1227.2t Dinner And A Show

We have a Vassal in Flanders now. Novus Main. Perhaps we should look after it more so it could take more people.

((I had forgotten all about them, to be honest.))

Fiona looks surprised for a moment. [color=blue]"Of course. Please forgive me; I've had a lot on my mind the last few days."

((I had forgotten all about them, to be honest.))

Fiona looks surprised for a moment. [color=blue]"Of course. Please forgive me; I've had a lot on my mind the last few days."

((I the player know almost nothing about Novus Mane. Can someone fill me in?))

((Novus Main was another PbP game on the boards that went away. Roberto, Mark's character was from there so it became a story point to bring him in. They are a very poor Covenant but with a decently high Aura (4 outside the Regio and 6 inside) Currently they would have a Verditius who specializes in wood, a Ex Misc Elementalist and a Flambeau Perdo specialist in residence. That can be fudgeable. They are on the coast of Flanders. ))

((There's a thread, Vassal, Vassal On the Wall (Spring 1224) that discusses them, and then there's Marko's character introduction thread a couple of years later (Autumn 1226). I guess it just never clicked (to me) that we had actually decided to have Novus Mane as a vassal as opposed to a what-if discussion.))

((IIRC, Florum gave them to us as part of the story to curry favor for the Lotharingian vote.))

(( On an OOC note about money -- Stultus did bring in a magical device which would probably partially take care of the cost of adding him. Effect level 25, I think, which by the RAW is a cost savings of about 5 pounds -- again, I think.

He (actually, his typist) also has some ideas about further improvements, one of which could possibly improve the covenant's fortunes out of all proportion to the magical effort involved: as much as a 15-20% increase in overall wool production. That's raw wool going in: some of the potential profit is going to be eaten up by additional labor costs, but it's still a sizable chunk of cash.

Also, jebrick, what was the idea you had that led to Korvin asking Stultus about acting troupes? PM me if you would -- if it's what I think it is, we could possibly use that to help the covenant's cash flow.))

((Not sure I will want the acting troupe tied to the Covenant. Plausible deniability and all that. :open_mouth: ))

(( Hell no. Of course you wouldn't want it tied to the covenant in any obvious fashion. I was thinking in terms of a network of troubadours, minstrels, and acting troupes that -- in exchange for "seed money" and help getting started -- would secretly feed Mons Electi a portion of their profits as well as intelligence. Good lord, intelligence galore... more news than you can shake a stick at. Would help the Mercere, too.))

(( Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.))

I think we can approve of them now. As I've told Tranquillina, we can make silver for a year or so but it must be temporary until we increase our revenue.

Tranquillina nods at both Fiona and Korvin. "We would need to elevate our income to handle new magi, or else start to lower the standard of living to which we have become accustomed." Her face says everything required to convey her opinion of the latter option. "If we simply require any new member of council to contribute a season or two to cost-saving measures, then together with a little magically created wealth we would probably be fine."

"Space in general, particularly laboratory space, is a little bit of an issue as well. But these are not problems that are impossible to surmount, if we wished. What is vital is for us to decide ..." Tranquillina searches for the best words here "... whether it is in our best interests to admit three new magi. Or, to put a finer point on it, these specific three magi. Do we consider all three equally beneficial, equally trustworthy...?"

I worry more about Gerulf than I do Stultus and Rose. Rose will not betray us but she will think of House Tremere first. I wonder why Gerulf was sent here. I'm sure he is innocent of most intrigue against us but you said his letter had a note from Murion. She knows very well what we face. Why would she indorse sending a researcher here?

[color=blue]"Both Gerulf and Stultus strike me as being possibly invaluable, in their own ways. Rose, I don't know*, but I do know her mater, and assuming that the apple fell not far from the tree, would be good enough for me."

"I had a lengthy discussion with Gerulf earlier tonight," Tranquillina rebuts. "I made him well aware of the enmity we face, and he did not shrink from the possibility - indeed quite the opposite. You at least would like that, sodalis," she says to Isen with a forced smile. "Let us not forget that we have quite the repute within the Order, particularly to those who understand the forces arrayed against us; it makes us an attractive destination for those on the right side of justice."

"Rose and I also had a similar conversation, a few days ago," she continues. "She was not unaware of our troubles even beforehand, and I think, despite the elitism cherished by her House, that she would be loyal to any oath she made. On the other ... I ..." Tranquillina stammers a bit, remembering the flash of insight she had into Stultus's intentions; she takes a deep breath before continuing.

"I will not speak against any one magus personally; that would be unseemly of me," she opts to say. "But we should be very wary about granting magi from certain backgrounds our trust with a place on our council. I have strong misgivings about accepting a Tytalus into Mons Electi." Although she is trying her best to control her emotions and say all this neutrally, her clenched jaw is apparent to anyone watching.

[color=blue]"Would that be any Tytalus, or just certain members of the house?" Fiona asks.

"Any Tytalus," Tranquillina emphasizes quickly, the intensity of her response a bit alarming. "They treat other people as pawns, to be toyed with and then sacrificed when desired. How could we trust such a one with our council decisions - with our actual security?!"

It is not Gerulf with whom I am concerned at the moment. It is with Murion. Or do you think Gerulf stands on the right side of justice and Murion is a kindly old maga looking out after a poor researcher? As for Stultus, Tytali hold to a philosophy that challenges make us grow or change. If it is well know through the Order that we have Guernicus looking to squash us, as you say, I'm surprised we do not have Tytalus Magi lining up around the hilltop to get in. It is a challenge like they can rarely get. I'm surprised we have not had more Tytalus apply given the number of them in the Normandy Tribunal.

Tranquillina wrinkles her brow at Korvin. "Murion wrote a standard letter of introduction for Gerulf - of the sort that barely required her to actually read the letter, I am certain. Surely you have signed similar documents in your role as Princeps? If you have issue with Gerulf then by all means raise that issue, but let not Murion's harsh reputation play a role for no reason."

"And as for your comment about Tytali," she continues, "I have no trouble understanding why they might want membership here. But their desire does not make me trust them."