A Surprise Visitor (Spring 1237)

A man of perhaps forty, dressed in servant's clothes answers the door. "May I help you?" he asks.

"We have had an incident in the castle where several correspondences, handled by some of the lower level members, have been signifigantly delayed, I understand the master of this abode is amongst the most literate of the town and I was hoping I might get some idea whom he uses to carry messages, and if he has also had any such problems."

Seeing that Rilcheaux comes from the castle, the servants let him right in. "Your questions are better directed to Senor Ferrari. He's dining right now. I'll check if he can see."

The servant steps out of the entryway and deeper into the house. A few moments later, he returns. "Senor Ferrari will see you now." He then ushers Rilcheaux through a doorway into a large room with a large table in it. Seated at one end is a very large bald man with what looks like a feast before him.

"Come in, come in," the man says. "Have a seat. Will you join me? You'll at least have some wine, I hope." He motions for some servants to bring another goblet. "I don't get many visitors from the castle. Tell me, what brings you to my humble abode?"

Solomon shakes his head, "No, I'd prefer not to advertise to the inquisition that we have moors here. If there are no others available, send for Alexandrus."

If no one else wants to volunteer, I'll have Solomon's shield grog, Alexandrus go. He doesn't have an local Area Lore, but he also hasn't been advanced since he was brought into the saga, so that can be handled and he does have a pretty decent Folk Ken skill. And I'll need to spend some XP on Occitan as well.

OOC: I assume you mean Alexandro, the captain of the Andorran guard. I couldn't find an Alexandrus listed anywhere on the wiki.

[strike]"At once, sir," the man replies and dashes out of the room. He returns a short time later with the captain of the Andorran guard. "You sent for me?" Alexandro says to Solomon, giving the magus a shallow bow. His eyes pass over the representatives from the Inquisition, but he makes no comment regarding their presence. No doubt he's already received a full report about them from Javier.[/strike]

No, Alexandrus is Solomon's shield grog, here.

OOC: Ah. Thank you. I have added Alexandrus to the Grogs section of the wiki. Rewind.

"At once, sir," the man replies and dashes out of the room. He returns a short time later with Solomon's shield grog. "You sent for me?" Alexandrus says to Solomon, giving the magus a shallow bow. His eyes pass over the representatives from the Inquisition, but he makes no comment regarding their presence.

"I am investigating some irregularities in the communications of our scribe, and was hoping to get, quaesitoris, excuse me, some information about the courier services employed by those in the village, and you were recommended as a highly literate individual who might have some knowledge of these things."

PTUQ: Who do you know of that is new to town?

"I'm afraid there isn't any regular courier services through Arans," Senor Ferrari replies. "Most of the villagers have no need to send messages anywhere but across the village or to the next village over. And then they just walk. If they did have a message to send far away, I'm afraid it's really catch as catch can for the village - not like you fellows up at the castle. I hear you have an excellent stable of couriers that travel throughout the peninsula and beyond. I have some men that I can use to send messages if I need to, of course. But for most of the village they have to find a traveling merchant who's willing to carry their message. I hear that some have worked through the tavern keeper and some through Father Gonzoles. Truth be told, most of the villagers can't read or write, so they'll need someone to write any outgoing message or read them any message that comes in."

It's here that Rilcheaux runs into some trouble. Senor Ferrari is very smooth about it, fussing with the wine, looking down in his goblet, glancing at the servant for one reason or another, but since the Redcap has arrived, Ferrari has yet to meet the man's eyes.

Solomon nods, "Yes, I'd like you to assist Father Vilanis and his associates. They have reason to believe there is an infernalist loose within Arans and would like someone with local knowledge of the village to escort them around. I trust you will aid them in anyway possible, as you know we cannot allow infernalists to remain."

Alexandrus nods to Solomon, "Of course magus, I will do everything I can to aid them." He then walks over to the group, "Father," he says deferentially, "I am Alexandrus, shield bearer for Master Solomon. I am at your service."


Alexandrus has a definite hatred of infernalists due to his background as well as quite Pious, so he should actually be a pretty good grog for this mission. I just need to update his stats and add some Area Lore.

"Excellent," replies the priest. "I"m Father Vilanis; this is Brother Hugo, and this is Sir Michael de Sancto." He glances out the window to see how much light there is. "I was hoping there was time today to visit with your castle priest and the priest that serves the village. Then, of course, we'll have to arrange for somewhere to stay tonight." He glances at Solomon when he makes this last comment, but makes no official request.

Rilcheaux will catch whose eye he can then. It may not be as good of information, but possibly still useful.

It's easy for Rilcheaux to catch the eye of a servant refreshing the wine. And when he poses the silent question as to whether there have been any new people in town, the servant silently answers the only new people in town she has seen are that group of churchmen with the knight and the men-at-arms who passed through Arans earlier and headed for the castle.

Rilcheaux thinks on this a bit the says "I must admit, I have been a bit isolated in the castle, what are people about town saying about those of us living there?"

"Oh, we all know you're a bit -- odd. On occasion people see and hear strange things in that direction. And while your castle staff is a closed-mouth bunch on the whole, rumors do make it out." He shrugs. "How much of what I hear is true and how much just stories, who can say? But if even half of it is true..." Ferrari smiles. "Really it's I who should be asking you about what goes on in the castle." He pauses a moment for effect.

"But to answer your question, people mostly say good things about the residents up the hill. In the end, the castle is good for us. You pay in silver and you bring business to the village. A fellow like Julius could never make a living in a village this size without all your need for glassware. And The Seven Stars would be a sad place without some of the castle lot coming down to pay custom, and the visitors the castle brings."

"Most importantly, however, Father Gonzales speaks well of the castle residents, and his voice carries weight in Arans. I understand he was friends with the former master of the castle."

"But tell me ..." Ferrari pauses. "You know I never did get your name. Whom do I have the pleasure of speaking to?"

Do we have a resident priest at the covenant. You'd think as the guy playing the most pious/devout magus, I'd know that :stuck_out_tongue: .

"Please call me Rick, and thank you for your time, I don't suppose there are any booksellers in town you could suggest before I go?"

To the best of my knowledge, we don't. That's mighty odd for a castle. It's something Lucas would comment on, being a regular church-goer.

"Funny," Ferrari replies. "I hear there's a moneylender who matches your description up at the castle. Has a very similar name too." He actually smirks. "A twin brother, perhaps?" The fat man laughs. "But no matter, a man must do what he can to get ahead in the world. It's the narrow-minded who can't accept that."

"Booksellers, you say?" Ferrari shakes his head. "Not in place like this. Any bookseller that came to Arans would die of boredom for lack of customers in the first week. No, you won't find any booksellers in the village. The volumes I have come from Barcelona, though I daresay you could find some closer. Perhaps Andorra la Vella."

I'm willing to say that most people in town wouldn't have specific knowledge of who Rilcheaux is. But Ferrari likes to know who's who, and he's tried to learn as much about the castle as he can.

Intrigue Check: 1D10+6 = [5]+6 = 11

Reputation Check: 1D10+4 = [3]+4 = 7

Given a good Intrige roll for gossip and a successful Reputation roll, he recognizes Rilcheaux by description. However, given his own wealth and avarice, he's probably the one person in town who doesn't give a damn about that reputation.

Rilcheaux nods to Ferrari in acknowledgement of his discovery "Indeed, it is amazing how many money lenders have twins. People have many secrets. I've even heard there might be a Cathar somewhere in town."