1223.4 Once More Unto the Breach

((aha, so that's how fre is made! :wink: ))

"Pleased to meet you, Ignitio," Tranquillina replies (truthfully, as long as she doesn't have to sense the vis within the beast); she rebuffs her instinct to curtsy. "Marcus was not last seen in or near a cave, but ... in fact, one thing I would ask your help with is to better determine his surroundings. If you permit me to touch you, I can use your connection to Marcus to see and hear what is happening around him."
((If I'm not mistaken, Arcane Connections don't work between Mythic Europe and the Magic Realm - so this will have to wait until we're at the Blacksmith's. Although if I'm wrong, I'll cast the spells right here))

Tranquillina has met one Tytalus in particular - the first member of the Order she ever met, in fact - and the only similarity between "nice" and the words she would use to describe Cumhachd is the number of letters.

((No ACs won't work cross the realm boundary.))

"Why do you need to touch me? Why can't I just tell you left, right, straight or backwards? I'm perfectly capable of finding my magus, on my own." He seems exasperated. "While my understanding of Magic Theory isn't vast, I do believe that common spell available to find a person by means of using an Arcane Connection require a map. Ask me how I know. Irregardless[1], I have an advantage above and beyond that spell, too. Penetration, for me, is irrelevant. Did you not hear me when I said I'm going with you?"

[1] Yes, I know. Imagine a Fire Drake with fantasies of erudition. Sometimes words get made up.

"Ahem, well, yes, of course we welcome your companionship and will greatly benefit from your skills," Tranquillina ventures. "If we decide we'd like to eavesdrop on Marcus's surroundings, or see his condition, before getting his physical location, then I can make that happen at the appropriate time. But obviously his location, which you can discern, is the ultimate goal." With that, she and Ignitio head back towards the gathering point for the expedition to the Magic Realm. (If he flies ahead, she'll Wizard's Leap ... I guess it's not that far in the end.) "So, you have studied Hermetic Magic Theory?" (He asked her to ask, after all.)

"I've studied enough to help Marcus out for the times that he's in the lab, yes." Ignitio jumps down off the rock, following after Tranquillina. He's the size of a Mastiff, now that he's off the rock, and his wingspan is noticeable and impressive. Tranquillina observes as he glides down from the rock, is roughly twice his body length. Despite the wings, or maybe because of them, he is preternaturally fast on the ground and Tranquillina finds herself leaping a couple of times while he waits for her to catch up.

"I am always happy to have a spirited discussion on the theory's finer points. I imagine your perspective might be noticeably different than mine - it would be an interesting exchange." This is probably enough to get them back to the gathering point for the rescue expedition (where hopefully Jehanne and Phelippe have also returned).

Ignitio and Tranquillina arrive on the castle side of the regio, and everyone takes the trip through. Ignitio has trouble falling, as his instinct to take flight grabs hold. On the third attempt he finally falls through the regio boundary and arrives at the Blacksmith's House with others having preceded or followed him...
They arrived in a place that looks like a raging inferno went through, "A cozy abode for people. I like it." A snort and some smoke flare out of his nostrils.

[strike][color=blue]"Och, mo Dhia," Fiona gasps as she sees the devastation. She looks around quickly for any signs of survivors, or bodies, or any clue that anybody else may still be here, as she fights back the tears.[/strike]

Fiona looks around quietly to see if anything more's been done to the place since she left...maybe a couple of hours ago MR time.

((It was like this last time, although the time difference she might forget and think he's had time to clean up/repair/replace/rebuild.))

((Oh. For some reason I was thinking it was much worse. In that case, nevermind :smiley: ))

After Tranquillina activates a few magical precautions, she takes Phelippe and Jehanne aside and gives them terse instructions in the event that combat is joined. "Of course, your primary job is to protect my person; I know you are both more than capable in this regard. My magic can produce a few unexpected factors. For example, if you listen carefully, you will notice that my voice is currently coming from a spot one pace behind where you see me right now. This is a defensive measure against foes, but can surely be confusing to you. Remember that my vulnerability is where my voice is, not my image."

"I have the power to change position in an instant," she continues, showing them by casting Wizard's Leap to move a few paces. "In battle, if I am this close to you, obviously you can move to cover me again. But if I leap to a location fifty paces away, say, then you must assume that I know what I am doing, taking myself away from your protection. Do not try to rejoin me if it would put you in greater danger - unless I call out for you to do so - but rather engage the enemy on your own terms. Remember that I can also leap back to safety behind you; trust my judgment."

"Similarly, if I become completely invisible, or turn into a wolf and run away, or float up into the sky," she says while smiling - but not in any way exaggerating, "making it virtually impossible for you to guard my person, then you should again trust that I have a reason for doing so; do not get yourselves killed trying to change tactics. In troth - do not get yourselves killed in any circumstances! I apologize for bringing up these perhaps unlikely scenarios. Any questions?"

((At this point, having cast a few spells, Tranquillina probably has accumulated a bit of vis inside her, as happens in Magic Realms stories. I think it's appropriate to say that due to her Vis Allergy, all of her rolls starting now will have at least a -1 penalty, and more if she senses vis - including creatures with Magic Might - around her.))

Last chance for this! Peregrine maybe? qcipher maybe?

((I'd be happy to join in, ummm...where are you? For what it's worth the Grogs are likely familiar with the spells you described, Alexei uses them himself and tries to make sure any shield grogs compensate for the tactics. His trainer makes sure to thump that into their heads. Alexei can be here to help out if it's OK with JL and there's plausible reason, like a messenger or something sent.))

((This is the big rescue mission for Marcus that Fiona called the meeting for. Everyone who wants to go is on their way to, or has already passed through to, the Blacksmith's house in the Magic Realm. Alexei, too, if he wanted to.))

((If Alexei wants to come, that's fine. He will probably want to be embiggened by Fiona and the gear embiggened by the Blacksmith, I think I got who does what, right. Otherwise, Alexei may be seriously disadvantaged if he ever gets hit in combat. Of course, his Wizard's Leap spell will be useless if he is embiggened, and he will have to spont a 20th level version, if it becomes necessary. This is up to Alexei and would be apparent to him before deciding to join. This is a combat centered story. I think gerg is suggesting playing a grog, if you'd rather not take Alexei. This could impact study/lab work, given the time differential.))

((I'd rather play a grog though, just because Alexei hasn't said anything or acted in this thread the entire time. Brionne would love to have spells cast on him and is very familiar with magical combat as well as fighting while embiggened, it's a spell Alexei has used on him often; Turb of Giants))

For the record, Jacques will take Orrand as his shield grog.

Stats: Qk: +1 Str +1 per +1
Skills : single weapon 4: Ride 4, Animal handling 2, Awareness 3, Bow (Crossbow )3 , Area Lore 3, Latin 2, Second Sight 2
Virtues Custos, Clear thinker, Second Sight
Flaws: Pessimistic, Hatred (Capuchonnes),reckless

Isen has a good memory of Brionne, and would be glad to see him come.

He'll not get enlarged. Instead, he'll create an illusion of a giant over him, without fatigue, and will have his talisman maintain it.
The Illusory Giant
CrIm base 3 (illusion to sight, hearing and touch), personnal range, +1 conc, + 1 for size +3 = lvl 05.
(Cr 19 + Im 2 + Sta 2 + Aura 10 = more than enough)

((I totally forgot about Falko, who was Marcus's shield grog, so is probably interested in joining the rescue party. Since he's statted already and Phelippe isn't, can we retcon that? So Tranquillina just brings Falko and Jehanne, easy enough. Someone else is welcome to play the grogs in this thread if they want!))

Fiona points out (if she hasn't already) that anything Sun duration or longer, as near as she can tell, lasts until you leave the Magic Realm. So, if you want to bump up your Illusory Giant to Sun (giving it Level 10)...

When Isen casts his spell, Fiona smiles appreciatively. [color=blue]"Too bad that's not real," she says as she reaches over to stroke the illusion's arm. Once she makes contact with it, her smile grows broader. [color=blue]"Hellooooooo, Giant."

Under the illusion, Brionne is sniffing at the wisps of glamour that surround him like it was perfume. Before it becomes too noticeable though he asks Fiona.

"M'lady, was this cast so that I might distract our enemies and then make off with something important? If everyone is so large and I remain my true size, I might be able surprise the enemy."

((Isen is under the illusion. I really suggest Brionne get embiggened, for realz. Or at least that he not have a choice in the matter. While you will be faster, the damage that giants can inflict on a normal sized person is rather frightening. One-shot kills become pretty easy to get.))