1228-1229 OOC

I will state that Korvin will include Abagail in all council meetings. she can sit and read if she wants but the info will be there for her.

It took me a couple of minutes for it to click who "that holy warrior woman" was. And then I went into Cygna mode (which reminds me, I should advance her to 1229, just in case she makes a cameo). She says you can have her, you can keep her for all she cares.

Sorry, haven't been able to check till just now, and I can't really check much now either...

But I'll catch up.

It's been pretty inaccessible all day, when I was able to access it, so...

It occurs to me that, if either Roberto or Isen had thought of it before they left, that this whole curse problem could be averted if Wen weren't a woman for a while. Hmm...if only they knew someone who was gifted in Muto and Corpus and specialized in transformations...strokes invisible beard thoughtfully

(I did the math, a Moon duration spell to turn Wen into a man would only be a MuCo 15. Fiona can almost spont this without spending Fatigue. Her CT is Sta 3 + Mu 17 + Co 15 + Co 15 (for her Minor Magical Focus) + Aura 5 = 55. Add a die roll and halve it, you're looking at a Level 30 spont. Have I mentioned lately how much Fiona scares me sometimes?)

It is more of a matter of a Minor Personality Flaw, Prohibitions, possessed by a grog character. Johan refuses to ride on a ship when women are aboard. It is easier just to sedate him. It's not Wen's problem, it is his.

In that case, can Wen sedate him? I'm sure she has a frying pan lying around somewhere. :laughing:

((Just realized...if Wen likes the sailing thing, I can almost see her becoming a pint-sized, cute and spunky Asha Greyjoy.))

This is the trick. We just tell Johan we are taking magical transportation. He won't know it is a ship until we leave Venice. If he has a panick attack, give him the El-Kabong

(and mentioning the Greyjoys, have you started to feel sorry for Theon yet? And wait until you see what happens to Asha...)

Somewhat, especially once I figured out the bait-and-switch with the boys (but I'm still curious as to why). I'm currently about 2/3 of the way through A Feast for Crows, and I suspect Asha's going to have a major case of bad-assery before too much longer.

If I recall, we don't see much of the Greyjoys in Feast of Crows. But he is prominent in Dances with Dragons. The HBO series seems to be overlapping events from the books. We get to see what is kept offstage in the books. The questions will be made clear in time, who the torturer is and what really happened to those boys. Sometimes I get annoyed by Martains lack of focus and meandering, but the amount of rich detail he can relay in a powerful prosaic delivery, the man is an artist.
The HBO series, the scene where the tormentor and the two girls are about to inflict horrific horror upon Theon and the scene blurs away, leaving the viewer knowing what happens without having to see it. Classic Martain influence. The guy has lots of TV experience, used to write for outer limits. The creative crew of the HBO series is very influenced by his Outer limits style and cimemitography. And he is a consultant for the show. And the series writers have his notes so they can finish the story if he dies before he finishes the last few books (supposedly there are to be three more).

Short council meeting here.

Any chance I can bring One-Eyed Maria along? And, if so, do you want me to advance her this weekend? (It seems to be about 15 years, so she would be 54, but should be a lot more proficient.)


Well, Marcus only needed one member of Mons Electi to sign on. He can then request resources trades through him. It makes negotiation a lot easier. More are welcome, but one is all he's looking for... Grogs and companions are always welcome, of course.

Well, he did says he wondered "if anyone is interested in coming with me." Didn't know if that meant he'd only take the first volunteer or any and all takers.

But Wilhelm will probably go, and Patience (who I should probably stat out sometime soon).

It's a good thing Wen doesn't speak Latin. She's be all, like, "Aw, man, I want to meet Poseidon!"

A question about labs.
What is the physical nature of Roberto's lab/sanctum/living space? Is it a seperate building or attached to other buildings?

The Aegis and regio cover such a large area that you are pretty much free to do as you want. A flying or walking lab might be out though. :mrgreen:

On the magical side (Aura 5) of the regio, the castle has plenty of room. Fiona's cottage and garden occupy a fair amount of courtyard area, which can't support another cottage without impacting access out of the castle. You can also go outside the Aegis for the full freedom to build a lab, in the highest aura. Or, get the council to stop protecting the mundane side, and widen the Aegis boundary on the magical side, and make it smaller on the mundane side. But since most mundane people live on the mundane side, or at least sleep there, and that's where the sheep operation is...

On the mundane side (Aura 3) there are few, if any restrictions on the structure, although they really shouldn't be larger than the manor house, to avoid suspicion/notice.