1229.3 To Live and Lie in Normandy

Fiona smiles a dreamy smile at that.

Stultus shrugs. "Your guess is as good as mine. I'm not certain the logistics would work: I didn't design the Palindromedary to carry three riders. But I'm small and so are Fiona and Allips both: it might work. That still leaves the issue of taking her to Mons Electi afterwards, which..." He brightens momentarily. "... Which we might be able to get you an answer on rather sooner than I thought. Bide a moment, please. Talk amongst yourselves."

He leans back in his chair and half-closes his eyes.
(( OOC: Korvin's not available. Fiona's here with me. Roberto is, however, probably in residence, yes? ))


Back at Mons Electi, an ape clambers through the open window in Roberto's chambers, perching on the windowsill. "Knock knock", it says, looking vaguely disgruntled.

[color=blue]"I can talk to her, see if she would be willing to come to Mons Electi for a time. She was unwilling to relocate last time I broached the subject, after Praxiteles's death, but that might have been bad timing. I will see if I can talk her into at least coming for a visit."

Roberto's living quarters are in his sanctum, so he...
You have five seconds to explain why I should not just incinerate you...

"I have a message from El Payaso. I don't want to be here any more than you want me here -- I was just setting down for a nap, but noooo." Rahere's voice changes, becoming a perfect replica of Stultus' voice, intonations and all. "I need to talk to Roberto, Rahere. Go hunt him down, Rahere. Right now, Rahere." The ape pouts, muttering an obscene little imprecation or two in Arabic, addressed at his absent master.

"One of the reasons I want you to take her to Confluensis is because of Augustina. She, is already a renowned demon hunter. She has skills to deal with a powerful demon, if one should have taken possession of Alips."

[color=blue]"Hmmm... Fiona looks down at Stultus thoughtfully. [color=blue]"If she and I were both closer to your size, would be both fit in the one seat?"

I do not think you understand...
And then el gato Don Diaz jumps on his back, hissing and spitting.
Aye carumba. See, climbing in my windo was a stupid idea. Now, give me the message without embellishment or elaboraton.
Cidito! Let him go. Payaso sent him.

And why did Stultus send an ape? Dis I miss something important? Is it a grape ape? Or green? How small or large? Or is it a monkey?

((Stultus is in Paris, he sent his familiar to talk.))

Oh! Okay. I did not realize Sultus had a familiar. Roberto would have probably been far less confrontational, though his cat would probably acted the same. But if it wasn't for the ooc knowledge that Stultus sent the creature, I probably would have blasted it out of reflex.

(( Rahere is a 'barbary ape' -- one of those Gibraltar monkeys.))

"El Payaso says that we have a request from Archmagus Mathieus of Jerbiton to provide shelter to Allips, wife of Praxiteles of Jerbiton, the man who was slain by Valerian at the Tribunal. He further says that there is some evidence that Allips has been dealing with the Infernal. Mathieus feels that at Mons Electi, we can both guard her from temptation and help save her soul. Stultus agrees, but wishes to ask you, the Imperator, how you feel about the matter."

((Well, I think it's reasonable that Roberto have the knowledge of who Stultus's familiar is, and indeed most of his coterie would know, too. It's the problem of not tracking all the threads, which I don't expect every player to do, anyway. If you're wondering why something is happening or need more info before acting, feel free to ask, but I would resist the impulse, to respond too aggressively when another player initiates something with Roberto. Unless, of course, that player is acting as an SG for a story, but so far no one has been brave enough to do that. :smiley:))

OOC: knowing that another player was involved is why the monkey got a 5 second wrning before blasting him :smiley:

Arch Magus Mathieus of Jerbiton, a prestegious elder. If he reccomends it, I shall be glad to recieve her and keep a close watch on her.

Stultus re-opens his eyes. "Mathieus, there'll be no issue with Allips staying at Mons Electi should she so choose. Fiona..." He considers. "Yeah, that would work. No stirrups for one of the riders, but it's no different than riding pillion after that, and the harness should fit around both of you."

"But you'll take her to Confluensis, first? To have Augustina take a look at her? If it's any consideration, she does owe me a favor..."

Stultus looks wry. "Yes, we will. Assuming, of course, she agrees. As far as Augustina goes, is there anyone who doesn't owe you a favor?"

Fiona smiles. [color=blue]"We'll just have to be sure we have a good, tight grip on one another, then, won't we?"

Fiona gives Mathieus an appraising look, the smile still gracing her face. [color=blue]"So, it seems we find ourselves in a fortunate position with the Archmagus, then."

She looks toward the door. [color=blue]"If there's any chance she may be up, I would like to speak with her, please."

"It seems as if there are fewer and fewer every year."

"Certainly, but my benefices only go so far. Eboris is, by and large, neutral territory. The Magi of the Tribunal leave us in peace because we are self-sufficient and serve a useful purpose."

"She may be up. I would keep some of what has been discussed to yourself."

[color=blue]"Of course," Fiona says, and looks at Stultus with an amused smile.

She then makes her way up the stairs slowly and a little nervously, working out how to approach the situation and wondering what she'll see when she finds Alips. She raises her hand to knock on the door, but pauses. If I were a religious woman, she thinks, this would be the time for prayer. She then knocks gently on the door.

[color=blue]"Alips? Are you up?" Her voice is surprisingly soft.

"Fiona, is that you?" a groggy voice comes from behind the door. Some sounds of feet shuffling are heard before the door opens. "How? When? Why are you here?" She looks slightly guilty and bites her bottom lip.