A fast-healing major virtue

Accelerated Recovery
(major, general)
Your body responds quickly to injuries. This generally means that you will recover more rapidly, although in some circumstances it can increase the rate of deterioration.
You make recovery rolls more often. For light wounds you make a roll each day, for moderate wounds you make a roll each week, and for severe wounds you make a roll each month.
Additionally you receive a +2 bonus to recovery rolls.

Would you consider this virtue reasonably well-balanced within the system? I'm quite new to Ars Magica, so advice would be appreciated.

I would say it is a supernatural virtue, not a general one.

As for balance this depend a lot on the SG and type and pace of the saga.

I wouldn't know that it had to be supernatural. I mean, someone could be naturally good at recovery, just like someone with high Stamina recovers better (though not faster), and someone with Tough suffers lighter wounds. So I wouldn't rule it out of "General" per se. Beyond that, I think the intervals might be too quick, though I admit it might be me. I'd rather make it 4 days / 2 weeks / half a season.

It probably works to have it as BOTH general and supernatural, potentially with the ability to stack.

I would simply say that times are reduced by something from 1/3 to 1/2. To keep it simpler, so you only need to keep track of the original numbers and wether someone have this.

Now that i check, i find that i already have something similar:
"Rapid Convalescence", due to house rules it´s mechanics doesn´t translate well, but it´s a Major Virtue and a bit stronger than yours with a -1 bonus against Aging, a +2 bonus against disease, affects aging process a little and all times between Recovery rolls are divided by the result of a 4-sided die+1(ie roll once when there is a recovery roll in the future and divide the time until then) with a 1 being a 25% reduction. I think the bonus to recovery rolls would equate a +3 or +4 bonus with canon rules.

By RAW, i think your Virtue is a bit underpowered ( while mine is somewhat overpowered ), but it´s a good idea.

By "have" he means "invented". The actual Rapid Convalescence Virtue only gives a bonus to recovery but uses the normal time frame.

There is one in RAW already? Which book?

Main rulebook. +3 to rolls to recover from wounds.
It has been there since 3rd edition at least.

Ah, that´s the page where the all the red text looks wonky in my book(doubleprinted slightly with a half mm or so horizontal shift)... I ought to have seen it still? Heh...
I´m not actually sure though... :laughing:

More likely i picked it and modded it from 3rd edition and it´s stayed around.