1228.4 The Mistress Always Spanks Twice

"What if a fortune to one member is a liability to another? What then, Roberto? You forget that Stultus has a close relationship with Cumhachd himself. And woe be to any who attempt to interfere. But, I agree with your suggested compromise. There is no need to let her participate in the ritual. Chances are, she's already 5 steps ahead of this in that regard, anyway."

"She was offered a token when she arrived. She refused, and requested tokens instead for her companions, which we refused, on the grounds that while SHE is owed Hermetic hospitality, her companions are not."

"Casting an Aegis ourselves and granting her a token might be appropriate. However, Fire Boy, with regards to your demand to knock it off: NO. The discussion of how Tranquillina will deal with Cumhachd is primarily a Tytalus matter, and it is NOT up to you to end it no matter how loud you may bellow. You are welcome to participate, if you choose. Civilly. But you don't get to tell me to shut up."

But I just did.
And you did shut up long enough for me to say what I had to say.
And is "Fire Boy" really the best you can come up with? Good heavens man! Put some effort into your insults! This is not the payaso magnifico I have come to admire so much.

"If he's Fire Boy, what am I? Bonfire Man?"

It comes back around, the wheel of fortune spins as it will. But as a covenant, we share our fortunes and aid each other in hardship.
What I mean is this. And I am glad you are focused on the subject at hand and not digressing into a soap opera.
It is a fundamental issue of rights, like it or not. Stultus has a right to have guests, it does not matter if anyone else likes Cumhachd or not. She is a Hermetic maga and she is his guest.
But she is only a guest. A guest should not have the power to invite or disinvite others into an Aegis covering a major portion of our land.
And chances are, she is only one step ahead, in this regard anyways. By tradition of Hospitality, she has been afforded a Sanctum, and has likely already set up her own Aegis within. Or is going to. Or at least that's what I would do if I could. In fact, I am going to learn how do do that, for when I go on expedition and set up a base of operations. Very clever ideas this Tytalus has.
Maybe three steps ahead. But not five.
Then he looks at Tranquillinja.
Anyways, what whe essentially have, and what has turned into drama, is essentially Tranquillina doesn't like Stultus' guest. But Stultus has rights to a guest. To assauge Tranqillina, know that you would be placing Cumhachd under the power of an Aegis you control. You can grant or reject her token, use it as leverage to force her to come to terms with you if she wants tokens for her companions. Or just hold the power to reject tokens over her head, know that you have the upper hand.

I shall be Don Fuego, and you can be El Conflagaratio! :laughing:

Marcus turns to Stultus, "Is she here as your guest? That seems out of character. For her to ask, and for you to grant it."

Turning back to Roberto, after Stultus answers his question, "In my estimation, Cumhachd knows exactly what she's doing. And whatever we see is a smokescreen for what her ultimate objective is. She has us arguing about the most petty of things. She knew how to most effectively tweak us. And then she mollified us with gifts. She knows us, all of us, very well. An Aegis primary purpose is to protect the covenfolk from beings with little might. Beings of greater might require the response from a magus. The Aegis keeps the pesky ankle-biters from constantly interrupting us as we engage in our pursuits. Her request is not unreasonable. And your compromise is also not unreasonable. And going a step further, trying to get ahead of her, if you will. I don't think she's really interested in the Aegis. The request is a tool for her to create conflict within this council. From my perspective, it's working pretty well."

"No. She is not my guest. I will admit, after Tranquillina denied her access to food and firewood, I countermanded that order and requested that the charges be subtracted from the amount alotted to my upkeep, because she is my Mater Cara and because that move by Tranquillina was especially petty. However, now that Korvin has given her Protected Guest status, she is a guest of the covenant as a whole."

Guile 1 + com 2 + 1d10=9 = 12

As you wish. Korvin stands with a very serious look on his face, The page informed me that the dastardly Marcus has eaten the last of the old hens and I must have mutton stew for my diner.

He then retakes his seat and steeples his fingers infront of him. Tapping the fingertips together.

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Tranquillina had been sitting in silence, perhaps stunned silence, ever since Stultus's monologue.
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Her face might be that of an ancient woman, but her body language is much more like that of a child who has been reprimanded. Still, after Korvin's comment, some venom returns to her, at least her speaking tone. "This is no time for japes, Korvin. If you have learned something relevant to this council, it is your duty to inform us."

"It's true. And it was magnificent!"

I did jap at Marcus for which I apologize. If my dinner requests are relevant then so be it. He calls a page to send for the cook. Then he turns to Marcus.

Did you or did not have a roasted chicken for a meal within the last 2 days? Answer truthfully!

"It's true. And it was magnificent!"

When the cook returns Korvin puts the question to him.
Did a page come to you with a message from me requesting a old hen for dinner?

Yes Magus sir.

And what did you tell the page?
The cook looks quite scared.
That Magus Marcus requested the last of the old hens yesterday and I did not want to kill an egg laying hen. I told him that we still have a nice mutton stew.

Thank you. You may go and heat some mutton stew for me.

Now that you know my meal plans...Where were we?

[color=blue]"Of course," Fiona says with a grin and a lick of her lips, her hair drifting off her shoulders. [color=blue]"You know how I love playing with your balls."

Fiona says nothing during the exchange between Stultus, Marcus, Roberto...heck, pretty much everybody...but merely watches everything, her hair looking like the breeze is picking up.

[color=blue]"If we're out of old hens," Fiona says, [color=blue]"I would be more than happy with a fresh cock."

Marcus looks at Fiona as if he were going to say something, then thinks better of it and addresses Korvin "Korvin, if I have a vote, it is that we do the Aegis as Roberto suggested. If not, it is moot"

Fiona nods. [color=blue]"That sounds like a reasonable compromise, and one I would support."

Stultus waggles his fingers. "Same here. Sounds like a reasonable compromise." He's peering at Tranquillina out of the corner of his eye. By his reckoning, the Bonisagus is overdue for an explosion by about five minutes.

[color=blue]"If we're out of old hens," Fiona says, [color=blue]"I would be more than happy with a fresh cock."
We can see to that later my dear. Korvin says with a slight smile.

While I value your council and insight Marcus, only those who have signed the Covenant agreement have a vote at council. Protected guests are allowed to attend and to voice their opinions but the decisions are solely for the members of the Covenant. That being said, I wish to review what we Roberto proposed and discuss the implications. Am i correct in that we will cast an aegis on the tribunal village and exclude Cumhachd from participating? That is the proposal?

[color=blue]"And grant Cumhachd a casting token," Fiona appends, [color=blue]"That is my understanding, yes."

Casting Tokens are irrelevant. Any one of us can grant them, and it does not require a council vote.
Otherwise, yes. Set up an Aegis over those grounds, cast and controlled by members only.

"If course there is the matter of the coming Tribunal meeting. Mons Electi having exclusive control of the Aegis may be considered provocative. The villa in which Cumhachd resides is bounded and can be covered. If the goal is to become the seat of the Tribunal you should take that into consideration and limit the Aegis. The Tribunal Aegis can then cover The Aegis of Cumhachd's villa, and it is far enough out of the way not to interfere with tribunal affairs."