1228 Simon the Medic

For the discussion, creation and advancement of the aforementioned character

Alrighty. My current idea is functionally a very standard/mundane medic (might add a pinch of the supernatural). Will likely serve the covenant with ligatures, health benefits and healing, and act as a field medic during adventures. Perhaps a secondary function will be needed, unless I make a field action focused companion later.

Story wise, I think Simon would be fleeing to the covenant after murdering a patient during a vendetta. Likely tied to Red's Pharmacopaean. The question is, who should his victim be? I originally envisioned a noble, but could a magus work? But that would make him a enemy of the order right? Thoughts on which would be more interesting?

Killing a magus only makes you an enemy of the order if you killed them because they are a magus. If you kill them because they raped your sister, or because they are a Hatfeild and you are a McCoy, or any of the usual reasons then the rest of the order only takes notice in that they are impressed by the accomplishment. Of course related reasons "He had a shifty look about him" (reaction to the Gift) or "He wasn't a proper Christian" would still lead to you being hunted.
Of course there are other issues as well- which magus or noble did he kill and why would this lead the covenant to believe that this person is someone they want to represent them to the world outside the covenant?

If i may weight in...

How old do you envision him to be? and how long was he with my Magus? And what's his personality like?
This could affect whether she would initiate him to Mythic Herbalism.

Hmmm..good questions! I think it could've been a Tytalus who abused him. Perhaps using him as a test subject or abusing his services for malign ends. So it's not the entire order after him, just the Tytalus' associates. Could be a dark secret rather than enemies as well. He could even be a failed apprentice, cracking after his master's long harsh treatment.
As for why the covenant would want him as a represent them as a medic, that's a tricky one. I think he could be a way of Mingus showing not to abuse your companions, especially since here they will become magi. Or it could be because he bonded with the covenfolk with his compassionate ways? Any suggestions that seem better would be welcome.

As for age and personality, I'm thinking late 30s. He would be generally compassionate, but compulsive to the point where he does unwise things. His general motive would be to help people who suffer from magical maledictions, mirroring his own trauma. I'll keep refining the idea based on everyone's feedback!

The thing of it is that because the effects of the Gift are reversed here, there is a tendency for the magi to not leave- Companions aren't chosen so much for what they can do inside the covenant but for being able to act as agents of the magi outside the covenant.

I see. Hmmm. If his medical prowess is not enough to act as a agent, or his story flaw is a problem, I can definitely change him up a bit. Do you have any suggestions? Would it help if he had extensive academic contacts with the outside world?

We've gone a bit outside the original question here- I have not said that there is a problem, simply that avoiding such problems is something you should be aware of in your design. Having killed a noble back in Thebes should not be a problem so long as you are not being sent to Thebes, for example, but a criminal brand might well be, since it reflects badly on the character's ability to represent the covenant except amongst criminals, or possibly in Transylvania where a Greek criminal brand might get people buying you a round of drinks...

Right. Since Red's character is from Thebes, I think your example is a good one, and might and have his enemy be there.
But as for what he offers to external affairs of the covenant, would having extensive ties to academic circles be enough? He could be a agent who trades his books for his services or medical knowledge, perhaps?

As a healer, being able to offer that to nobles, peasants and townfolk, and church, could well be leveraged for the covenant. Especially if he proves himself worthy to have Mythic Herbalism.

Oooh good point. He could also be in dept to your maga for helping him escape, if you're ok with that.

Sounds good. Does she know he killed a noble? and whether it was intentional or by mistake?

I'd say it was intentional. Since Elia is a pacifist, I feel it should at least be a provoked incident. Perhaps a noble killed his old father in a dispute, and he took revenge? And now his sons are looking for the killer?

She migt take him in whether intentional or not, but I don't think she'd teach Mythic Herbalism is it was intentional, as it has the ability to create poisons as well.

Sure! Not particularly interested in Mythic Herbalism anyhoo, since he'd be focused on mundane medicine. As long as you think your maga has a reason to work with him. I could of course change him, but I think they'd make a nice contrast. What do you think? Fine as is?

One of the key attributes that will make him useful as an emissary for the covenant is not having a magical air. They can easily boost your reputation as a healer with charged or enchanted items and any sort of connection will prove a bonus.

Alright. So he'll have to avoid magical auras or have a pinch of the supernatural with him. Hmm. I'll think about this tomorrow, getting late here. Thanks for all the help and suggestions, and good day/night!

Yeah, I think him being a mundane person would make a better contrast. Though if he wants to help the magi medically...I think he'll need to have a supernatural ability that prevents him from becoming gifted or warped by the aura. Only abilities give aura immunity right? Not supernatural virtues aligned to the realm?

Virtues give immunity, not abilities. For example magic lore will not help at all.

Alright. Purifying touch seems appropriate for this guy so I think I'll take that...working on the sheet now.