1267-1270.misc Call me when you have no class

Fabricus overall seems pleased. "Excellent. I have something in mind already, it should not require very much vis, three pawns I think and I could have it in a season. In the meanwhile, when being punished we should impose the Aegis so that they will have their magic reduced. Will that also affect their sense of the Gift? That might be even better as they should feel fear towards us."

Fiona is teaching Flora et Fauna, with a bid of 4 pawns. I'm not sure if PB wants a story thread there or not. PB, if you do want a story thread make one and I'll sticky it. This is lower than everyone else's bid for that class.
The history class is tied between Catrina and Clement. Clement, as a Quaesitor has a bit more clout and wins the tie, or you can Certamen for it.

I thought you'd said that you were going to randomize to see whose bid came in first to see who won ties.

Well, I did roll, Jebrick won. I try and attach story reasons for these rolls when I can, instead of making it seem so arbitrary.

So let me explain it better, the way Catrina might see it. Catrina notes that Lateralla is the one who brings them the news of who won or lost the bids. She says that Clement's and Catrina's bids were tied, but Clement's status as a Quaesitor makes him a better fit for the position. It might appear that she's a bit smug about that, because Clement is of the same House, and Catrina is a Merinita...

Ah, that hadn't been made entirely clear. But oh well, you win a few and you lose a few. At least Catrina has the extra time from not teaching two classes.

Field trip to see the vampires!!!

But is she going to get mad about it? :smiley:

An older Redcap arrives at the school with a young child also dressed as a Redcap ( quite likely an apprentice Redcap). He asks for a token and a tour of the school.

Fabricus had actually been eagerly awaiting for the arrival of a Redcap, for any news from Verdi, as well as a few things he had asked sent to him to complete his laboratory. Upon hearing of a Redcap arriving he rushes out to the entrance wearing some of his best and most ostentatious robes.

"Ah! One of our esteemed fellows of Mercere!" he calls as he approaches the man. "Welcome! Welcome!" he says and kisses him on either cheek. "I am Fabricus Diabolicus ex Veriditius, Professor de Elementa. You are most welcome." he leans down and pats the young child on the head. "And who is this fine young one?"

The child, a young girl of perhaps 7-8 years beams at the attention but looks to the older Redcap and says nothing.

The older Redcap bows low. Greetings ... Professor(?) Fabricus. Interesting. I have never heard professor used in conjunction with magi. This is Jovanna. He gestures to the child. This is her first trip so she should listen rather than talk. He says this last part looking at Jovanna pointedly. I am carrying some messages for the Covenant but I do not see anything addressed to you(*). Perhaps they will come on the next trip. My main reason for coming is that I represent some interested parties who wish for more knowledge of this school. I would be most appreciative if you could give us a small tour and perhaps sit in on one or two of the classes.

  • Unless you want to expand a story...