A strange comparison to Wizards Twilight :P

The group of players in my campaign are quite new to the game, and they haven't experienced having their Magus enter Twilight. So, I'm thinking that when this happens the first time, I want to play through it with the group.

So, I have some ideas on how to actually run Twilight, and I would love to hear how other groups do it.

But when I think Twilight, one movie keeps coming up. It's a strange thing to compare Ars Magica with, but it's the third Pirates of the Caribbean film. In it, Jack Sparrow are trapped in some kind of bizarre netherworld, where he spends his time with a full crew with copies of himself. Of course, this film being a action comedy (and one that I enjoy very much), I guess it's not wise to compare it too much to Ars Magica. But some of the elements with the scenes from Davey Jones' Locker seems to me to be a bit like the descriptions of Wizard's Twilight. I'll watch it again and pick up some visual inspiration, I think. :slight_smile:

Anyway, back to the question. How do other groups handle Wizards Twilight? :slight_smile:



My magus goes to a twilight alone, during a big battle (yes... i always go twilight when facing some kind of "boss" pnc).
There was no special effect than the rules one.

Depends on the cause and the session. Sometimes it's a role-played thing, sometimes not, though we always tried for flavour. My personal favourite was when four of our magi (egged on by the Criamon) disturbed the geomantic focus of an Egyptian Pyramid and released the power there - four checks for twilight. Three comprehended it (very well indeed - the dice were hot that session); one didn't. As such, we got to live through the embalming process of the original occupent - three of us as sorcerer-priests and one as a conscious corpse being embalmed.