1223.3: A Giant Problem (Trimalchio)

Thomas seems stumped by this. He feels like there is something important that he should know that he has neither previously scryed, seen in a vision, or had a Premonition about. He's not entirely sure that information beyond those three categories even exist, but this definitely has that "you're about to screw up royally for not knowing all the facts" smell about it.

"Well, our team only raids other wizards. No fun otherwise. I think that covers everything I needed to check just now. Did you have anything?"

"You gonna try an' stop us from wintering here?"

(I'm waiting for Amul here, as Trimalchio's limited grasp of gaelic means he can't follow the conversation, and no non-violent solution springs to mind at the moment).

((If we don't hear from him this weekend, We will figure out how to proceed next.))

((Wow...looks like we already had a save point.

Basically, when Trimalchio was taking three turns to analyze the giants. The alarm has rung back at the covenant, per his orders. But nothing between that point and here has happened.))

Talia and Paolo will respond to the alarm. Paolo is what he is at saga start and has not advanced at all. Do we have a framework for advancing grogs year over year?

Wealthy characters get 20 xp per year, plus Adventure. Poor characters get 10 xp per year, plus Adventure. Everyone else who doesn't do Seasonal Advancement gets 15 xp per year plus Adventure.

Alright, I basically directed Paolo as Talia, to learn Scots Gaelic, that's his job, learn stuff she doesn't want to have to learn. He now has an Ability score of 4, and can hold a decent conversation and also translate for the maga and magus present.

So Talia and Paolo come to check out what's going on... Talia wonders how things could work... She's probably wearing a real cloak, with invisible clothing, underneath.

((Plus, you get 2 xp in Exposure to Gaelic in every season you don't take exposure from something else.))

The giants are in one of the pastures, apparently setting up camp. They're pitching tents and have a couple of cooking fires going. There are a handful of giants (men) arguing, but they're too far away for Talia and Saul to make out what they're saying...or even what language they're speaking.

((So nice you said it twice? :smiley:))

Paolo is like short... ~4'5 (Small Frame), which is useful when climbing the rigging...
"Hail, Giants." Does Paolo know anything about this land, is it widely considered to belong to either the local laird or Insula Canaria? An Area Lore: Insula Canaria (history) total of 12 or 13, (13 if the specialty applies).

((I looked to see if there'd be anything different between when Thomas came and when Talia did, and realized that there really wasn't, so I mostly copied what was said before, just 'cause.))

((Is that what she calls it? :stuck_out_tongue: ))

((Insula Canaria technically sits on lands belonging to Nevin Mac-an-Toisich (a known cannibal), but to the best of Paolo's knowledge, Mac-an-Toisich hasn't tried to exert any influence over the covenant. In fact, about a year ago, he sought the magi's aid in a murder that happened in these woods.))

Two of the three giants turn to look at Paolo (the third was already more or less facing his direction). "Hey, look...a snack!" one says.

The other backhands him in the chest. "Hey, fartass, we're not supposed to piss them off, remember? I think eating one of them would piss them off."

"Never heard of a joke, jerk?" the first one shoots back before looking down at Paolo. "Whadaya want?"

((Where is Talia? Is she staying back a ways?))

Talia is staying close to Paolo. Just watching everything that's going on, paying attention to as much as possible. For the heck of it...an Awareness check of 8.

She's looking as witchy as she can. Whether that's flinging a bit of spontaneous fire from her finger tips CS of (13+3+14+2+Aura)/5/2 =3) or doing something else. She's ill-suited to combat, but maybe looking the part might help. A guile check of 8.

Assuming there is opportunity for Paolo to translate what's going on to Talia... she'll tell him to say...

"My maga Talia is inquiring as to the reason for your presence and attempting to setup a camp in these lands." ((That's actually as much as I'm going to do as Talia, and will hand over Paolo to darkwing so he can handle the interaction. Talia is going to be a wallflower here.))

The giants notice Talia's witchy ways. The biggest one, without taking his eyes off of her, says, "Go get Sloane." One of the others quickly dashes to the main group of giants.

"Winter is coming," one says with a shrug. "Wood for shelter and fires, and food. Why else would we be here."

Darkwing listens to Paolo's translation, ponders a moment, and then answers.

"Paolo, ask them how they're planning to eat this winter. Tell them that this farmland still belongs to those with magical power, and we wish to make sure any newcomers respect our land."

((We can assume that Paolo is faithfully translating the conversation for all the participants.))

The giant merely shrugs. "Talk to Sloane. All I know is we won't starve this winter."

The giant who left returns with another giant who is even bigger and uglier than the others. The big one (Sloane) looks over Trimalchio and Paolo with bloodshot eyes.

"What do you want?" he says.


((Going once...going twice...? I'm resolving this thread Saturday the 12th if nothing happens by then.))

Talia, sensing Trimalchio's twilight episode, "So, you're hungry. Why's that? A big strong specimen such as yourself should be able to get anything he wants..." She's continuing to do witchy fire stuff.

[color=red]"Not hungry yet," Sloane says. [color=red]"But this is the first year Mac Ossian hasn't been around. They always camp around here somewhere. So we're going to camp here this winter so we can eat and drink."

He eyes Talia warily. [color=red]"We know Mac Ossian's witch isn't here anymore. It would be easier if we had a witch of our own, in case they came back."