"A clue, Sherlock?" Hints for future Ars publicati


After reading through some of the adventures in Tales of Mythic Europe, I came across a place where it was mentioned that mass combat would be in a future publication for Ars Magica. So, after Magi of Hermes, do we know anything about books coming out? Anything official yet? (I've been away from the forums for some time). And oh, there's a grog book coming down the line, isn't it? That's kinda strange. I would thing a book for companions would be better.

Anyway, Atlas could release a book devoted to medieval cooking, and it would find it's way to my shelf. :slight_smile:

So, any more clues around for the book coming out after Magi of Hermes? :slight_smile:



Heh heh... in the table top game I am in, we have lengthy conversations about meals, in character and out. L All about eating kosher, halal, or just wanting a decent pork sandwich.

Someone name one other covenant where you can eat typical medieval fair, kosher or halal fair, or even cannibalized human bodies if you want.

We cook it all!

My entire post is simply a result of too much caffeine sorry

City and Guild, Art and Academe, Hedge Magic Revised, a Secret Upcoming Book, and significant bits of Realms of Power: Magic and Realms of Power: Faerie are for companions.

They don't tend to pay much attention to what you can do with three V&F slots, however, hence the use of a book for grogs.

Yes, good point. But the hint about "mass combat will be in an upcoming book" bit got me curious. Are we going to see a new Ordo Nobilis maybe? :wink:

A book that gives grogs more to go on would be nice indeed. :slight_smile: