he can be allowed to shine. Since I am unlikely to engage in much field activity, I'd like to shepherd him through the rest of his apprenticeship and usher him into my House where he can begin a brilliant career, but I will not do it by invoking my House privilege, I want you choose it because it is best for him, since you know him better."

((A non zero botch for a total of 6 which should be sufficient for something that is easy or even simple for a Bonisagus to know who is a Trianomae, just in case it was necessary.))

Attravere's eyes widen a bit as Tektonius speaks, "That certainly was very blunt." Attravere rubs his temples, clearly frustrated and trying to stay cool.

Thank you for not claiming Shmuel outright. I will hold you to that," he'll reply after a few moments, quite icily, "You presume to know a lot about my house. Since we're being honest, you could stand to learn a few things from your housemate, Aulus, regarding decor and dictating to others what their actions should be. Contrary to popular belief our house has great prestige, admiration and support for those endowed with a capacity for research and enchantment."

Attravere stands where he is, clearly peeved at being looked down upon by a member of house Bonisagus, among other perceived slights. He'll take a few deep breaths, hands clenching and unclenching at his sides. After closing his eyes for a moment and taking an especially deep breath, "I apologize. Perhaps you have Shmuel's best interests at heart with little personal benefit involved and are simply terrible at conveying that in a manner that isn't fraught with implied insults. We should discus this another time. Good day, Magus Tektonius." Offering a very slight bow as way of apology for it, he turns and walks away.

Later that day he'll ruminate on Tektonius' offer to buy Shmuel's apprenticeship, and cheaply at that, wondering whether it actually would be better for Shmuel to be a member of house Bonisagus. Knowing little of Tektonius, Attravere will go speak with Augusta, inquiring as to how all fares in Durenmar, engaging in some small chat (as she does seem to enjoy that) and to see what she can tell him of the fine Magus Tektonius from his time at her covenant. (Figure this is something JL can offer some interesting input as to what she might have seen of him during his time as an apprentice... if she saw him much at all!)

Attravere will find Shmuel the next day and ask him about what he thinks of Tektonius from his time assisting the fellow in the lab. He'll try to sound out how Shmuel feels about House Mercere via queries on the Mercer House, the history of the house and Mercere the founder (trying to get a feel for how he talks about what he knows - whether he casts them in a good light, poor light, etc).

"Indeed they do, I'd had the occasional offer to do work for your House before, but they came at inopportune times. And I am presuming much, it's true, but I find being direct to be common among magi, and while your House and the Trianomae engage in the language of diplomacy, some of us are not skilled in those areas. I teach, I teach rather well. I can't cast a spell I know to save my life. I'm fully aware of my weaknesses, but Shmuel was stressed out about being in a House that stresses a decent from the Founder." ((Note, I'm presuming here, based on PM conversations with Arya about Sophia's LR, that she requested the use of Shmuel and Claudia while he started work on the LR. Tek never did the asking directly. And while my poor phrasing as a player may have suggested he was looking down, it was not my intention to make Tektonius appear to be looking down on House Mercere. They have their standards and they are entitled to them. It's reasonable, if it's stated in the HR that all members of the House are descended from the founder that every Magus of the Order would know this, too.))

Eh, Tek is Judged Unfairly... Totally makes sense his words would be taken in the wrong light :slight_smile:

Augusta: "I don't know much about him. His pater was ein Stuck Scheissen though," she says conspiratorially.

Shmuel shrugs. "I thought Bonisagus magi were supposed to be good in the lab," he says disdainfully. "He knows more than Aulus, for sure, but-- man, it sucks being ordered around by someone who thinks he knows everything. This Tektonius guy hasn't even memorized the Founder's Principia Magica!" (translation: "OMG his magic theory is below 8.... What a scrub!")

((Yeah, I figured that Tek wasn't actually looking down on House Mercere, but that he had a pretty terrible way of getting his point(s) across. In particular the opening bits about Shmuel having little utility to House Mercere and having recovered him from Aulus for a 'minimal' cost - well, I simply had to take that as bargaining and trying to undervalue something that was desired. I was a bit surprised in the bluntness of the latter portion - particularly the "I will not do it by invoking my House privilege, I want you choose it because it is best for him." part I found hard to interpret in fashion other than "I could just take him, but I won't. I want you to give him to me because it is the smart thing to do." Despite that, Attravere does have misgivings about Shmuel as a Mercere, however he wants to hope it would work out with enough effort.))

Yeah, I kinda expect that for NPCs, but not necessarily PCs. shrug

And if Shmuel really shows that kind of attitude, I'm not sure why Aulus didn't beat him to within an inch of his life. Just sayin'.

((Note that the Founder's third or fourth son had comverted to Judaism to marry the woman he loved; there are two lines of Jewish Mercere both descending from that marriage, in Iberia and the Rhine, respectively... If anyone had an inclination to play Shmuel/Samuel, and wanted him to be a Mercere, we could find some genealogical link to some Redcap, somewhere, some time.))

Aulus is a softie, he'd never spank a child. I'm more surprised Sinmore hasn't beaten the attitude out of him. He's corrected her on Magic Theory, Magic Lore, Artes Liberales...

"Attravere, you need to research his geneology and clarify his familial relations. It's weighing on him. If you find he can't be a member of your House, talk to me and I'm sure we can work something out."

((Next time, don't dangle a potential apprentice in front of a Bonisagus if you want it to go in a different direction, or just PM the player and let him know "he's not for you, bitch."))

Oh don't think she isn't tempted. She tries not to be a bully the way she easily could be with a lot of people, and early on she figured that flattery with Sam would help her in the long run more than throwin' him a whoopin'. And she did get some decent results early on, kind of like the nerd helping the pretty cheerleader with her homework. But he's pretty clever and didn't want to do more than offer advice (Sinmore was hoping he'd want to help in the lab for free).

That's not dangling. Shmuel is there as a resource. If someone is interested in taking over and playing him, then Samuel can be whatever House the player wants.