1228.4 Meanwhile, In Apollodorus's Chambers

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Timeframe in this story is a bit before the events of the Mistress Spanks twice as they are now. So this is supposed to be just you playing Brionne here. When I said show up over here, I meant show up as a player, but playing Brionne, not playing Alexei trying to stop Cumhachd.

Here's the order of events:
Cumhachd had her note delivered by a page, meaning she was in the castle, already. Once she had ensured that the note was on its way, she found an out of the way spot, transformed into Twigberry, and came up here and took Apollodorus's book. She then secured that book, resumed her form as Cumhachd and returned to Mons Electi and acquired the Magic Theory text in the library. Then she paralyzed the Alexandria as she started complaining about taking the book. Cumhachd then secured that book, and shortly after that (few minutes later) Alexandria came into the council, told Alexei and the council about the Magic Theory text being stolen, and shortly thereafter, Cumhachd secured Loys, but that happened after Alexei is in the Library. Even if Alexei had gone to Apollodorus's library right away, it wouldn't have mattered, the dead would already have been done.

So, Alexei can arrive on scene, see Brione and Junior paralyzed, but it should happen in the other thread. Because here, is just about Cumhachd taking the book, and Alexei and/or everyone else doesn't find out about it until after it's gone.

No one seemed interested in character dialog with Cumhachd/Twigberry with one of their grogs, so we'll just call this story done, and it never lived up to it's potential.

((Woops, yeah very sorry, let me redact this with Brionne, I'll reply shortly. I completely misunderstood you. Go ahead and delete my previous post if you'd like))

Brionne had received light duty for a change, guarding the important Magi's chambers was easy enough. He'd heard about the great fights that the stranger had done at the inn but for the most part was unimpressed. As Michel had often said "No one won a war with a punch." If weapons were drawn he and any of Alexei's guard would more than take care of business. He didn't approve of the impromptu arm wrestling contest with him now, he'd have to report that to the sergeant once the shift was over. He kept his eyes on business when he smelled a strange odour that brought a familiar tingling up his spine and set the hairs on his body to stand straight up. He looked over at the table and saw the newcomer rising while Junior was still sitting.

"What...what's this? Junior? Junior!"

Twigberry looks at Brionne. "Don't run away. I've no desire to hurt you. If you run, and I paralyze you, you might fall. And my spell might not get you until you're at the top of the steps, and if I paralyze you there, that might be really painful. So, the question you need to ask yourself, is do you want it the hard way or the easy way? It makes no difference to me. Well, except that I really don't want to hurt anybody." Brionne doesn't feel the anxiety he does around other magi, it's almost as if he's talking to Alexei.
If he does run from his post, he's right, he probably will fall down the stairs if her spell hits him at the right time. ((I can't remember if Brionne ever went to the Magic Realm, so if he has, he might think it's a chance to return. If he hasn't, he might think it's a chance to get there for the first time, through rumors he's heard...))
Brionne's indecision causes him to say, "I don't have all day, dear boy."

((Brionne knows a bit about Magi, but not any Magic Realm, and in the end he's loyal, he took a beating for Fiona who he'd only just started working for, he's not about to just give up his post))

Brionne draws his weapon in response. "Stay right where you are! You come to me and I'll hack you down! I heard you were good with your hands...this ain't a fist though! Don't try me!"

Brionne feels his body infused with energy, the feeling after a short jog or other physical exertion, where you feel as if you could keep running, working or whatever, the hint of feeling that you can do just a bit more "My dear boy, your weapon can't hit me if you can't move." Brionne receives a warping point, because Twigberry isn't dumb enough to engage in hand to hand with someone armed with a sword. The energy rides through him, and his eyes are free to move, Twigberry sees that he's relished the sensation.
Twigberry changes form before his and Johan's eyes, and Cumhachd, an older, not unattractive woman, is before them. She might be considered almost MILFy in today's parlance. "You enjoyed that I see. I can do so much more for you, dear boy." she whispers into his ear, as she grabs a lock if his hair. The lock comes off, while Brionne feels a minor surge of energy pulsing through him again. "When I've settled, maybe I'll call you to me, and I'll share with you delights few men have ever felt." That doesn't sound as sexual as it could...

"See you later, boys." She walks into Apollodorus's sanctum, shutting the door and leaving the guards where they are. The spell lasts until sundown. But someone will come along before then...half hour? Hour? Who knows... :smiley:

The two can here voices from within the chamber, one voice sounding familiar to Brionne...make an awareness roll for him when you can...

((Yeah that works...

I'll roll for Awareness later on and return to Alexei in the other thread))

Brionne knows he failed, but at least he stayed loyal. Ohhh that sweet spell!

While frozen he couldn't help but hear some low voices in the chambers, he tried concentrating despite the lovely distraction...

Per + Awareness 5
1d10+5 → [5,5] = (10) 10