A cardinal decision (spoiler alert!)

I like this scenario!

Two question about the character Buonacorsus of the Augustan Brotherhood:

  1. His charactersheet on p. 14 states the ability Penetration 6 (School of the stones rites). But the example about Buonacorsus casting the rite "The Soldier´s Secret Ambush" in the insert about Virgilian Magic (p. 15) states: "...Buonacorsus´ Penetration Ability (5 with his specialty)". Is it an error?
  2. In the same insert the author points out, that "The unique Virgilian Target Pentagram receives a Penetration Multiplier Bonus of +5". As far as I can see Buonacorsus doesn´t command a Virgilian rite with the target Pentagram. What is the reason for this hint?


By the way, this will need a vast SPOILER ALERT as it's discussing NPC magic in a scenario.

I could have sworn he has some rites with pentagram target. In the playtest I ran. when the players enter the city and the warning spell goes off I allowed the players to try and examine a pentagram. Hmmmm.......

Ah, looking at it on p.28 it says "Buonacorsus casts this rite on each of Rome's twelve gates and five posterns" - I think the original version was T: Pentagram, so had to be cast at each gate, but the revised version on p14 uses city as a target so it only needs casting the once. I suspect the sidebar didn't get changed when the spells were changed.

Great scenario, Buonacorsus' magic had the author of the Virgillians (from Rival Magic) annoyed and intrigued in equal measure.

Thank you. I added the spoiler alert in the thread title.