A growing familiar...

My magus is about to bind himself to a newly hatched (miniature-)dragon. It is currently at size -2, but growing fast.

And this begets the question: how does the growth affect the binding?

a) Does one use the fully grown size for the formula?
b) The current size?
c) The current size initally, but have the bound weaken as the creature grows?
d) Maybe the enchantment prevents further growth (in the same manner it keeps the familiar alive as long as the magus)?
e) The current size, but the cords must be redone each time it increases in size?


Ah, a familiar (really, I didn't mean to put that there...) situation to comment on...

My character in our everlasting saga managed to pick up an egg, hatch it, and raise the resulting creature (see the adventure Twelth Night)(My reason for wanting such was actually to win the Flambeau Apprentice contest). It was the general consensus of the board at the time that familiars were supposed to be mature creatures. Hence, I had to wait the 30 odd years for the hatchling to grow into an adult form.

So, my answer to your question:

(F) Use the creature's adult size, and wait for it to reach it's adult form. You could use the intervening years to study up your arts for the task, train and educate the young hatchling, fend off dragon hunters... stuff like that. After all, a Dragon (or even an intelligent drake) is a pretty major story hook.


I know we've been through this before. Yet, I can't find the link (perhaps it was on the Berk List).

I think that most of the options you presented were brought up as possibilites.

I like option C personally (The current size initally, but have the binding weaken as the creature grows) , it's balanced with non-growing familars but it doesn't force the magus to reforge cords every few years if they don't want to. Remeber that a magus can always retemper (?) the bond.

b seems like you have your cake and eat it too.
a seems like you're magus is doing the work but not reaping the benefit
d takes away the story element of having the creature mature but it adds the story element of having a creature mature beyond its appearance.

I didn't think it over long either . I'm sure someone could easily persuade me to another point of veiw

Well, it wasn't over on the old, unofficial boards on G.O. either, which leads me to believe it might have been on the (now very dead) Town Hall / WebRPG board. And I think I was the one asking the question. :slight_smile: