1226.3a A friendly duel

Falko, perhaps a bit in his cups, cries out his dolor at seeing the fireworks end. For a minute or so he goes back to singing, or more accurately drowning out the song of a fellow grog with a pained expression.

Suddenly, an indignant murmuring takes over the sound coming from the grogs at the bonfire. Laughter and pointing fingers lead to a 6'1" figure approaching the bright light. It's Jehanne, out of his chain mail and carrying no mace, but instead dressed according to his comfort and personal desires - in women's clothing. He nods his greetings to the soldiers as he drops a loaf of bread and hunk of sheep's cheese with some of the other refreshments, oblivious to their derision.

Those have been frustrating.
My phone is not Android. It's Java, with a physical keypad sorta like a blackbury. It's a Kyocera on Virgin mobile.

Oy vey.

[color=brown]What th...???
Madre de dios...

Fiona, who had been idly stroking Korvin while she watched the certamen, stops when she sees Jehanne, and the effect that his appearance is having on the other grogs.

She raises her glass in greeting. [color=blue]"Jehanne, my friend!" she calls out in French, [color=blue]"come drink with us!"

((heh, it's only now that I realize that Jonathan's "oy vey" is about Marko's phone, not Jehanne))

Jehanne hears Fiona call out (most people do, when she calls out) and waves. He rips a corner off the bread and stuffs a little cheese in it for himself, offering the rest to the other grogs, none of whom take it from him. Confused, he puts the rest of the food down again and strolls over to Fiona and Korvin. "Eum," he stalls, before trying a reasonable facsimile of a curtsy. "Good evening, ma dame, mon sieur. - Where's that drink?" he asks next, having exhausted his knowledge of social ritual.

It's a multifunctional "Oy vey." All things to all people, designed to offend any and all with equal measure. :laughing:

((If Jehanne has a mug or goblet with him, she will use his; if not, she'll get one from one of the grogs that brought the wine and supplies.))

Fiona gets to her feet (coincidentally making sure that Korvin gets a good close view of her backside as she does) and gets a mug, filling it up at the cask (and topping off hers as well), then comes back and hands Jehanne his mug.

[color=blue]"That's a new look for you, isn't it?" she asks Jehanne.

"No, I've had this dress for a while now." Jehanne looks down at himself as he takes a good bit off the top of his drink. "Well, ah. I guess you see me a lot in armor. Not a good look for me - not really comfortable, for that matter - but much better than getting a spear in the ribs." He looks around at the festivities. "That was quite some fire I saw a few minutes ago. Wizardly fire. Looks like everyone's fine ... no alarm sounded, at least. Oh yeah: Thank you ma dame for the drink." Jehanne doesn't act shy at all, but he doesn't make eye contact when he speaks.

Fiona smiles. [color=blue]"It's armour, lad. It's not supposed to be comfortable."

She thinks briefly. [color=blue]"I have an idea. If you would, armour up and come see me tomorrow, sometime. I can make the armour look and feel more comfortable, if you want. It will still be as effective, and will still weigh as much as it does now, but I should be able to make it more bearable for you."

((I'm looking at Muto Imaginem, two different spontaneous spells. Both are Base 1 ("Change one sensation of an object, but not its type") – one to make the armour look like a dress, and one to make it feel like a dress...unless it's possible to do both with one spell, for an additional magnitude for complexity. R: Touch +1, D: Sun +2, T: Individual, for a total spell level of 4. Her CT on the Regio side is Sta 3 + Mu 17 + Terram 5 + Aura 5 = 30 ÷ 5 = 6, so she can cast it without Fatigue, even if there's an added Magnitude.))

[color=blue]"Just a mundane bonfire, I think. But it is nice. So is the company. And you're welcome."

((Bump the duration to Moon for still an easy level 5 spell? Normally I'd suggest doing both in one spell, but if you can non-fatiguingly spont them separately, that seems clearly better.))

"Eum, yes ma dame, I'll be there tomorrow, after morning training." Jehanne looks over towards the fire, where Falko and his friend have reached the final verse and chorus of their song and are singing it in this direction. It's the end of a story of a gentleman who went into town to find female companionship, only to discover in bed that the female wasn't so much female. The soldiers laugh approvingly at the end of the song; Jehanne, after a moment, decides he should add his laughter to the mix, which just makes the others laugh all the more.

((That's how I'll probably go, after a couple of days for Jehanne to get used to it and ensure that he likes it and is comfortable with it.))

Fiona scowls at the soldiers' mocking of her shield grog. It strikes too close to home, reminiscent of how she was taunted as a child, and as a young apprentice, for her size.

But she relaxes a bit as she sees Jehanne join in the laughter, but she's not sure if he doesn't realize that he's putting on a brave face or if he's unaware that they're laughing at him and not with him. And before long, her hand finds Korvin again.

:laughing: that's how I saw it :wink:
Not that he sees it as necessarily a cover, but that's a possibility: To him, if Petronius is a Lucius, then this casual mention is him trying to bring another traitor to Mons Electi.

Isen nods.I understand you, I tend to think likewise. No need to bother with what or who, it's just a useless waste of time

But he also thinks Of course, sometimes, knowing the why can be very important and prevent troubles.

That's an Island, isn't it? I might have set foot there, but if that's the case, it was too long a time for me to be sure.
Isen doesn't make any particular effort to hide the fact that this is not a place he wants to go, whether it's Terschelling itself of the Rhine.
Tell the truth, I've been in normandy long enough to appreciate its differences with the rhines, even if there are other problems.

((You realize, though, that this would be where Isen was apprenticed under Axior? There is no chance that Isen would have forgotten the place, so this would be a deliberate lie, not simply a slight misdirection.))

A while after the Certamen ends, and it looks like the revel is starting to die down, Fiona leans over and kisses Korvin's ear, whispering, [color=blue]"By the way, sweetie...that bit about the fields a while ago...that was a hint." She kisses his ear, nibbling just a little bit, then whispers, [color=blue]"How many fields do you think we can do it in?" She then takes him by the hand and tries to find out. Going from one field to another until one or both of them can't go anymore.

The next morning, when Jehanne shows up fully armored, Fiona invites him into her laboratory and has him stand there while she sits (slouches, really, unconsciously parroting Alips's initial pose when she first showed up) and closes her eyes.

[color=blue]"Describe to me, as best you can, the ideal dress. The one you want most to be seen in." She sits there and listens intently, asking questions and prodding his description a little bit until she has it firmly in her mind.

She then stands, places her hands on Jehanne's shoulders to position him just so, then casts the first spell to change how the armor looks into what Jehanne described. Finesse roll to get it right is Int 1 + Finesse 3 + (die roll of 0, followed by another 0). Which is a botch. Luckily, it's on the Finesse roll and not the Casting roll (whew!).

Maybe it looks perfect to Fiona, because she's seeing what she pictured in her mind and it looks like rags to Jehanne?

And then, unless Jehanne protests or has a hissy fit or something, she will do another MuIm to change how the armor feels, to make it feel like a dress. It won't change the weight or the encumbrance, but should make it more comfortable. Again, still a non-fatiguing spont as before and described earlier. If she needs a Finesse roll to make it feel right, it's Int 1 + Finesse 3 + die roll of 3 = 7.

[color=blue]"How's that?"

I think the Finesse botch means that the dress looks much more like the sort of dress that Fiona likes wearing around when she's on the prowl then Jehanne wanted. And he doesn't really get the connotations of that style of dress, so he agrees with the design. I suspect the catcalls are going to get noticeably more forceful for the next month or so....

"That feels ... very comfortable," Jehanne says with surprise. "Is it really going to keep me protected still?"

((hehe...that works))

For an answer, Fiona punches Jehanne in the gut. Atk 0 + die roll of 7 = 7. Jehanne has Brawl Defense 4 + die roll, so Fiona's Attack Advantage is 3 – Die roll, so Damage is 4 – Jehanne's Die roll. Odds are pretty good that with his Armor and Sta that he doesn't feel a thing.

[color=blue]"That answer your question?" Fiona says with a grin.

((For the sake of the story let's say that Fiona catches him off guard and he doesn't dodge at all. :smiley: Attack Advantage of 4, which his chain mail easily soaks.))

Jehanne takes a step back and grimaces a bit - after all, a giantess just slugged him in the gut - but he easily realizes that the armor still took the punch for him. "It's still armor!" he concludes in wonderment. "Thank you ma Dame Fiona!" He scurries off, destined not only for more derision from the grogs and other covenfolk, but also for a surprisingly negative reaction when he learns that punching someone in the stomach is not actually a common social tactic.

((see also this excerpt from The Gamers :slight_smile: ))

Well, he IS reluctant to talk about it :wink:
Despite being his parens filius, he doesn't like to be associated with him

Something about Isen's tone makes Petronius tilt his head to one side in thought. But he apparently decides to drop the issue, for he moves on to describing the various peculiarities he has found regarding the regio entrances.

(Inside Petronius' head) "Strange that he would act so shifty about this. I'll have to follow up on the name Isen to see if there are any mention of him in Rhine Tribunal records."