A compilation of first magnitude spontaneous spells

Changing into a human is base 10, not 3.

Have to go with a monkey paw then?

Should we fill up all the gaps in the list?

For Walking Among Lepers

Creo Corpus 5 (Base 2, Personal, Moon, Individual)

The caster grants their own body +3 to Recovery rolls for one cycle of the moon. Paranoid young magi often cast this on themselves while studying the dead and dying.

For Picking at Scabs

Intellego Corpus 5 (Base 5, Personal, Momentary, Individual)

The caster understands the immediate reason for any one injury on their person. In an age of Arcane Tunnels, sometimes minor wounds happen for no clear reason at all...

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Encase in Earth CreTe4
Base 1, Voice+2, Conc/Diam+1

Create 10m3 of Clay or Earth, encasing the target.

Option: +1 for Sun
+1 for 1m3 of Stone/Glass (encasing the head, or the arm if you're feeling lenient)

[i]I'm not clear on how Magic Resistance helps with breathing or even movement while subjected to this.

The explanations for indirect spells used by the School of Vilani HoH:S p30) insist on the fact that the created stuff doesn't touch the Magus, but how does the interaction work out if it does?[/i]

Aspect of the Quicksilver MuTe 5
Base 2, +2 metal, +1 touch

Transform a metal item into mercury for a moment.
It becomes liquid instantly (melting point -40°C) and resolidifies in its new shape 6s later.

A worn helmet will solidify in a very uncomfortable shape...

Extend to Voice range if possible

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For completeness's Sake, Core essentials :

Touch of Unraveling the Fabric of (Form) PeVi 5
Range Touch
Cancel the effect of a spell of lvl (20+ a stress die) (no botch)

Prying Eyes ArM5 p 144, see inside a room

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Make symbolic representations quickly with Rego Magic for Penetration or Charm Magic

slightly adapted from this thread

Stomp of the Detailed Mandala ReTe 5
R:Touch D: Mom T: Part
Req.: None
Stomp on a section of earth, causing the soil to raise up, compress, and settle into a likeness of someone who's appearance you know. A Finesse roll of 12 is required to make a doll of sufficient correct detail and quality for a single use roll of 18 for a reusable doll.
(Base 2, +1 Touch, +1 Part, +1 elaborate design)

By His Works CrMe 5 (HoH:TL p.73)
Duration Diameter rather than Concentration as per callen
Refresh your memory, hopefully in enough details to qualify for a +3 bonus on the Finesse roll for familiarity, as per HoH:S p62

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Magic resistance keeps magic away from the protected. If you target this spell like cloak of flame or a similar creation spell if it doesn't penetrate it doesn't work. If you make it a targeted spell with a finesse roll you might be able to form the clay/dirt/sand around a protected character. But when it doesn't penetrate the protected character would have a bit of an envelope of air surrounding them, they would be able to move and breathe a bit.

Ah thanks

Really, the best solution is to put the 10t of it right above their head, and let gravity push it as tight as the Parma allows.
Then it's up to the SG how much Movement penalty that means for casting, but Unraveling the Fabric of this lvl 4 Terram spell at Touch range would be magnitude 1...

That would (IMO) still use a targeting roll.

It would

There is a section in Ars (I think it’s in targeting) which mentions making the Finesse check easier if the object/weapon is huge. That would help when dumping a massive slab of clay on a demon.
Edit: yep, p86 in Ars, grants a +6 aiming bonus per mag of size increase.

They say that it's based on the base unit of the form, and then they say extreme examples are up to the troupe's judgement, and give examples of a 100 paces base cloud that should get huge bonuses and size magnitudes on tiny base units so shouldn't get bonuses.

This is screaming for a proper guideline, that they didn't want us to get bogged down by.
Hasn't it been developed already somewhere?

I think that this is very likely among the most commonly sponted spells. Near as I can tell, in northern Europe candles were much more common because of the nonavailability of olive oil, yet the difference between base 2 (olive oil) and base 10 (tallow or beeswax) would most likely lead to hermetics using olive oil lamps wherever they are.

Thus when PC's come across oil lamps in the Hebrides they should immediately suspect the presence of hermetic magi.

Er, the name of the spell was "Debate Ending Curse", not "Debate Ending Circle". Though an upgrade with Target: Circle might make a nasty trap if it is delayed with some Rego Vim...

Rat Catcher's Blessing

Muto Corpus 5 (Base 2, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual)

A human recipient of this spell is granted especially loose and flexible joints until sunrise or sunset. "Double-jointed" individuals may bend their thumbs backwards, pull their leg over their head and other uncanny feats; they also receive a bonus of +3 to escape grapples, squeeze through narrow crevasses, retrieve dropped items from under furniture and other feats of flexibility. Sigils often add an unnatural sound or tone to the flexing of the target's ligaments.

Tallow's Essence

Muto Ignem 5 (Base 2, R: Voice, D; Diameter, T: Individual)

Under the effect of Tallow's Essence, a fire no larger than Size +-0 behaves as a sputtering grease fire for the next few minutes. Small drops or particles of boiling material spray forth from the fire in every direction, and attempting to douse the fire with water only grants those boiling drops a medium by which to spread farther. At least one covenant kitchen has been destroyed by an apprentice who thought he was being funny...

Hermetic Fae's Gold

Creo Vim 5 (Base 3, R; Touch, D; Concentration, T; Individual)

Taints an inanimate object of Size +-0 or smaller with the scent of magic for as long as the caster concentrates. People harvesting vis with help only from Dowsing or other minor virtues may make a Perception roll with an Ease factor of 9, success revealing the supposed vis as the fraud that it is. Rarely studied as a spell formula proper, Hermetic Fae's Gold is more often a prank set up by one apprentice for another. Typical parens tend to punish both children rather than investigate further.

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I will not cease.

Shun the Burning Rubbish

Intellego Ignem 4 (Base 1, R: Sight, D; Momentary, T: Individual)

A quick cantation which reveals any potentially poisonous elements in a visible fire. All mundane smoke is deleterious to one's health, but the fires of a blacksmith's workshop, an immolated battlefield, or especially a Hermetic workshop will be significantly more disgusting.

The Weight of the World

Intellego Terram 5 (Base 2, R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual)

A spell which detects exactly how much weight a section of stone floor bears. Until the next sunrise or sunset, any change in weight is instantly apparent to the caster as long as they are in contact with that floor. In the Greater Alps, spells such as these are used by studious magi who detest anyone sneaking up on them.

Quaestor's Forceful Entry

Perdo Terram 5 (Base 4, R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Individual)

Speaking a baleful curse while laying a hand on a metal object, the magus causes it to become fragile rust in mere seconds. This spell is commonly used by Hoplites forcing their way past supposedly sturdy door hinges. When Vulpes Oscuro of House Tytalus casts this spell, the word Exeunt manifests in the rust. Vulpes insists the Quaestor's Forceful Entry was an invention of Founder Tytalus, despite all evidence to the contrary.

[spoiler]So... does anyone know how to make a very tiny Muto Vim formula that actually affects anything?[/spoiler]

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Wizards Reach lvl 5 at Touch Range (for one's own spells) affects lvl 5 spells ( and we now have a few)

Wizards Boost should be the same according to the guidelines, but it's 1 extra mag for some reason, and I don't see an errata.

In any case, all such 1 mag change spells at lvl 5 with +1 R:Touch should affect any lvl 5 spell.

Wizard's Prolongation MuVi 5
Mom, Ind, Touch (own spells), Target level: 5-
Extend the spell's duration by one magnitude

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Hi jules!

MuVi spells cannot target Spontaneous spells, unfortunately (from Core p.159). You can cast Spont MuVi effects to affect low-level Formulaic spells.

Indeed, but some of the spells here are worth learning at this level for the Penetration and reliability, no?

You could learn a few in a single season...

Especially if you find yourself with excess points in a lab total for invention - adding the small extra spell makes sense.