1223.4: Pater Issues (Aodhan)

"Pater, have you resolved the...ahem...issues with the others of our House? I need to enhance my studies of our Mysteries...some are not as open to teaching me for fear of you." Aodhan says quietly to Titavius as he reaches for a bisquit.

((With Infamous Master, I figure that he has a Vendetta or two against others in the House))

"HA!" Tintavius barks a surprisingly loud mocking laugh. "Idiots! They still haven't learned to recognize true genius when they see it! Unlike you, boy. At least you still know who your better is"

He pauses to take a deep drink of his ale and slams the cup down on the table. "Soon enough, they'll learn that the followers of Himinis are not to be trifled with!" he mutters darkly.

Aodhan scowls and blushes at that remark, picking up his own cup of ale and mutters into it before taking a drink. "Yes, it's everyone else that needs to recognize their shortcomings."

"Please Pater, it's unbecoming for a guest to be so loud. They all know you are not to be trifled with..." he pauses a moment to think. "But far better for business wouldn't you say for your best items to be not so dangerous to the user?"

Tintavius harumphs grumpily. "Caveat emptor. They should know better to buy things that are too much for them to handle."

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Aodhan continues to eat his dinner in mostly silence but also sees to keeping his Pater's plate and cup full. He knew through long experience keeping him occupied was better than allowing him to seek his own deversions. ((Not sure where to go with this now))

Not much happens that evening. Tintavius eats until he can barely move, makes his way back to Aodhan's cottage and sleeps the sleep of the dead until the next morning. He gets up just long enough to perform his Parma, goes back to bed and sleeps until almost lunch...almost as though the traveling took a lot out of him :smiley:.

The next afternoon, he will wander the covenant, poking his nose into this and that.

Aodhan will follow and guide him, mostly to try and mitigate the problems and possibly prevent embarassment.

He mostly wanders about the grounds, but on occasion (if he sees a cottage with a sanctum marker) he will go and peer through the windows. Or try to, anyway. He usually winds up sponting a ReTe to lift him up to where he can cup his hands around his eyes and get a good look.

Aodhan is getting frustrated. "Pater...Pater! This is embarassing, you are meddling with magi that I have to live with. I know you wouldn't want someone peeking in your windows! I remember what you did to poor Alain when he did that, now please stop this! You're going to peer into the wrong window and then you'll be sorry." he'll try to steer him towards the dining room again hopefully to distract him with beer. "You should tell me what happened to that rival, the one in Normandy, or was it the Rhine? What has he done lately?" Aodhan is taking a stab in the dark here, he doesn't actually know if his master has a rival, just assumes he does.

"Oh, you heard about that one, did ye, boy?" Tintavius says with a proud smile.

"Bugger thought that he could steal my...one of my devices, it doesn't matter which one. Of course, it was no mean feat for me to track him down, and replace one of his brushes with one of my creation."

Tintavius chuckles evilly. "Palsied his hands something fierce so he couldn't do much of anything after that."

He seems inordinately proud of himself, and from the tone of his voice sounds entirely self-justified.

Aodhan grimaces at the thought and shakes his head, he hated that his guess was right. But if he wanted to keep a decent reputation among his covenmates he needed to contain his Pater and his habits. He gritted his teeth as he broached the subject on the way back to the dining hall.

"Pater...I have been studying some time now the inner details of our House...I think it is perhaps time that I learned some of its deeper Mysteries. I'm not ready for Himinis's...secrets...but perhaps some of the more common Mysteries? My covenmates and customers might particularly like Items of Quality?"

He hoped that the subject of the book would not be brought up, but he needed to learn more anyway as well as keep Tintavius busy.

Tintavius stops and looks up at Aodhan. "You really think you're ready to learn how to make Items of Quality, boy?"

After he answers (presumably in the affirmative), he turns and walks off. "Come on, let's see how good the crap you make is," he says as he heads back to Aodhan's cottage.

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Aodhan responds with unusual confidence in his voice when he answers. "I am definitely ready Pater. Let me show you..."

((One thing Aodhan is going to do is keep an eye out for Tintavius trying to teach him something other than Items of Quality, he knows a bit about the Cult Lore, and he wouldn't put it past his Pater to trick him into another Mystery))

Would we spend the rest of the time doing the Mystery initiation for Items of Quality then?

((It's just a few weeks left in the Winter season, so he can do the Initiation over the Spring season. If you want, you can go ahead and finish doing whatever he was doing for the Winter, or just take Practice or Exposure experience, or whatever. Come spring, he will be hovering over Aodhan as he makes the enchanted and the mundane items.))

We'd probably just finish what he was doing...what was he doing? :confused: I'll double check and see what he was working on.

((From my notes, it looks like he was adding a Forge to his lab as a Feature.))

He will be here, then, for the tail end of Winter and through the Spring teaching Aodhan the Items of Quality Mystery, then?

Yeah, the forge could be added later, Items of Quality, Woot!