1228: So Many Books, So Little Time...

Oh, yeah, Tranquillina's just blowing smoke there.

Reanud is just a lazy bastard. :smiley: It takes a lot of thought to figure out how not to do much work. But he will have some motivation I think for this one....

I'm hoping to motivate him ... let's see how he responds to the latest :smiley:

All to true. You have an acute sagacity for Renaud's true essence than most. There is a pause while he takes a deep drink of his ale and then looks at Tranquillina for a while then looks over her shoulder at something. Renaud thinks he could try to fit this into his endeavors but Renuad requires a down payment of a more base means before beginning on this adventure.

If Tranquillina glances over her shoulder she will see Mathilde staring at them with anger in her eyes.

((Per 2 + Folk Ken (their opinions of her) 4 + stress die 5 = 11.))
Tranquillina follows Renaud's gaze and recognizes the unhappy expression on Mathilde's face, although she doesn't understand why the proprietor is angry. Since she had planned to pay for the evening's goods anyway in an effort to get Renaud's attention, she reaches into her pouch and extracts from it a smaller but less timeworn purse, jingling it overtly as she catches the server's eye. "Allow me to take care of tonight," she offers magnanimously to the Redcap, then lowers her voice again. "Is there perhaps somewhere less public that we can come to terms on this business proposal? I am pleased that we both see the value in working together thereon."