1267-1270.misc Call me when you have no class

"I thank you for the warning," Catrina says. "But I'm sure security at the school will be sufficient to keep trouble away from here."

(editing my original post, because I was thinking it was to be in 1270; having it be in Summer of 1268 actually works better for the story I wanted to tell).

Fiona stops at her cottage first to clean up quickly – it wouldn't do to try to get to know everyone if she showed up with dirty knees. She quickly decides on a simple outfit of a lacey deep-cut blouse (tied nice and tight) and a skirt that shows off her legs. Luckily there aren't any students about (yet) to be scandalized...so, she should probably get her scandalizing in while she can. She also tops off her flask with some of the whisky she brought with her from Bibracte, as it will be several years before the first batch she makes here will be suitable for drinking.

She then casually strolls to the main building and the teacher's lounge, to where the others can see her coming if they glance through the window. From a distance, it's hard to get a proper feel for her size...until she stops and talk to one of the muggle staff, who only comes up to her ribcage.

Fiona ducks her head when she enters the lounge (more out of habit than anything else as the building was (probably) constructed to take her size into account) and smiles when she sees the others already getting to know each other. Her gaze lingers on Nigilius for a long moment, and she runs her tongue over her lips quickly. I wonder what it would be like with a ghost? she wonders. They have no corporeal form, so is it even possible? But then, they might not be impeded by clothing...and many ghosts can affect the material world to a degree. He could be rather interesting."

She looks around at the others. [color=blue]"Salve, sodales. It'sa beautiful day, isn't it? That is a lovely dress, Catrina," she says with a friendly smile. [color=blue]"It looks beautiful on you. Oh...and Albus is asking about Gwydion again, wants to know why he's not allowed to play with your familiar."

Fiona switches to Gaelic as she pulls out her flask. [color=blue]"Would you like a dollop to freshen up your tea?" she asks with a playful grin.

[color=blue]"And how are you gentlemen doing today?" she asks Fabricus and Clement in Latin.

"Now, if these creatures are indeed an issue, more than wards we'd need enchanted items for the grogs...and...staff..." Fabricus was going on about possible additions to security in light of hostile creatures when off in the distance but steadily closer was a giant. "Uh...Clement...would that be a...giant's mother like you mentioned?" he said, pointing out the lounge of the door. When she arrived and introduced herself he flushed in some consternation before standing up.

"Fabricus Diabolicus, Verditius." he said by way of introduction.

"Why thank you," Catrina says, doing a little twirl to make her dress flare out. "I picked it to match today's eyes." She flutters her eyelashes a few times. "And that's a lovely dress you almost have on as well. Are you sure you're part giant and not part nymph?" She grins at Fiona.

"And you tell Albus that if he'll promise to stop trying to eat Gwydion, then the two of them can play all he likes. My familiar might be the size of a small mouse, but he isn't one." Catrina doesn't seem at all upset by this, seeming to treat it all as a minor bump in the road. "But I'm sure they'll work things out. Gwydion seems to have taken a liking to Albus despite being mistaken for a meal."

Then, when Fiona offers the whisky, her grin turns into a genuine smile. "Sure'an that would be wonderful," she replies in the same language. Then she waves a hand and speaks a few magic words. Immediately, her cup of tea lifts up off the nearby table and floats over to her, being snatched out of the air by the maga as it gets close. "Just a wee nip would be most appreciated. It's been almost impossible tae get any proper whisky since I moved tae England."

Cast The Unseen Arm to get her tea. Under no stress (i,e, with no stress die), she should automatically succeed. Finesse roll not to spill any tea: 1d10+5=7

[color=blue]"Fiona ex Miscellanea, a pleasure to meet you." The exceedingly tall red-head smiles and looks him up and down quickly, then nods.

[color=blue]"I'm glad you like what you see. I've actually never had a nymph," she trails off thoughtfully, ignoring what Catrina actually said. [color=blue]"It sounds quite delightful," she says with a bawdy wink.

She turns to Clement. [color=blue]"Weren’t you saying something the other day about how there can be found nymphs and satyrs in these lands? Do you know where I can start looking for some?"

[color=blue]"Maybe if we let them play where we can keep an eye on them. I've only just started my gardens, and am trying to get the workers to put together my greenhouse, if you wanted to come over some afternoon."

[color=blue]"I've been making my own for decades. I left most of it behind, but I brought a few barrels with me. This barrel is...19 years old*, and one of my better batches, I think."

With Laterna here I would think we will have a decent Aegis. I understand it has been her field of study for many years.

Clement does a slight bow to Fiona.

Not in this tribunal unless some have come over the border from Thebes. Generally, if you think it is a fairy creature, whether it is plant or animal, consider it to be very dangerous and meaning to do you harm.

"I can't speak for nymphs," Catrina replies coyly. "But I can say that saytrs are randy little buggers. Talented, too." She smiles, but does not elaborate.

"I'm sure that would work wonderfully. I need to find a spot for my own flower garden as well, and it sounds like you're just the person to ask about that. It's too late for all the spring flowers. But I have hopes of getting my summer flowers into the ground in time."

Catrina takes a sip of her tea, closes her eyes for a moment and enjoys the taste, a smile of pleasure forming on her face. Opening her eyes, she looks back at Fiona. "You say you have a whole barrel of this?" Her smile broadens. "I like the sound of that!"

Also by sheer coincidence, Catrina has Gardener (flowers) 2 as an Ability. With her love of flowers it seemed a natural.

[color=blue]"I don't think I've met Laterna yet. Is she one of the new-style teachers here?"

[color=blue]"I will keep that in mind. Thank you."

[color=blue]"I can imagine." She smiles dreamily for a moment before she mutters, [color=blue]"We need more good, wanton people around here."

Fiona will speak at length about what she's found so far...which isn't much, as she's only been able to look in the surrounding areas to see what kind of flora can be found. Her knowledge isn't any more in-depth than Catrina's (with a Gardening score of 2, specialty of Herbs), but broader (Mythic Herbalism of 4, and Apothecary of 3 specializing in Herbal Remedies).

[color=blue]"Perhaps, once we get the classes started and our gardens in place and thriving, we should start a Gardening Club, if any of the students are interested. Oh...and when I get my Greenhouse built, I need to show you the enchanted plaque that will go on the wall."

[color=blue]"No...I have several barrels of this. Not big barrels, of course. About...yay big," Fiona says, holding her hands to indicate a barrel which would be about 40 gallons (as near as I can tell this late at night, that would be about 2½ feet long and 1⅔ feet across). [color=blue]"It was the first thing I did when I got to Bibracte, and the first thing I did when I got here. Set up my still."

She is from my House. Clement pauses to think for a moment. I've only met her at House functions. She is older than me and a researcher. I'm not sure if she would teach.

Clement bows. Ladies. Fabricus. If you will excuse me. I want to soak in the hot spring for a while before beginning work today.

Nigilius bows to the group and then turns and goes through a wall.

Fabricus is a bit embarrassed by the innuendo (subtle and overt) but when the topic of resources comes up he is back in his element. "Yes, speaking of such things. We will have some time before the students arrive and I was told of stipends. I'll be putting my lab together, assuming the hooves-for-hands louts don't grind it all to dust before then. I'd like to make some things for our use as well as the students. And if there really are so many hostile fae and creatures, something to protect from them might be in order. Do either of you have any ideas?"

"I don't know about wanton," Cantrina replies. "But I'm certainly not uptight."

"What an excellent idea, Fiona. Give the children something else to do besides study. And I look forward to seeing what enchantments you have for your greenhouse."

"Several?" Catrina smiles again. "That sounds even better. But then, if you just started your still up, it'll be some time before your first batch will be ready for drinking. Those barrels will have to last years." The barest hint of a frown crosses the maga's face before it lights up again. "But I'm sure it'll all work out. No doubt you've accounted for that in the number of barrels you brought."

"Hot springs!" Catrina exclaims. "No one told me there were hot springs here. I love a good warm soak. You'll have to tell me where they are, Clement. Hot springs sound even better than a hot bath."

"Something that might ward against faeries would be nice," Catrina replies. "I've long thought about getting something like that for myself."

Catrina isn't against some sweet smelling herbs (though she has spells for sweet smells) or some healing herbs (who doesn't like having those around?). But her primary focus in gardening is in planting flowers. So if Fiona wants her garden to have a little color, Catrina would be happy to be responsible for the flowers. :slight_smile:

Clement turns back to the group. You might have noticed, upon your arrival to the Oppidum, that there is a lake next to it. That is the hot springs. My House has done a great number of studies on the area. Be assured that unlike some other hot springs in Europe that get their heat by being connected to the Infernal, this one does not.

"I shall be certain to check those out at my earliest opportunity," Catrina replies. "Thank you for the information, sodale."

[color=blue]"Would ye like some company?"

Clement looks at her for a moment. Of course. Fiona. Follow me.

You have an accent hiding in your Latin that I can not place. I understand that you were in Normandy before coming here but it is not French I hear.

He leads her through the building and out. A stone lined path leads through some trees to a round lake that is roughly 11acers in size. A thick mist is curling away from the lake in the early morning. Clement plays out his blanket and strips off his robe. He wades in au naturel and floats on his back.

[color=blue]"I'm Scottish. Grew up in the Highlands."

Fiona takes in everything as she follows Clement, and stops when she sees the lake. This is a nice, private spot, she thinks. I'd wager I can really let myself go, here, and everyone else would be none the wiser.

The giantess doesn't quite ogle clement when he disrobes and slips into the water, but she's not exactly shy about checking him out, either. She smiles and slips out of her own robes with practiced ease, then looks apprehensively at the water. All those years of living on a loch, and she now realizes that she never bothered to learn how to swim.

She walks up to the edge and looks in to make sure that it's not too deep or too steep, and wades in cautiously.

That must be it. I've never heard that accent much in my travels.

Clement glances up from his floating at Fiona. He is not ogling her even when she disrobes. It get deep quickly so do not get far from the shore. If you are nervous, may I suggest a simple Rego Aquam spell so the water will support you. Or you could just sit in the shallows. It is hot enough that I will not stay here for very long.

(Base 1 R: touch. T Part. D: Diameter ( or Concentration).)

(The water is about 100 degrees (F) and is very much like a crater or sinkhole lake.)

Meanwhile, Catrina returns to the teacher's lounge, her newly-fortified tea in her hand and a smile on her face. She hums a tuneless song as she walks and sits back down almost without realizing it. A moment later, she looks up and then around at the room. Seeming to find something wrong with it, she shakes her head disapprovingly and a slight frown crosses her face. A moment later, small pots of flowers - or at least the image of small pots of flowers - appear at various spots in the room. The maga nods her head, smiles, and turns back to her tea, content and happy.

Cast A Room Full of Flowers. With no stress die, she easily makes the casting roll.
Finesse for how good the flowers are: 1d10+7=14

Left back at the lounge Fabricus sighs and finishes his ale before heading back to where there is a train and liter of his laboratory effects. His face reddens as he sees one of the men actually sitting on one of his crates.

"Ahh! You lazy incompetents! You blasted louts!" he screams at them in German. "Finish moving and wrecking my lab and begone from me! And when you return to your true employer Dioclement, you tell him from me that even my broken works are better than his masterpieces! I curse all of you! You have the hands of a clumsy ox! I wish you were even as smart as one! Now finish this job!"

He begins picking through the various effects that were unloaded from carts and carefully walks them into the lab, the workmen giving him a wide berth as he grumbles past them.