A botch a day

I thought I'd get into the creative spirit that is causing so much productivity around here. So here it is: every day in November - a botch a day!

Today's botch:

The goat kicks you in the shin and runs away, bleating.

Your robe turns to paper, and it chafes!

Today's botch:

Oh yes, that merchant is absolutely planning on attacking you in the back of his shop.

IMS it would be "the merchant draws a sword from under the counter and attacks you!" or "you see the merchant reaching for his belt knife when you turn your back to him". Otherwise my players would suspect a bad roll and react more cautiously :mrgreen:


Can't the players tell a bad roll by looking at the dice, anyway?

Gerg, "A botch a day" is a great idea.

Not when all the perception rolls are pre-rolled by the SG and written down in a piece of paper before the session starts.

I also like the botch a day thread idea :slight_smile:

Waaaay too much work. :wink:

Roll 50 dice and have the results in order in a piece of paper. Not that difficult. :slight_smile: They are used for all the rolls that you do not want the players to make, like said perception rolls. Another SG IMS started doing that, and we think it works well to keep up the suspense.


We've done similar in some of my groups. Sometimes the players spend the first two minutes rolling about a hundred dice, reading them off to whoever is running the session. That person writes a list of numbers and just crosses them off when used.

Sometimes I've also made certain secret rolls that are likely to come up ahead of time so I can attach modifiers to them (such as Perception+Awareness). That saves time in the session.


Paper?! Just because we're roleplaying in Mythic Europe doesn't mean we have to use their technology. Laptop + random number generator ftw :mrgreen:

Today's botch:

An impressive snowstorm begins to fall in your bedchamber.

It is. The SG can just roll any/all such as needed. Roll 1 douse - much easier than keeping track of yet 1 more piece of paper.

Botch: You can't find that one piece of parchment that you really needed. 8)

Today's botch:

Only your leg turns into a serpent. It starts wrapping itself around your torso.

Love it.

Today's botch:

"- Baron! I meant Baron Darius, not Wizard Darius!"

I actually had something like that this morning. Water droplets started to fall in my bedroom - I thought a pipe had gone but it was possibly just super-condensation, but it looked like rain!

cj x

For those of you who like to have random numbers pre-rolled have you tried:


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Welcome Thespian! 8)

Bonus Artes Liberales botch, dramatic irony category:

You feel really quite certain that it's the Earth that's moving around the Sun, not the other way around, and you raise your hand to interrupt the scholar.

Today's botch:

That's strange: the magical dancing sword you just created should be heading towards them....

Botch of the day: Your InIm Spell does not show you the desired room. What you see is the laboratory of a mighty archmage. Has he noticed it?

Today's botch:

You, a mighty archmage, are working in your well-outfitted laboratory when suddenly your enchanted defenses detect a scrying spell. Deciding to pull the offending scryer to justice at your hands, you quickly cast a ReCo spell ... too quickly, perhaps. One disorienting moment later, you find yourself lying on a cold stone floor; above you stands a shocked maga, with a sanctum marker clearly visible behind her. You sense the unhappy tingle of a foreign Aegis....