A note on some fanfic I've written

Hi all,

I've been fanficing a bit (because it is the easiest writing to do when you have a baby) and I feel like its at a coherent second draft stage, so I've assembled it as a single document.

It's called the Mirarion, and it's about a Tremere magus serving during the Schism. I was trying to get the feel of some First World War material I have been reading, and I think that works, although it does make the plot rather less heroic and descriptive than you might expect from fantasy stories. I've not called the House "Tremere" in the fiction.

I'm not really sure where to take it next. I was either going to wrap it in a layer of commentary (like a lot of First World War material: all footnotes and description by later authors) or flip it to third person (which lets you get out of the main character's head and have descriptive text added by the omnipresent narrator). Alternatively, I could just let it rest and work on some Other Stuff I've been thinking about for a while. I've had some reference work on my Kindle-simulator app forever, and somehow I'm just not getting into it as a note-taking tool, so I'm taking forever to get moving on it.

Anyhow, it's about 34 000 words, so novelette length. timothyferguson.wordpress.com/2 ... -mirarion/

You forgot to mention that you're using 'Mycetias' for Tremere, for copyright issues :slight_smile:
And yes, I'm reading it and enjoying it!

Yeah. I'd like to earnestly suggest the change. 8)

I could probably live with it.
Though 'Tremere' has been part of my vocabulary for a very long time.

Is "other stuff" more ars magica fiction? Then that would be great. Otherwise some more of this story would be good. Perhaps some more action scenes.

No, other than the anthology we were talking about, for which I have a tiny piece, it's not fiction. I agree there should be another action scene during the rout of the Diedne, and it should have the Jeribons in it, but an idea for it hasn't gelled yet.

There's a bit of leftover I have from Sub Rosa 16 (well, 2 000 words) which ties loosely in with a thing I've been kind of kicking around forever (Sicily), and if I get it to all come together it'll be cool. I have the materials to write up a really interesting campaign guide for the Norman invasions in the south in 1050, but I've been shirking it because I'm short on time.

Just to say I loved it very much. Thank you for this.


Read and greatly enjoyed.

The first few chapters are especially strong, the way the society of magi is communicated both in text and subtext. There's a sense of wonder that really works.



It's very good. The part that I like best is that it doesn't try to tell stories that do not make sense in Ars Magica, and instead tells ones that do.

Agreed. It works very well in the chosen context.

I really like it.

I had been reading it as you were posting the individual chapters, and have now re-read it as a whole. I utterly enjoyed re-reading it as a whole. :slight_smile:

As for what to do next, the footnotes/commentary seems like a great idea. It would allow for you to show the discrepancies between what Mirarius says and the "cannonical" point of view, for example regarding the Tempest or the battles that House Mycetias "never lost". Also, I'd love to read "modern" (i.e. 13th Century) commentary on the psilosi. :wink:

I liked it.

I'd be interested to see what someone who isn't aware of the setting thought of it.