1223.2a Interludes in Surreal Time

((I don't think the Wiki one is updated, I usually check the character sheet in his own thread, here.))

Alexei loses a fatigue, then. Am I missing something?

Prospero joins in, as does a Tremere lieutenant of Maris's, and there is more than 16 magnitudes of Wizard's Communion available. Alexei, Elizabeth, Prospero, Tremere Lieutenant and Tranquillina combine together. 5 participants makes the successful spell level 8. So let's roll for botch... (There is more than one botch die here, actually the number is rather frightening.)

((Wow! Ra'am is really ruing the day that Alexei interrupted his siesta!))

((My belief is that Alexei's Short-Ranged Magic will divide his Casting Total by 2 ... what is the little-t target of Wizard's Communion, and is he touching it? If not, then he'll have trouble even getting the spell off at all, Fatigue or no.
Going forward on the assumption that the Wizard's Communion works: let me not put myself in a position to count all those many botch dice. :imp: Also Penetration is no problem, her Casting Total will be at least 36.))

For two hours Tranquillina weaves her magic around the broken body of Ra'am lying on the pallet, with the four magi surrounding and supporting them. Her voice is quiet, and several times she gags noticeably as she incorporates the eight pawns of Creo vis into the proceedings; but her motions are strong and confident as she patiently undertakes the many steps of the Incantation of the Body Made Whole, a powerful ritual she has only known for a couple of months. When dawn is only minutes away, she intones the final phrase and lays her hands firmly upon Ra'am's sternum....

((Check for botch: negative - never been happier with a 2 in my life.))

I'm tempted to waive Alexei's casting for Wizard's Communion. I know it's a Voice spell, but it doesn't make sense with how I see Communion working. In that, magi coming together and handing their power over to the primary caster of the ritual. If he wanted to cast Pilum of Fire for some reason, yeah, that would kick in...but for this? Nah, not so much... That's IMO, and I'll take comments from the peanut gallery.

Oh, and it was 8 pawns of vis + 5 participants -1 for master for 12 botch dice if you rolled a zero. Wizard's Communion is fun! :smiley:

((Do you roll all the extra dice on the Wizard's Communion (not a ritual, no vis used), or on the Incantation of the Body Made Whole. And did I miss it, or as Tranquillina not rolled her IofBMW yet? I saw gerg roll for the WC, but not the Incantation...just the botch check.))

((The Wizard's Communion isn't stressed. The Ritual is. Her casting of the Wizard's Communion is assured, and at worst she loses a fatigue level, but it doesn't provide a subtraction from a die roll, so it's moot, IMO.
The ritual has all the botch dice, the text of Wizard's Communion indicates that it is the ritual that gets the botch dice. The way I see it working, it adds uncertainty to the situation. I don't want uncastable rituals, which is what we would begin seeing if I made the Wizard's Communion require a botch check. The only time I'd make the Wizard's Communion roll a stress roll is if it is done under some sort of pressure. And then again, all the participants of the Wizard's Communion may be affected by the botch if the ritual itself is botched.
Make sense?))

"What happened?" Ra'am's eyes flutter and his voice sounds very tired. ((While I think it makes sense that he is fully healed, I really think that recipients of this spell have a Dazed level of Long Term fatigue, representing how close to Death's door they were, and the monumental efforts involved in healing them. I did much the same with Mufarjj.))

((Yeah, I was just trying to figure out where all the botch dice were coming from. Looks like i might have misread something up there.))

Well, why is it Voice? What happens if we make Alexei's version of the spell Touch? While it is thematically cool, do they mechanically even need to stick around after casting the spell?

It's a Mercurian Rite. Doesn't fit perfectly into Hermetic Theory. I say we let the entire question slide, and say it works somehow.

Yeah, that's where I was with it. I envision the Communion working like a buildup of power and then handing it off to the ritual caster when they call for it. They don't have to concentrate on the casting, they just hand it over... It's probably Voice range because it affects another caster's spell? Anyway, it doesn't make sense for Alexei's short ranged magic to affect the Communion, so I'm saying it's still voice range, and it's an area of Hermetic theory open to Original Research...

Alexei is tired, but relieved at the success of the healing. He was concerned that his own recent issues and his magic's pecularities might affect the casting, but so far it seemed to work out.

"Brave Ra'am, you held us all aloft while the carpet crashed. You saved us all at nearly the expense of your own life. I salute you my friend and thank you for the help you've shown to a rude stranger." Alexei holds a hand over his heart and bows to him.

((Yeah I had counted 12 botch dice too. In the category of Fun Things I Never Want To Do :mrgreen: And I'm fine with our rationalization of Alexei's Wizard's Communion. Technically Voice is needed to affect other people's spells, but it's kind of his own spell too; and anyway it's "all around everyone" for over two hours. And why would he have learned it if he couldn't cast it? Also fine with the Dazed. Until it happens to me :wink: ))

Tranquillina lets her breath out deeply after hearing Ra'am's two words. She pats his hand and then walks to the side, letting Alexei speak with him while she leans against a pillar. She is far more tired than she anticipated, but at least the stench of vis is finally gone from the room. And in the end, the healing ritual worked as it was intended. [color=magenta]What say you now, Cumhachd? she asks inside her head, almost without noticing her instinctive reaction.

"There are few of us who know the truth, and we must aid our friends as we may. The carpet was an act of vanity on my part, it's use was ill-advised, and my ability to finesse a landing well, I will probably spend some time practicing here before returning home."
After a few words with his daughter, "I'm going to ask for some time to rest."

After a couple of days, Tranquillina will seek out a conversation with Ra'am, ostensibly to check on his health, but also with an eye towards (explicitly) cultivating a relationship for future correspondence, and (implicitly) getting information from him about these daughters she's heard rumors about....

(Also Tranquillina would quite like to speak to this fellow from Mons Electi - assuming she ever learns what his name is and where he's from :mrgreen: )

Ahh, come on! Work him over while he's out of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, there were the 48 hours of constant evil clown illusions she put in his room, to keep him worn down.

((Well, if you're not going to go after Ra'am right away, go after Alexei, he's got places to go and Jinn to kill.))

After the successful healing ritual, Tranquillina went to catch what sleep she could, but still rose in a quite tired state. Later that afternoon, she asked Prospero about Ra'am's condition and thanked him for organizing the participation in the Communion of the previous night. It was then that she learned that not only was their sodalis (Alexei was his name) a member of Mons Electi, but that he was leaving the next day on an urgent errand. Quickly she asked Prospero to tell her anything he could about Alexei, then returned to her temporary chambers.

Tranquillina decides that it was most forthright to appear in her true form, so she spontaneously casts an Unraveling the Fabric of Corpus to cancel her Disguise of the New Visage that was still active from the night before. She touches the front panels of her cloak to her face, triggering its Aura of Ennobled Presence effect ([color=magenta]need to look my best, she shrugs). In the same vein, she turns her cloak into a reasonably formal dress with its Outfit for Any Occasion effect; after thinking back to the clothes that Alexei was wearing, she does her best to imitate their style and regional origin. Catching her breath and rubbing her eyes from the short night's sleep, she grimaces and then allows herself one more magical aid: a spontaneous version of Endurance of the Berserkers that would last the whole day and more.

((Mechanics: even a level-5 Unravel Corpus will definitely cancel her Disguise; she has Pe 14 + Vi 5 + Sta -3 + aura 5 + stress die 3 = 24 / 2 = 12. Finesse roll for her outfit: Int 3 + Finesse 2 + simple die 8 = 14. Berserkers with Duration: Sun is level 20: she has Re 9 + Co 27 + Sta -3 + aura 5 + Talisman attunement 3 + stress die 6 = 47 / 2 = 24.))

She spends several more minutes in her chambers, collecting her thoughts; then she asks to be led to Alexei's visitors quarters, where she finds him making preparations for his journey onwards. [color=magenta]"Pardon me, good sir," she says, tapping politely on the door frame, [color=magenta]"but I wonder if you could spare a moment for an interruption. Thank you very much for lending your strength to the healing ritual for Ra'am. You were invaluable in effecting his recovery."

Alexei was examining the wand and looks up suddenly at Tranquillana's knock. He stands up immediately and gives a quick bow from the head and shoulders.

"I certainly can spare time sodale. As for my efforts, they were nothing compared to yours, I'm happy that I could contribute in some way. Ra'am hurt himself grievously to help me. What can I do...wait, you are inquiring about membership within Mons Electi, yes?"

[color=magenta]"Yes, that's right," Tranquillina smiles, glancing at the wand in his hand.* [color=magenta]"I had been corresponding with Apollodorus for a few years, and we seemed to be in agreement about my joining Mons Electi this past spring, but...." She stares at the floor for a bit, unsure of what to say. Finally, in a soft voice, she offers, [color=magenta]"He seemed a very kind man, and well respected as a magus. I'm sorry that he was taken from you; I'm sure your home feels very empty without him."

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