1225.2 Cuts Like a Hot Knife Through Buttah

Thank you for that information. Lets stop by Otto's class room and I'll discuss the matter with Abagail. I'm sure she is interested in the experience.

After a short talk with Abagail where he is clearly giving her permission to pursue Praxiteles while he is here.

Let you husband know that I do Longevity Rituals. It can be part of the contract if you so wish. I'm doing research on making better Longevity Rituals for the non-Gifted. Not that it applies to your husband but there are others that may benefit. My House would look forward to it as would House Jerbiton.

((Fiona would have asked,at some point (since she's being asked to procure a "more robust longevity ritual"), how effect her current one is so she knows what to shop for.))

((Basically, you're giving me the greenlight to get Abigail pregnant now, rather than later in her apprenticeship or post gauntlet, just so we're on the same page.))

"I'm not sure that my husband wants a Longevity Ritual. Or at least not, yet. Me? I'm vain. And Fiona has agreed to my terms. Whether she contracts with you or someone else is immaterial to me. I know I have to be wherever the magus is, or have him come to Laurus Argenti and use one of our spare labs and I stay there, rather than Koblenz for the season. I'm familiar, because of when Praxiteles did my original ritual of longevity. Whatever option, it doesn't matter very much to me. Enough of that, though. What is it you require of my husband? Some things I can set a price on immediately, and others, i need to consult with him to ascertain the true value." As Korvin looks at her, he's seeing her veneer slowly shift and hard edges come up, and she's now in full negotiation mode, with whatever having transpired between them previously compartmentalized away from what is now going on.

yes. Have fun :open_mouth:

Korvin will hand her the list of projects to be finished by the Tribunal. It is grouped by Must have done, Could be done and nice to have. He will talk just about the Must have done first and if the cost is reasonable, he will start looking at the Could be done items.

And now we're back to where we started... The idea of Viscaria falling behind is a function of the troupe's desire, IMO. Amul's exit shouldn't penalize the other players. So, what is on each of those lists, is largely up to the troupe to determine... Now there should be some things on those lists, because I don't think Viscaria was ever capable of doing everything within the scope of Amul's ambition. But I would rather the troupe take a first crack at what's left to do, then having me use SG fiat to come up with something...

Oh, when Ra'am comes to visit, it will be a hoot.

[color=blue]"Before you go," Fiona says, [color=blue]"there is something else about Valerian that I forgot to tell you. You mentioned that Valerian fancies Praxiteles, and that your husband is a little bit in love with him. Valerian was also pursuing Apollodorus, rather vigorously I understand, but was spurned. Not that Apollodorus didn't fancy men...he just didn't fancy that particular man. That might be something to consider in your inquiries."

Fiona kisses her warmly. [color=blue]"Good luck, and please let me know what you learn."

i figured that was the case

Later the same evening, after enjoying the company Fiona and several grogs, Alips returns to her quarters and sends a note to Korvin via page.
"Come to my quarters when you are able, whether now or in the morning. Do not concern yourself with disturbing me if you think I am asleep. We can discuss the terms of the engagement for Praxiteles, or do whatever else you would like."

Korvin will arrive in the morning with his papers to discuss a contract. He is also looking forward to doing something else.

Alips is sleeping when Korvin arrives, and she has massive bedhead. She also shows signs of being well used, to put it lightly. Korvin may have some slight advantage at negotiating here...
"I'm not sure what your preferences are, but if you need me to be more presentable, I can be, if you give me a moment to confer with my husband..."

Fiona is semi-disappointed to see Alips leave so soon, and kisses her hungrily goodnight. Once Alips is gone, Fiona looks around at the semi-giant-sized grogs surrounding her, thinks that she's glad she cast that MeHe(Te) to fortify the bed before they arrived. [color=blue]"Who's up for more?" she purrs. She's loving this, and doesn't want to quit until she's too exhausted to keep her eyes open.

((Hopefully this lets her get a start on her little (or not so little, with time) harem.))

((Basically, what she wants in her men (and, to a degree, her women) is that they can satisfy her physically. She would like a subset of that to be "who can satisfy me intellectually?". And finally, "Who can satisfy me emotionally?" but that's waaaay down the road.))

((Interestingly enough, it's apparently Level 25 to do a R: Touch, D: Sun ReCo spell to allow them to ignore the penalties for fatigue. I was thinking it would be easier than that. And it's just a bit out of her reach. Her ReCo is Sta 3 + Re 10 + Co 15 + Rego Aura 10 = 38 plus a die roll, halved.))

+3 from the Talisman... is 41 halved... So...not ungettable... How far does Fiona want to push it? If she had Performance Magic, she could probably do more... ((that gives me an idea...))

However, the situation doesn't lend itself to resting for a few moments, so any fatigue lost by Fiona is essentially lost for the period of the encounter... :smiley: So she can get, at best, two, fine, strong grogs to be a 60 minute man. without any penalties pretty easily. More than that, she starts taking on more risk...

((Also getting a strong Vibe of Somebody to Love here, Boogie Pimps original or remix versions are certainly apropos. I leave it as an exercise to the reader to find them on Youtube. Those are probably NSFW, btw.))

((I admit that Korvin has been thinking the same thing. It is dangerous as past unconscious is a light wound. But he could pull off a target of individual. Perhaps i will learn the Harnessed magic mastery hmmmmm :smiley: ))

She would need a 9 on the die roll, so kind of a long shot. She'll just let however many grogs Aleps managed to "recruit" tag-team her for as long as she holds out ,without any magic beyond the Preternatural Growth and Shrinking that she already cast on them.

And if Moire and Sheelagh can't get any sleep...ah, well :smiley:

((Did I get an answer on this, or did I just miss it somewhere?))

The next morning, after everyone has gone their separate ways, Fiona will throw something simple on (it's summer, so she probably doesn't need to dress for warmth...so, say, a simple thin linen robe) and wander over to Korvin's cottage. She stops and listens intently at the door for any telltale signs that he has company, then knocks on the door. ((Per 0 + Awareness 3 + die roll of 3 = 6.))

[color=blue]"Korvin, it's me...Fiona. Do ye have a minute?"

Korvin is not long in answering.

Of course Fiona.

Korvin hesitates for a moment and looks back inside.

I would invite you inside but I fear that you might be uncomfortable....I mean I have no place for you to sit...ah crap. Korvin recovers some composure. Would you like to come in or should we go for a walk?

Fiona smiles. [color=blue]"I'm sure I can make do. My business shouldn't take but a moment or two."

She bends over to duck under the transom, brushing against Korvin as she passes by.

She looks around quickly for the sturdiest piece of furniture she can find to sit on.

[color=blue]"I understand that you're something of an expert when it comes to Longevity Rituals. How potent a Ritual can you invent for a mortal?"

((I forgot to factor Ra'am's numbers accordingly. So either compute the full LR Korvin can do or if you halve his LR, make sure to divide Ra'am's stated numbers in two. One final comment. These numbers are a low ball estimate based on Ra'am's scores in 1223.2 I haven't progressed them past that point, and I was only including one apprentice in the LR...))