1228.3 Pegasaurus Unchained

"It can wait until I get started." He smiles, "and I should be fine working by myself. So you can go ahead and plan for other activities."

It is easy to take into account. NO.

Hey, I'm just arranging the logistics of who wants/requests what and when. Since Gerulf is away, Korvin probably has to step in over in The Alabaster Lioness thread and approve/deny Roberto's request for resources...

He learned (barely) the 10th magnitude one in summer 1227.
That's probably enough for now, and, as Scutatius, since the difference between 10 and 12 is not that high, he thinks it's probably best if he concentrated on improving his arts enough to learn the 17th magnitude one.

That, and he'll need to master it, since botches could be really, really bad.