A repository of homemade Grogs

I have now finished my 30 grogs for November (will be offline next week, so I worked double this week) and in case this is interesting to anyone, I have made an index of them. I invite anyone who comes across them to take them into their game (reskin as appropriate and let me hear about them). While this November I have focussed on grogs which tie in to the Rhine Tribunal, I plan on continue making more grogs, but connected to other Tribunals (I will do Normandy next), and I plan on keeping an up to date index of grogs in this thread.

Rhine Tribunal related grogs

1. Brother Chaplain Paulus
2. Golo, the Winemaker
3. Devorah Shapiro, the Rabbi's daughter
4. Adalbert, the Smith
5. Brauerin Käthchen, the Breweress
6. Gedimas and Launa, Freed slaves
7. Wobbe, the Sailor
8. Lord/Lady von Rothbart, Noble Skinchanger
9. Waltraud, the Healer
10. Krabat, the ex-Infernalist Miller
11. Till Eulerspiegel, Trickster
12. Sebald, Teutonic Brother knight
13. Gunther, ex-Teutonic Sergeant
14. Judith, the Wild Child
15. Katherine, the Custos
16. Holger, the Forester
17. Siegfried, the One Handed Blademaster
18. Maria, the Avaricious Redcap
19. Dame Margot, the Huntress
20. Gerrit/Gertrude, the Actor
21. Jan/Jute, the Pickpocket
22. Hana/Hans, the Failed Apprentice
23. Dana, the Dowser
24. Gottfried/Gudrun, the Pied Piper
25. Adam/Eva, Dog Whisperer
26. Edward/Edith, Mercenary Longbowmen Captain
27. Welsh Mercenary Longbowmen
28. Simon, Church Lawyer
29. Odile, the Lusty Nun
30. Wolfram/Winfrida, the Prescient Jeweler

Normandy Tribunal related grogs

1. Mael/Melita, the Ouessant Sailor
2. Colin/Colette, the Covenant Cursor
3. Perrin/Perrette, Pugilist and Thief
4. Flemish Pikemen and Smiths
5. Templar Brother Knight Ponce
6. Sir Sebastien, faithful Norman Knight
7. Joan/Azalais, the Lace Merchant
8. Sir Baudoin, the Leper Knight (companion tier)
9. Benoit, the Failed Mason
10. Eudes/Odette, the Wondrous Shoemaker
11. Simon/Simone, the Boneworker
12. Herve/Gervaise, the Herald
13. Louarn, the Career Criminal
14. Gisele, the burly milkmaid
15. Gwenaëlle, Vivanne's Handmaiden
16. Lady Sybile, the cursed Noblewoman
17. Celestin(e), Master debater Redcap


Thank you, this is all very much appreciated!


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So I am going to try to continue making a grog a day (on average) for the foreseeable future, since I like the creative exercise. To avoid over-bumping, I will continue posting in my renamed Lots of Grogs thread, and will make an update here only when I reach some milestone. I will do my best to keep the index up to date.

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