A gift for any interested Verditius

Salve Soldis,

As a notes of thanks to the many wonderful and creative minds here I thought I would make a gift to any who might be interested.

If you are like me, you may have noticed that even the excellent ARM5 character sheet (2.0) freely offered by the Mad Irishman lacks sufficient space for some character aspects for certain types of magi. One thing that I found bothersome was the lack of a detailed section specifically for enchanted devices (especially if one is playing a Verditius or has one or more in their troupe).

So in an effort to build upon what has been already been generously provided (many thanks to MI) to enhance playability, I have created a number of pages which I think will allow any maker or user of enchanted devices to keep a complete and accurate record of their toys.

I can already send printable versions of the pages in .pdf format (zipped) to any who send me a private message here requesting copies and providing me with an email address to send them to.

I am also currently busy adding text fields to each of the .pdf sheets for easier onscreen updating and storage but those will take a bit longer if you want those as well.

Please say in your message whether you want to receive the pages in Word(2003) format or .pdf (Adobe Acrobat Pro 7.0).

Also note that those who want copies of the interactive (fillable) electronic .pdf versions should have or get ahold of a full version of Adobe Acrobat because you can only complete and print the sheets using Adobe Reader, you cannot save the data you have entered unless you have the full version.

Happy gaming!

Metodicus is casting "Revitalize topic" :slight_smile:

LOL! A more useful revitalization I must say :wink:

*only slightly biased of course! :wink:

For all further parties interested in these sheets, please note that one of the two cosmetic design variants (The "Ars" Logo watermark variant) is easily available for download in PDF format from the Atlas document archive page here...

atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/ ... Sheets.zip

For the second variant and or the sheets in Word format, feel free to continue writing to me with your email address.