2.4 - Investigating the Refugees

This is a troupe style game. You can pick any of the covenant residents, previously established, or of your own invention (assuming they fit within the covenant theme) and play them at any time, in any thread (again, as appropriate).

Here's a list of the established identities (though I think it hasn't been updated since Arya or J.L have started playing). Since Chicozian is on indefinite hiatus, you can play any of his grogs.

Abdul Fati bin Saladin would be an obvious choice, as would any of Amos's grogs.

[I just noticed the second half of this, apparently my brain is not working properly. As this is taking place the morning after Azura's arrival, she can certainly come with.]

Azura and Fati arrive moments before the party leaves through the west gate. Fati's arthritis had slowed him down, and Azura had met him on the way to the gate.

(What day is it?)

Azura looks at the assembled group and assumes Etienne is in charge (he's the best-looking one, after all). "You there! I'm Azura Merceris. And this is Abdul al... bin... umm, his name is Abdul. So, I'm going to scout ahead, and around, and elsewise. I won't stick around if there's a fight, but Imm good for reconnaissance. Carry my bag? Thanks," she drops her pack into Etienne's arms and deliberately brushes her small-but-firm breasts against his arm, before disappearing in a puff of blue smoke.

(Charm: 8 + 4 Com + 3 Charm - 3 Gift = 12, to flirt with Etienne. She will then make judicious use of mastered BAMFing to scout around for the party, trying to stay out of sight of any passersby, and returning to give updates on what the landscape/area/climate/potential dangers is like.)

I believe it is Friday, March 15, 1213 when this thread starts.

"Fati, please, call me Fati," interjects the old warrior.

She will then make judicious use of mastered BAMFing to scout around for the party, trying to stay out of sight of any passersby, and returning to give updates on what the landscape/area/climate/potential dangers is like.)
[OOC: Because I am unfamiliar with much of the system, and this includes Mutantum stuff, please write out the math for me on your spells. Also, what skills are you using to determine where you BAMF to? Roll something appropriate for me.]

Map of the immediate area: toastology.com/junx/armphoen ... ap200m.png
Slightly wider scale: toastology.com/junx/armphoen ... Map5km.png
Both can be found: arm5phoenix.wetpaint.com/page/Th ... 2eSMH89K8G

The party is exiting from the manor gate, which is the east-most point where the two walls connect. Fati saw them a week or so ago somewhere amid the trees just south of the covenant wall, between the wall and the road.

The merchant Abdul, on the other hand, saw signs of people yesterday (Friday) somewhere between the road marked N-502a (in the modern parlance, in the old days, it was called, "that road"), and Cijara. He did not specify where.

(It is Seven League Stride, and because it is mastered there's no need for dice rolls because even on a zero it won't botch unless she's in a strong hostile aura. Her CT is 1 Stam + 12 Re + 14 Co + 2 Mastery = 29, for a spell level of 30. So on a roll of zero she would cast it successfully but with a fatigue level lost, in which case she'd rest for two minutes to catch her breath before casting again.)

Saturday morning (see the first post). Abdul al-Faisal didn't arrive until Friday afternoon with more news about the refugees.

Since it is Friday Azura will keep an eye out to find an inn the party can stop at for the night, and try to get them there before nightfall. She will let the others know well in advance that she will be back at the covenant before nightfall, and will rejoin them again after sundown Saturday night. "Don't worry, I can find you as long as you stay on the road."

Ah, in that case, Azura doesn't meet the group on the road, she'd send a messenger to ask Etienne to meet her in her room. She'll still flirt with him, tell him she'll meet them along the road after sundown, and ask him to carry her bag for her. (If he opens it, he'll find that the bag is full of naughty underclothes, lemon cakes wrapped in oiled cloth, a couple ornate daggers, and a few bottles of wine.)

So, let's see...we currently have:

  • Abdul Fati
  • Esteban
  • Étienne
  • Levi the Baker
  • Marie
  • One-eyed Maria
  • Vivienne's ghost (is she only visible to Étienne, or can anyone see her?)
  • The maga Azura (but not until after sundown)

Rabbi Ibrahim was originally in the group, but was retconned to stay behind when we realized that it would involve traveling on the Sabbath.

That sound about right?

Okay, a quick word on the scale of this investigation, and the locations around the covenant.

See the 5km scale map: toastology.com/junx/armphoen ... aps5km.png

Note the brown lines indicating "as the crow flies" distances to Castiblanco and Helechosa. It's about one day's walk to either of those locations by road, and there are no major roads between the three points, so no inns, just farmsteads (and, by the by, the walls around Cijara Manor & its fields were built to keep those farmers from stealing grape seeds).

The highlighted area indicates a 20km radius around Cijara/Phoenix (which, apparently, is the Hermetic definition of Your Back Yard).

So, in other words, your neighbors have seen a group of maybe 25 refugees hiding out somewhere in the 5 square km (3 sq miles) due south of your covenant. That shouldn't take more than a day to thoroughly search, I would imagine.

Levi the Baker is a Jew too. Do we have stats saying he'd be willing to work on the Sabbath?

I said earlier in the thread he was unobservant. He doesn't have any flaws that indicate piety, and I was planning to play him as unobservant. Willing to break rules on cooking...

So, yes. That's the party. Who is playing which character?

There's no point in having him cook on Shabbat. Observant Jews (and there aren't any secular Jews in the 13th century) cannot benefit from another Jew's melachah performed on Shabbat. So while Levi has no problem intentionally making fire and baking bread on Shabbat, it is sin for other Jews to eat it until after Shabbat.

Sure, but there are Moslems and Christians here in the covenant too.

Étienne had been busy about the grounds, investigating, prowling and ensuring that everyone in Ra'am's retinue is settling in, discussing things with Raoudha. It probably took quite a while for a servant to catch up to him.
When a servant finally catches up to Étienne and finds him to deliver a note from a new Maga named Azura looking for him about the mission for the refugees, he comes to her assigned quarters near midnight and knocks gently on the door.
"I've heard she's quit attractive, if a bit on the young side for you."
"Shush, Vivienne, I don't have time for this." he hisses at her.
"Maga Azura, I was told I needed to see you about the mission for tomorrow?" he says a bit louder. IT is probably not long after the council ended (assuming it was held).

"Oh! Yes, thank you for coming on such short notice. I like a man who comes when called," she drawls suggestively. "I understand you're accustomed to dealing with magi-- I'm going to cover you with my Parma so we can talk like normal people. With your permission, of course." Assuming he relents, then her attempt to Charm him is a 15 instead of a 12 :stuck_out_tongue: "Now where were we? Etienne, you say? Isn't that French for 'star'? That's a lovely name, so fitting..." she purrs, trailing her fingertips across his chest. "Now, Starshine, I'm going to come along tomorrow and scout for the expedition, but I'm going to need a little something from you first..."

"I am willing to do whatever milady requires," he returns suggestively. Thinking to himself, "maybe this place isn't so bad, after all."

OOC:Invisible castle appears to be having troubles at this time. Since this is between player characters, I see no reason to rely on rolls, and this can go as far as Azura is...willing.

If it matters, he returns the charm, perhaps not as well, but certainly expressing willingness Pre (1) + Charm (4+1) +Die roll of 5=11 How easy is it? :wink:

Oh, she'll absolutely seduce him. She's a Goliard at heart.

Afterwards, though, she's all business. She gives Etienne a giant sack of bread and asks him to carry it for her the next day, so that she can "properly navigate." "I'm not much good at anything besides Redcap-focused magic, but luckily travelling safely is travelling safely, no matter what colour headgear you wear. Personally, I can move about magically at will and cover a lot of ground, so I can likely locate them quickly and then direct the group better to their location. I'm not much with the planning, though, just the execution, so you tell me how I can best be helpful in finding these people quickly and bringing them back here where they'll be safe."

"Too bad she extended Parma," it could've lasted longer Vivienne cackles wickedly. "Perhaps I shoudn't have been silent during your encounter. Next time you have the chance, I'll do my part, just don't let her extend Parma."

Étienne replies to Azura, just as business-like, ignoring Vivienne,"I'm not aware of the full resources at my command, err your command tomorrow. I've only recently arrived, and had to see to settling Ra'am's retinue and then I found out about the mission. Why don't you pop in tomorrow whenever you're able and I'll be able to give you a better breakdown of our available forces and what we've found. Any idea when I can expect you?" While speaking, he gets dressed.