A little problem in magic item creation

Salvete Sodalis,

I do not understand why I have to create a magic item with Unlimited uses when it is better to create it with Constant effect, so I think I am missing something.

Let me make a few examples:

Ring with Aura of Ennobled Presence
Unlimited uses/day
(Level 10 + 10 for unlimited uses)=20

Ring with Aura of Ennobled Presence
Constant effect
(Level 10 + 1 for 2 uses/day +3 for an enviromental trigger)=14

I think the second item is better than the first, but with sense it might be more difficult to create... Where is the error?

You don't have to, but a constant effect will cause warping, whilst unlimited uses means it's always there if you need it but you won't grow that socially awkward third arm.

So are my calculus correct?

And if I create an armor with "Doublet of Impenetrable Silk" effects with constant use do I gain WP?

Depends on what you want to achieve.

Unlimited uses allows for stuff like pillums of fire to be thrown from the wand repeatedly (unlimited uses) instead of turning the wand into a fountain of fire (constant effect).

Not that a fountain of fire is not cool, but you might want a different effect :slight_smile: Not all the effects you can enchant are better just because they are constant. This is an example, but there are many examples like that :slight_smile:



Not in this case Because the enchantment would be targetting the doublet (or whatever vestment it was invested in) and not the character him/herself (as is the case with Aura of Ennobled Presence).

Constant effects warp whatever they target.

Constant effects also need Sun duration.

Aura of enobled presence is duration Sun anyway isn't it? so if you've only got one target that you want to cast it on you'd only need 2X's per day. On the other hand if you want to cast aura of enobled presence on a thousand people a day, a single constant use item won't be up to the task but a wand with unlimited uses will be.

There isn't one. Of course, you can't turn the second one off, so you are constantly hurling your mutated species at all in your vicinity. This might annoy magi somewhat if they find out why they've been treating you like a god. A better build might be to design the spell at Concentration Duration, and have it maintain concentration for you. You can then turn the effect off at will, and turn it on again as many times as you have paid for in your uses per day.

Furthermore, as someone has already said, the second effect also causes warping.


Aura of ennobled presence is quite lower in effect than aura of rightful authority. No treating like a god et al. Just plain old "hey this guy looks good and convincing in his sound reasoning!"

Quite a difference :slight_smile:



No, you don't get warping points, but your clothing does. Inanimate things are not immune to warping (ArM5, page 168), although what warping would do to your tunic and hose is best kept away from the mind of a devious storyguide... :slight_smile:


Hmm i think you just came up with the perfect gift for a Flambeau that "has everything", a pretty little fountain of fire to place in his garden... :wink: