A pair of books

In the Saga I run I introduced a pair of books, authored by Bonisagus that I thought I would write up here, along with their back-story is case someone else liked the idea and wanted t use it in their saga.

At the tribunal seven years after the founding of the Order Bonisagus presented each founder (and Trianoma) with a pair of large, ornate books, each bearing an inscription to the founder. These books were:

Principalia Magica by Bonisagus - Sume of Magic Theory L:5 Q:13
Parma Magica by Bonisagus - Parma Magica Sume L: 6 Q: 12

The first of these two books became very popular. In my Mythic Europe almost every covenant owns a copy and many abridged versions and commentaries on it exist. However the second, which contains all the breakthroughs necessary to learn Parma Magica From scratch is generally a closely guarded secret.

The Original Copies of these books, complete with inscriptions are obviously quite rare and where they still exit are generally held in the Dominus Magna of each house which still retains a copy. Here are the statuses of each in my saga:

House Bonisagus: Both originals (Trianoma's copies) are in the Great Library at Durrenmar
House Guernicus: Both originals are in the private library at Magvillus
House Merecere: Both originals are in the private library at Harco. The copy of the Principalia was lost briefly in the 10th century but was recovered by a group of redcaps after some effort.
House Tremere: Both originals are safe, somewhere in Coeris
House Daedne: Lost after the Schism war. May be destroyed or lost in some unknown Regio.
House Jerbiton: Both books are on display under glass in the covenant of Valnastium.
House Flambeau: The books are separated, the original Flambeau copy of the Principalia is at Castra Solis, but the Parma Magica book was apparently left at the now-lost covenant of Val-Negra.
House Criamon: In the posession of the primus at the Cave of Twisting Shadows, along with the original copy of the travels of Fedso. Any Criamon wishing to see them should speak to her.
House Merinita: Both books were believed destroyed in the battle between Myanar and Quendalon in 802.
House Bjornaer: Both books are kept under the care of the ritualists at Crintera
House Tytalus: As with many things at Fudarus, the books are divided with each primus contender possessing one.
House Verditius: Both books reside at Verdi, and my be viewed by any Verditius who are resident there. It is rumored that the inscription from Bonisagus is a forgery, and that only the primus is permitted to read the original.
House Ex Misc.: Never had an original copy.

Well, I hope somebody finds this interesting. OK, back to work now.

I players currently have a copy of Principalia Magica at their covenant in Venice, but I run it as a Lvl 9 summa (there's another thread discussing ability summae levels...I know its high), but they havent got a Parma Magica summa yet...