24 alchemical enchantments to fix a shape and material bonus to creo

Hello everyone. I am playing a vulgar alchemist in an Ars Magica game (here on the forums, even!) and I thought about what it would take to fix some shape and material bonuses. My magus might try it in a few years when he can get his skills a little higher, so I have been designing experiments in my head.

The shape and material bonuses I am going for are:

Birch (+3 creo) - because as a verditious, my character knows the rune for creo is "birch" he knows there must be some magic power there. He also knows birch already does creo herbam, so no creo herbam experiments for me!

Spiderweb (+3 creo) because he is a bit of a spider aspected magus, and he thinks since it is something which is created from an insect out of nowhere, then used to make geometric patterns, it must be aspected to creo.

According to the mysteries, you have to succeed in experimenting on a virtue a total of 24 times to get a new shape and material bonus of +3 for an entire technique. So, if I want to get that sweet, sweet hermetic prestige for inventing a whole new set of bonuses, there's a lot of experimenting to do!

In order to do this much experimentation, I thus need to think of 24 different enchantments I can do as a lesser enchantment. In order to be able to afford this as a relatively new magus, at least some of them need to be salable, and all should be useful. So I am making a thread to list them all since I figured I could entertain and get feedback.

So, to begin our alphabetical trawling: Creo Animal:

The saddle of the needed steed.

This is a cloth saddle, with a spiderweb design stitched into it. The pommel of the item is the only truly solid part, made of birchwood and carved with runes. When it is thrown in the air and a command word shouted, it settles on one normal adult horse it has created which will last until sunset or sunrise.


(Base 15 (create a mammal) +1 magnitude touch, +2 magnitude sun diameter, +5 levels 24 uses/day)

Being able to make a horse and then have it disappear means you can probably ride it as hard as you like for the time it is around, with no worries about feeding, stabling or it going lame. I think a courier could move an extremely long way in a day like this, similar to the pony express and Caesar's diplomatic postal service.

Birch already has well-defined material bonuses: +1 Creo, +3 Childbirth (GotF p33)

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Does that mean that a vulgar alchemist can't find more? That was not my reading, but I am happy to be corrected

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I suppose they can find different bonuses if the troupe/SG agrees that there are more to find.

I'd be wary about allowing a vulgar alchemist to obtain +3 Creo S&M bonus for Birch if Birch in canon already provides a +1 Creo S&M bonus. But a different S&M bonus, including something like +4 Creo Herbam? Sure.


The canon one is +1 Creo Herbam but I’d be wary of finding a wider, more powerful S&M bonus that completely includes one that already exists.

Okay, so consensus is not birch. I shall think of another thing!

Olives might provide a Creo bonus, after all, olive oil improves most dishes...

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If I had to give a technique bonus to spiderweb silk, I would go for Rego actually, because it is weaved much like rego craft magic. I would be in favor of allowing bonuses for protect wearer, entangling/paralysis as well. Of course, with spidersilk, the challenge may be obtaining enough to actually enchant, which could be a separate story or spell research in the first place! But do go ahead and suggest it to your storyteller. After all, vulgar alchemy is flexible, and you could end up finding something useful whether or not the storyteller gives you a story factor bonus for the suggested material.

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Where do you see a Creo Herbam bonus? As far as I can tell it is just a straight +1 Creo bonus from birch.

He's intending on getting the spider silk from his familiar and faerie friend.

Also, yeah. Even with a small to moderate penalty the plan is to be able to get the bonuses through with the RAW.

I shall now think of another shape or material to find a creo bonus for.

Whoever did the Shape and Material Bonuses PDF added Herbam to Creo. GotF p.33 says +3 Childbirth, +1 Creo

Ah, I was using that pdf. Hence why I thought it was a creo herbam rather than just creo. Yeah, even I agree I shouldn't try to get a +3 creo when it is already a +1 creo

In my opinion, every S&M that grants a bonus to healing, longevity, fertility, curing wounds or poison etc. is a good candidate to be expanded into a "wider" Creo bonus, provided a) it does not already carry a Creo bonus and b) the wider bonus does not exceed, and ideally is below, the narrower one. For example, I think that willow (rather than birch) since it has a +4 bonus "restore limb", might well yield a Creo bonus up to +3.

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