A child's Adventure (Spring 1242)

This adventure is open to any child characters, and begins simply:

On a day when children are in Arans, playing in the fields where children play, a birightly colored figure, neither boy nor girl, comes dancing towards them. glimmering in the sunlight, skipping over rocks and dancing across a nearby stream. Finally it comes to a sort of rest near the gathered children and in a excited attempt at a whisper asks "Who wants to go on an adventure?"

My main problem is that I'm not sure Gabriel would be allowed to play in the fields. (That's up to Solomon.) Gabriel has got a lot of training to do. I'm also not sure how much the apprentices deal with each other or other kids because of the Gift. They cant work together like magi do.

I thought a similar thing with Lucien. He isnt likely to be playing with other children, so wouldn't be at the field.

They may be at the field, but apart from the other children...

What field where? I am not understanding, but trying not to interfere. But we are all up in a castle, and any fields would be down in the valley near town and much to far to let children wander to alone.
Gifted Children would not be allowed out to play, most likely. Vibria's children are to young.
Perhaps some children from Fleur's school project?

Yes it is near town- are you saying that Gifted children and others are kept cooped up in the castle 24/7? Sounds like a really lousy childhood...

I really don't know, having not grown up in such a situation nor knowing anyone who has. Said situation being part of the upper tier of society dwelling in a castle on a hill. Would it be too far away to let children wander on their own? I don't know. Gifted children are even more problematic. At the very least, i doubt they would be left unsupervised. And an apprentice, I would imagine, would be kept cooped up working.
As for a "lousy childhood"; they eat well and are dressed warm and get to sleep under a roof and have fire. Sounds like an excellent situation to me :slight_smile:

It may be easier if we had an idea of what sort of children you are aiming for. Vibria's kids are 5 and under I think. Vocis's kids are all grown. The apprentices are a sticky situation. I have not yet considered what children may exist amongst the grogs and covenfolk. I myself am not too into creating child characters or interested in dealing with child matters. But others may well be! So maybe some of us should make some child characters for this one? Fortune points earned from stories go to the players and can be used by any character of theirs, so their is motivation :slight_smile:

Artur would be 3, Maria 1. Probably definitely too young to head down to the field alone. Maybe with the nanny.

Seems odd that children of privilege would be unsupervised; unless they've already run away from their nanny/etc, and then there is only a short window before all hell should break loose.

I also think that Vocis (speaking for him now) would have been alarmed by the MIBWSOHB being around the covenant and not under control. And MIBWSOHB's recent appearance should be reason enough for the children to be kept on a very short leash. A nanny and a guard at all times isn't unreasonable for the children, if 3+ are together several adults.

Whats the aim of the story? Why would I want Lucien to participate?

Oh, and Lucia and Epona's kid would be 5. (and I just realized I totally forgot to advance Lucia.)

Antoine's Bella would be 4, Michael 3 - also probably too young.

That's an excellent point. I can't see the magi with young apprentices letting them go wandering when there's a child-snatcher out who has taken at least one Gifted child. Yes, he's said that he would be good. But do we really want to trust the word of a child-snatcher?

Nothing says they have to be unsupervised. If someone wants to have a grog watching the group that could certainly add some interest- though honestly this faerie (just in case that wasn't already blatantly obvious to all players) will probably find some way for those choosing an adventure to slip away.

One of my thoughts is that Maria, mentioned in the serendipity thread wild serve as a bit of a "babysitter" at least for Gabriel. Maria is Alexandrus' (Solomon's shield grog) daughter. Being unaffected by the gift makes her a prefect candidate. Right now she's 18 based on Solomons background but I might try and work things to get her around 15 or 16.

So I could see her as the chaperone, trusted by Solomon so likely trusted by Carmen as well.