1223.2 Whatever happened to Mr. Walid?

[color=red]"Can ye transport yerself to yer friend? And will ye be prepared fer battle if ye can?" Prospero looks at Alexei intently as he waits for a reply.

[color=red]"The wand can counter some of the jinn's powers. At the very least, it may give you an element of surprise."

[color=red]"Oh, by the way, lad...are ye still lookin' ta take in new members, there at Mons Electi?"

ALexei shrugs. "I believe I can tranpsort to him, I have an Arcane connection, though I have never tried using it in that fashion. Being able to counter some of its powers would be ideal. How does it work?"

At the mention of membership looks up in surprise. "Membership? I...I'm sorry I'm caught a bit off guard by the question. But...I believe that we are still considering membership for those that apply."

The device can cast a Perdo Vim effect that targets the form of Auram.

Prospero retrieves the wand and hands it to Alexei. [color=red]"It casts a Perdo Vim effect targeting the form of Auram." He quickly goes over the triggering actions and what not.

[color=red]"Our guest, Tranquillina of Bonisagus, ha'been corresponding w'Apollodorus about joinin' Mons Electi. She e'en quit Nigrasaxa, but obviously the correspondence with Apollodorus ended last year. So, obviously, she dinna ken whether she's still wanted there, or if she's an aonaran. Will ye talk ta her when ye get a chance?"

Alexei's eyebrows raise at the power of the wand. "Aye, that will do well I should think. I'll be happy to pay for the use of this wand and guarentee its return or the value of it. As for the prospect, I'd be happy to speak with her. I should probably do that before I leave I think."

((Go ahead and continue in this thread... and then come back here when you're ready to search for Mufarjj.))

((Whenever Alexei is ready...we can jump to Mufarjj. A night's sleep, perhaps?))

((We'll finish Trabquillana's request))

There is really no story reason to wait... It's player's choice, of course.

((Tranquillina might KEEL HIM))

Well, of course, if she does that, she'll have a pretty short run in the saga, so... :smiley:

After a somewhat restless night, Alexei rises for what he hopes will be a rescue of Mufarrj and a resolution with the creature that had been haunting him. He has a sustaining breakfast and casts the spells that will protect him during the day's activity and secures the wand to his belt. He kneels ((in a chapel if they have one)) and recites the Lord's prayer several times before ending with his own particular verse:

"Though I do not wish it Oh Lord, Thou hast placed the sword in my Hand, and as Thou wills it, I shall wield it with all my strength. The Blood of Christ washes away my sins. Amen"

With that he attaches the spear tip to his staff and casts the spell that should hopefully take him to Mufarrj. ((Leap of Homecoming with an AC to Mufarrj))

Alexei is immediately transported to another location, and it is entirely black, no light. There is the sound of someone breathing nearby.

Alexei will silently cast Eyes of the Cat on himself and see if he can find the person or thing breathing nearby.

What's the CS and spell level? Even if it's automatic, I need a botch check. You can do this when you're able to do so, of course.

((I'll have to do it later this evening then. It's definitely automatic as it's such a low level spell, but I can't access Alexei's page or the die roller))

((OK, apparently I have a Godawful huge spell casting bonus for this particular spell, it's level 5 and I have +38

An I Just rolled a 1!!:

1d10+38 → [1,38] = (39)

Exploder die!!!
1d10 → [1] = (1)

Ohmigod!!! Double Exploder Die!!!!
1d10 → [4] = (4)

Spell casting total 16+38= [size=150]54[/size]

Yowza!! Yes I have had a bit to drink :smiley: ))

Mufarjj is sitting bound and gagged in a chair. The room appears to be shrouded in total darkness, and Alexei can't seem to see the walls.

Alexei stays quiet rather than rushing to his rescue. Instead he creeps towards him and carefully touches his staff to Mufarrj's foot.

((Casting Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh lv 10, Trying to do this with as little noise or notice as possible so Mufarrj doesn't cry out.

1d10+29 → [6,29] = (35) beat the spell's level by 25 and can add 4 Penetration if necessary))

Mufarjj awakens at the prodding. There is nothing wrong with Mufarjj, medically speaking.