A new Ars zine?

With all the talk (on the Berk list) about the Ars zine Hermes Portal moving into a near-permanent Winter, what is the mood of a new Ars zine starting up - one uncluttered by the weight of earlier editions, and focusing solely on ArM5?

I know I'd be interested in being involved, and assuming some of the other HP contributors (editors, writers, illustrators) were also keen, I'd give it a shot.


Alex White

I certainly would like to help how I can.

My skills are mostly in layout and graphics, though my editing skills are about on par with snuffelufagus.

Unless you have a method of extracting money from the pockets of the people who may be interested, then this will necessarily fail.

For one of us to have this capacity, one of us needs to set a heap of stuff up.

If that one of us is an Australian, like Alex or myself, we face some additional problems that Americans don't, as a whole, face. Like quarterly business activity statements if things go above a couple of thousand dollars, and the fact that Paypal takes a bigger cut if you are a non-American for withdrawals. These aren't insurmountable, but they are what stopped me doing it last time I gave it some thought.

If anyone wants to pick it up, then sure, I'll send you a bucketload of articles to help get a head of steam up for you - but there are reasons why Redcap and Sanctum Hermeticum and now perhaps Hermes Portal have died off, and part of it is that the author of every one of them has poured money and time into them with no reward save gratitude.

I definitely would not be doing it for the money - mostly as a side-line thing while waiting for the next Ars book to come out. Also, I'd see it as pdf only. I can't see many start-up costs (in terms of software), but of course would appreciate any advice others may have.


Hmm. Good luck :slight_smile:

I'm afraid I can't offer any contributions (I'm not much of an author). If you do manage to pull it off, I would be happy to purchase it. :slight_smile:


I can help edit. Mainly for clarity and grammar, but I can check rules, too.

Just a reminder that, if you want to charge for it, you need formal permission from Atlas, which means getting in touch with John Nephew. I would suggest making sure that everyone is absolutely clear about what you intend to do, and remember that, if John allows it, you only have permission to do what you initially agreed to.

Maybe it's time to switch to a free PDF fanzine (no subscription, no payment for authors nor editors). Illustration quality might drop, but if the zine can exist, that's better than nothing. If everybody knows in advance there is no money in this business, nobody should be disappointed.

It would be appreciated greatly, and I am sure a lot of us would be happy to send in ideas to whoever runs it.

We all put in tons of time on our games, and I know that I, for one, would be happy to see some of my ideas shared in a professional format.

I think that a .pdf download is perfectly reasonable, even preferrable. And I know that I'd be glad to shell out 5 bucks or so every two months for a quality product.

I don't see any reason not to charge for it.

I'm game (no pun intended) for helping out. I work as a production manager in animation, and am all about setting up schedules and budgets, and then making them happen!

I also would be interested in editing.

Finally, I know severaly gajillion illustrators in my industry.

I think it would be fun. Count me in, in whatever capacity.


Does anyone know where I can pick up all of the back issues of Hermes' Portal?

The web site is:


I just bought the most recent issue and was very happy with it, especially the "Complicating 5th Edition Combat" by Ty Larsen.