A Tribunal Fair (Collection)


So your players want to wander about through a Tribunal Fair, looking to pick up a few items and make a few contacts? There are dozens, possibly a hundred, other Magi and an even greater number of covenfolk. Some trading, some seeking discourse, and most seeking some form of entertainment. While a massive endeavor for a single SG to build, this is a community project to build as much as possibly together which should allow any game to include an exciting Hermetic Fair.


Provide a large collection of booths, vendors, encounters, and story seeds which can be picked through for anyone running a game at a Tribunal fair. Many will be usable for any Hermetic fair.

Table of Contents
1. The Sweetest Ambrosia (Vendor: Food, Vis & Text)
2. A Purfect Collection (Vendor: Hermetic Cats, Enchanted Items & Text)
3. A Trio of Spicy Vendors (Encounters: Food & Spices)
4. The Company of Merchant Adventurers (Vendor: Exotic Goods)
5. The Scholar's Emporium (Vendor: Writing Equipment & Gauntlet Gifts)
6. The Young Verditius (NPC: Enchanted Items)
7. The Wolf Ring (NPC: Entertainment)
8. A Peddler of Fine Woods (Vendor: Enchanting Material, Flowers, Text)
9. Paintings that Tell Many Tales (Vendor: Paintings & Enchanted Paintings)
10. A Fruitful Endeavor (Vendor: Fruit Products, Seeds, Plants)
11. The Baby Drake (Vendor: Animals of Virtue, Story Seeds)
12. Erastrus' Eristic Moot Booth (Encounter, Entertainment)
13. The Hermetic Theater (Encounter, Entertainment)

Note: This thread is for individual submissions. If you wish to discuss something please use the idea thread. That way we can keep things neat here.


The Sweetest Ambrosia

Type: Vendor (Food & Drink, possible Vis, possible Text)

Hauntingly beautiful scents and loud cheerful voices draw passerby in towards this vendor. Upon drawing nearer a large blue and yellow stripped wall tent featuring a bee emblazoned banner springs into view with many happy fellows stumbling slightly as they amble away. Through the swept open flaps a host of rough tables and a makeshift bar filled with a crowd of happy people can be seen. Bits of happy songs and cheers erupt out randomly, the whole feeling like the happiest tavern any have ever seen. A large slab of slate list what is for sale, topped by 'Ambrosia'... the drink of the gods.

A Herbam specialist Magi found a large Regio (Magic 3) filled with an intense array of wild flowers and random Bees of Virtue near his Covenant. Both the flowers and bees were giant sized, with the flowers having blooms often a foot across and the bees the size of a sparrow. He focused heavily on the flowers, with the bees a distant second and never found an actual hive or Vis source. The bees did tolerate him however since his work generally improved the density and variety of flowers.

Decades later one of his apprentices had a greater interest in Animal and after gauntlet she undertook the task of actually locating the hive. Her search eventually revealed not one but two deeper and much smaller levels of the Regio (Magic 5 and Magic 7). The first contained primarily more flowers, though they had strange hexagon shapes and arrangements. Several mounds of wax and plant matter abound, seemingly storage of pollen. The deepest level is nearly entirely taken up by a massive hive, a wax palace as large as a house. Through careful negotiation with the queen (only one with Int rather than Cun) trade has been established for pollen and honey. These serve as a source of Vis for the Covenant.

With the excess of honey after the extraction of Vis, it is almost inevitable that a covenfolk would ferment it. The resulting drink is unbelievably delicious and makes any who consume it feel overwhelmingly euphoric. A less pure version, using a blend of the magic and normal honey was found to retain much of the flavor while reducing the feelings to happiness and contentment.

  • Arolin of Bonisagus: A short and pretty blonde of seemingly middle years (appears 36), Arolin is fascinated by bees and has made them her focus. She is well liked by most mundanes despite the Gift, most likely due to a combination of her cheerful personality and the mead she is associated with. She serves as the host for the side of the tent where Magi generally congregate. Getting on her good side is the only way to gain access to the rarer items.

  • Astro the brewer: A skilled craftsman who works for Arolin, in many ways he is her opposite. Tall and slender, with dark hair and eyes, he is generally overly serious and focused. Found seated behind the bar, he spends most of his time taking orders for the goods for sale in quantities larger than a mug or meal. He might be the only person in the tent who has not consumed at least a mug and he is not above giving out a sample or three during negotiations.

There are also generally a pair of barmaids, a handful of serving wenches, a cook, and a few bar-backs working anytime the tent is open.

Products, General

  • Ambrosia: The real deal, made from pure magic honey. Quality is Superior or Exceptional (+1). It is extremely strong, around 20% alcohol (40 proof) and features a nearly undescribable flavor and smell. Those under its affect become euphoric (gain personality trait Euphoric +5) and seemingly totally unaffected by the Gift ("ick" factor only, -3 penalty remains). There seems to be... something missing though. People want to consume more trying to figure out what, dangerous with such a potent brew. Price per thimble(on site) is as per a full standard mug of mead, price per cask is roughly x10 standard mead.
    [Note: a thimble is roughly a jigger/shot. Vis extracted before brewing]

  • Arolin's Mead: Made from a 1:3 blend of magic:mundane honey, this Superior quality mead might be some of the best ever tasted if you haven't tried Ambrosia. It is also strong, nearly 15% alcohol (30 proof). While under its affect, those consuming it gain the personality traits Happy +3 and Content +1, as well as barely feeling the "ick" factor when dealing with those who have the gift (though the -3 penalty remains). This has led to interactions that are uncomfortable the next day, such as telling a Magus how creepy you normally find them. Price per half mug (on site) is as per a full standard mug of mead, price per cask is roughly x4 standard mead.
    [Note: roughly a wine glass/5 oz. Vis extracted before brewing]

  • Bramble Mead: A fine quality mead, it is made from a 1:10 blend of magic:mundane honey. While of Superior quality and tastier then normal mead, its only affect is that those becoming drunk on it are always a happy drunk. Contains about 10% alcohol (20 proof). Price per mug (on site) is as per standard mead, price per cask is roughly x1.5 standard mead.
    [Note: a standard mug/12 oz. Vis extracted before brewing]

  • Nectar: The pure magic honey. While it maintains much of the undescribable flavor and smell profile of Ambrosia, its affects are much weaker and in line with Arolin's Mead for an hour or so after consuming roughly an ounce. It also has that "something missing" feel to it that does not distract from the experience but drives further consumption. Quality is Exceptional (+1). Price per crock is roughly x10 standard honey, with only samples for serious buyers on site.
    [Note: Vis extracted]

  • Arolin's Honey: A 1:3 blend of magic:mundane honey, the flavor and smell are clearly honey (though of an extremely fine example of such). Consuming it makes people feel happy, though not overpowering so (roleplaying note rather than mechanic). Price per crock is roughly x4 standard honey, with it also available on food and as a sweetener in tea on site.
    [Note: Vis extracted]

  • Magna Pollen: Samples of the Bees of Virtue pollen, it is of noticeably larger grain then normal pollen. When eaten it is slightly crunchy before shifting to a smooth chewy texture, and with a chalky, sweet taste that is reminiscent of the pure magic honey. The smell is of a field bursting full of wild flowers, with hints of that undescribable nature found in the honey. Price per crock is roughly x2 standard honey.
    [Note: never contained Vis]

  • Magna Wax: A strong, glossy smooth, and completely clean burning wax produced by the Bees of Virtue. It is Exceptional (+1) quality. Sold in blocks at roughly x5 the cost of standard wax.
    [Note: never contained Vis]

There is also a range of food for sale, mostly pork or fowl basted with Arolin's Honey while roasting. Additionally there is tea made from Magna Pollen and sweetened with a dollop of Arolin's Honey for any who do not desire alcohol. Prices for these are all kept very reasonable and should be in line with those charged by most taverns.

Products, Special

  • True Ambrosia: Only available for sale to a Magus Arolin likes. The 'real' real deal, made from pure magic honey. Quality is Exceptional (+1). It features a nearly undescribable flavor and smell, but that "missing something" is actually there. Those under its affect become euphoric (gain personality trait Euphoric +5) rather than drunk. They are also totally unaffected by the Gift. Price per gallon crock is 2 pawns of Vis.
    [Note: contains Vis but not enough to extract a pawn (roughly half pawn). Consumers do not actually become drunk.]

  • True Nectar: Only available for sale to a Magus Arolin likes. The pure unadulterated magic honey. While it maintains much of the undescribable flavor and smell profile of Ambrosia, that "missing something" is actually there. Consuming an ounce gives the personality traits Happy +3 and Content +1, as well as not noticing the "ick" factor from the Gift (though the -3 penalty remains) for an hour. Quality is Exceptional (+2). Price per crock is 2 pawns of Vis
    [Note: contains a pawn of Animal Vis]

  • "On Ambrosia and Nectar" by Arolin of Bonisagus: A tractatus (Quality: 10) on Animal, focused around the life and car of bees as well as their products. It features a glossy waxed leather cover with a rich honey brown color. It can also be studied as a tractatus (Quality: 6) on Profession: Bee Keeper. Arolin will happily sell (1 pawn) or trade copies of her work to those who engage her in conversation about bees and products derived from them.

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A Purfect Collection

Type: Vendor (Magic Animals, possible Enchanted Items, Possible Text)

In a mostly open area at the edge of the fair grounds, a little girls laughing voice calls attention to what at first appears a small camp built around a tree. A sun shade it tied to the tree under which an old and obvious Magus can be seen nodding off in a comfortable chair, his feet kicked up on a large pack baring his bony legs to the knees. Drawing closer a rope can be seen laid on the ground in a circle around it about 20 paces across. Several kittens run and play throughout, with a little girl cheerfully calling out and directing them. They are chasing an array of toys to see to move, leap, and dodge on their own. Leaning against the tree causally keeping an eye out is an armed warrior. A sign drawn in a shaky hand reads "Mag-ical Kittiez for Sale".

Hailing from a Covenant in the [nearest neighboring]Tribunal, the Magus decided to make the trip when he realized that he did not want to keep the litter of kittens his familiar bore for the next several years till their own Tribunal. It also gave him an excuse to travel, trade for a few things, and catch up with old friends.

After a night of too much catching up with old friends however, he has decided to let his young apprentice keep an eye on the kittens while he rest his as much as he can. She painted the sign and is extremely proud of herself for it. His shield grog and familiar are watching over things so he is comfortable that nothing will get out of hand.

The exact lineage of the Hermetic Cats is not listed, though they should all be the same [See RoP:M p.70]. They are as intelligent as humans and make great familiars. However not only do you need to convince them, you need to convince their mother. Imagine picking up a girl for a date and meeting her mother, only her mother can turn into a bobcat with inch long steel claws.

The exact house and specialty of the Magus is also not given in detail, since he can easily be customized as a contact for further play. Give him a specialty close to a PC looking for someone to become pen-pals with. Add something like a high quality text on that specialty resting on his chest as he naps.


  • Magus Vincent of [House]: An overly skinny man of Germanic decent, he will be mostly napping unless someone attempts to engage him or buy a kitten. For simple questions or if asked a price, he will sputter awake with hums and puffs, before giving an answer and drifting back into snores. If questioned on his specialty he will come awake nearly instantly and focus intently on them. All his tiredness will seem to disappear and he will have an almost manic like energy. He is always looking for those who share his interest to exchange letters and text with.

  • Lya (Apprentice): A button cute little girl of Frankish decent, she has mischievous brown eyes and massive dimples. She is missing her front tooth that is instantly obvious with her constant smiles and laughter. Taking her job as serious as only a child can, she will greet all visitors and introduce them to the kittens. Often distracted having to shout at and "rescue" the kittens from trouble, she will begin to apologize only to be interrupted by the next "emergency". Play her overpoweringly cute and friendly, before having the ruthless negotiator come out if anyone actually tries to get a price from her rather than Vincent. Start at double or triple the price, bring out the tears and sniffles, make her devastating. She is intelligent (adult will be Int +4) and totally willing to use her age and cuteness to her advantage.
    [Note: Vincent has shared his PM with her, so she is not affected by the Gift]

  • Ludia (Familiar): A smooth and glossy pouncer with large gem-like eyes, she will appear mostly standoffish since she is actually the one keeping watch on her kittens and looking for matches. She will attempt to direct people to kittens she feels will work well together. While the kittens can not speak, she can and with what a voice. Think of the breathless voice of Marilyn Monroe. She will attempt to 'up sell' people to buy a kitten their favorite toy as a good way to start their relationship. If needed, she has the Puffed Up & Hissing power along with +3 damage claws.

  • Gunner (Shield Grog): A sturdy German man in his mid thirties, Gunner has spent most of his time in service on expeditions and as a member of his Covenants vanguard. He was moved to his current position as a semi-retirement. He is unflappable and casual, having faced great beast and even a (small) dragon. Nearly any interactions with him will be answered non-verbally or with a single syllable. 'Head tilt and stare', "Ahh", "Yep", "Sa Poss"

Products, General

  • Hermetic Kittens: Most of the kittens for sale. All are Spring Hermetic Cats, about six months old. There is a mix of males and females. There should be one that fits the gender and personality requirements for any PC looking for a match, though they might have to try out a few. Asking price is 5 pawns of Vis, though Vincent can be talked down to 3 pawns. Lya will ask for 10 or 20 pawns and you would be lucky to get her down to 5. However she will remember those who buy through her and be friendly with them her whole life.

  • Satis (Hermetic Kitten): This little girl the the pick of the litter, though she should not be a perfect match for any of the PCs. Lya has already decided that she will take her. Vincent will ask for normal price, while Lya will refuse to sell her and raise a full on tantrum if someone tries to buy her through Vincent. If the PCs buy her they will have to break a little girls heart and gain a motivated enemy that will never forgive them. Lya will still be attempting to cause them trouble a century later.

Products, Special

  • Cat Toys (Enchanted Item): There are several enchanted toys that are useful to distract and entertain the cats. None of the ones at the Fair are new, all bearing some wear. See this post for some options. Vincent will throw one in if asked for those who do not haggle over the price of a kitten, but ask 2 pawns for one from those who do. These means a kitten and their favorite toy will be 5 pawns total, haggling or no haggling. Vincent planned this ahead of time, though is tired enough that he will forget to include a toy if not asked.

  • Cat Toys (Lab Text): In his pack is a couple of copies of Text on creating the toys. He brought them to offer a friend, but they already had a few of them and so he has them in his pack. If asked about text he will bring up that he has them and ask half market value for them.

  • Tractatus: Vincent also has a book or two that he has finished reading in his pack that he was planning on swapping. PCs who engage him about his specialty will be offered to swap text. They are average Quality for your Saga (normally ~8). If he likes the PC than he will even let them take one now with the promise to sent him a comparable text in a season or two. Failure to do this is breaking the Oath and could have bad consequences (Theft of Magical Power).


A Trio of Spicy Vendors

Type: Encounter (Food Seller)
This is a group of three different small food sellers primarily meant to serve as background and flavor rather than for trading. Since they only sell in personal use quantities they are not actually a vendor.

A Spicy Seller of Meat Buns

A wave of loud insults proceeds this stout swarthy man of likely Italian decent. Slung over his back is a large wicker pack from which drifts the smell bread and roasted meat. Mostly good natured insults merged with pitches to buy his product flow from his mouth at nearly everyone he passes.

A local baker, he first came to the Tribunal Fair when he was an apprentice with his master. This is his second fair since then and he has learned that if he is constantly spitting out insults to everyone then he will not accidentally single out a Magus alone for insult. As long as he does not take it to far this lets him actually insult the creepy folk while keeping up good natured insults at everyone else. He can also sell at double his normal price and everyone is happy to pay, so win win.


  • Lorenzo: A normally jovial man, he has always enjoyed teasing his patrons. He speaks the local tongue rather than Latin, but doesn't let someones lack of understanding stop him. Mostly he will tease over traits that are not so bad (calling out a skinny man for being skinny) or are actually good (calling an attractive person ugly, they should buy a bun and use the wrapper to cover their face). With those who have the Gift he will actually be a little harsher. Especially if they do not understand him he will insult them more and more with a smile, until they buy a bun or walk away. He is an approved seller and well liked, so actually attacking him could lead to trouble. Mostly though he is careful not to push it since you never know what the creepy sorcerers can actually do.


  • Meat Buns: These are thick and crusty buns of bread, stuffed with brazed meat and onions before baking that drips thick brown juices when broken open or bitten into. Most are stuffed with the chopped meat of some fowl, though he also has some stuffed with sweet meats (organ meat).

Meat Pies of What?!

Calls to "get your pies... meat pies" lead to a wagon with a portable oven and a rack of shelves filled with hand pies. A slate on the side of the wagon list some good stuff until you get to... tongue, squirrel with eel, snails & frog, thin shaved balls, and... ugly?!

This family owns a farm about half a day from the fair site and has been coming for over a century. They initially hit onto they could sell meat pies made with off cuts and vermin collected from the marsh at the edge of their farm as exotic. Their family has done it long enough however that their products are actually good and something they eat themselves. Now they use the fair as a way to save up money for lean times. Mostly only the father is present, though his wife stops in every hour or two to help prep some new pies. Their children, teenagers now, mostly wander the fair unless dragged back because things get especially busy.


  • Mathew: A deeply religious man, he actually speaks poor but passable Latin. He is proud of his families recipes and constantly strives to improve them. Bad reactions before tasting don't bother him, but he will take it personally if someone dislikes one after trying it. Those who enjoy them will get a happy friendly reaction and he will willingly swap recipes and talk about techniques for cooking vermin and odd things.


  • Hand Pies: Beautifully shaped meat pies, with a layered and woven top, that are the perfect size to hold in one hand. All are stuffed with off cut or 'exotic' meat combinations, root vegetables, and marsh herbs. Weird out your players if you can, then tell any brave enough to try them how good they are.

A Seller of Spicy Meats

Wandering down the fairway brings about a sudden wash of the scent of roasting meat potent enough that your eyes actually water. Pulses suddenly race. Wait, your eyes and nose almost feel like they are burning a little. There, that spit roast being slowly turned and basted! Why is it affecting you so? And which Magus sigil is on the banner beside the booth?

While hot peppers are only native to the Americas, the reason they are hot is so that birds will eat them to spread the seeds while mammals will not. But sometimes a bird will make the trip across the sea. What if that bird carried seeds that grew into a plant. Then suppose a Magus interested in Herbam found it and decided to cultivate it. What could be done with it? There is a reason hot peppers spread throughout the world only a few centuries after AM is set.

This is something the PCs will have never experienced before. While to us the chilli peppers would not be so bad (think jalapeno) no one in ME has been exposed to Capsaicin before. A completely new and exciting experience.

The two cooking stations use enchanted items rather than wood fires for their heat, their Covenants traveling cook items temporarily retasked for use at the fair.


  • Jean: A stocky lad busy turning the spit upon which a calf roast and occasionally pouring a dipper over it. While too busy to engage in talk, he will direct people to Lyam. Anyone (without the Gift) willing to take a turn at cranking the spit will be happily engaged in shop talk about cooking and the few ways he has learned to use the new peppers.

  • Lyam: A beer keg with arms and legs, Lyam chops vegetables and searing them between taking orders. An obviously skilled cook who has long served his Covenant, he speaks Latin and is used to dealing with Magi. He will offer any children a honey candy rather than letting them try the meat, worried it might not be good for them.

  • Magus Hortus of Tytalus: While not at the shop, if the PCs wish to purchase seeds then they will need to talk to him. So they can wait or come back at a set time and face his challenge.


  • Slice & Crust: The 'milder' option, this is a slice of spit roasted calf served on a crust of dark bread. A little watering of the eyes, light burning tingle of the throat, and elevated pulse should come about along with a desire to drink.

  • Chopped Beef & Pepper: Chopped up seared onions with a few thin slices of pepper, topped with sliced beef and handed over wrapped in a flat bread. This is going to seem blazing hot, with water works, red face, dripping nose, and a spiked pulse.

  • Pepper Seeds: Hortus doesn't really want to sell any seeds. However he cannot resist himself and will challenge any Magi who wish to buy some to eat a whole pepper raw. The challenge must be attempted by a Magus. SG choice on if they need to make a Sta check (Herbam assist). Price if the challenge is won is a pawn of Vis. He will not disclose this before the challenge is accepted.

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The Company of Merchant Adventurers

Type: Vendor (exotic goods)

A large, wide green tent with an awning covering a table covered with items of hermetic interest. A grog busily polishes the glassware to show off the quality, there are small clay jars containing spices, herbs and exotic pigments from across mythic europe. If you ask for something, they may be able to source a small quantity from the stock in the back of their tent. They specifically ask if there is anything you want that others haven’t been able to provide.

The covenant of Multae Apothecae say they make their living from trade, and keep several storehouses over magical lacunae in cities. They also have a trading ship. If asked, the grogs or companions will happily say where they are usually based but the magi are very evasive about where they are based. They will ask detailed questions about how the peripheral code in this Tribunal deals with covenants that want to set up a chapter house.
As to how legitimate the goods are, see the story seeds at the end.

Alberto, the glass polisher – a short man of Venetian origin with a neat black mustache, he attends to the glassware constantly and eagerly asks if there is a particular alembic or piece of tubing that a magus requires.

Cornelia ex Merinita – a middle-aged brunette, she tries to sell the virtues for hermetic enchantment of every item she has.

Teilhard the tailor – a tall, handsome man from Saxony, he has many varieties of cloth and he offers to measure magi for new outfits. If he spies any injured grogs, he will offer to help – he has Crafter’s healing (City & Guild p71) and will attempt healing for a token payment.

Glassware, alchemical reagents, herbs – all suitable for lab use and the more expensive ones can count as the bonuses for Superior Equipment and Precious Ingredients (Covenants p116)

Cloth suitable for clothes of the latest fashions

Parchment, ink, and bookbinder’s glue – comes from a variety of sources so will require careful matching to produce a consistent book.

Herbs and spices – clearly from a range of countries, showing off the reach of their contacts.

Story Seeds

1 The covenant is well-known at the fair, and they are trying to expand their network. They want your covenant to use them for more of their goods, and will try and persuade you it’s easier to use them than to try and source items yourself

2 The magi are preparing a major expedition to somewhere exotic, like into mythic Arabia or sailing to Iceland. The magi are evasive as to where they are based as they don’t want to tip off anyone how many magi will be absent next year. If any magi are particularly linguistically skilled, well-travelled or Gently Gifted they may be invited to join in on the expedition

3 “Multae Apothecae” is an alias registered in the Roman Tribunal via a chapter house in Venice. Actually, the magi of the covenant are from the Normandy Tribunal, and have stolen goods meant for a rival covenant. They are trying to sell their takings far from Normandy. Alternatively they may be covering for a pirate covenant, like Waddenzee.


The Scholar's Emporium

Type: Vendor (Writing Equipment, Gauntlet Gifts)

Located near the many book dealers waves a banner baring a quill and ink pot. As you draw closer a luxurious tent of heavy felt, dark grey with hints of purple, springs into view. A slow but steady stream of Magi wander in and out, the rich smell of leather and inks wafting on the breeze of their passage. Stepping through the flap reveals several rows of metal and wood shelves, bearing all manner of writing implements offered up to your eye. A thick rug pads the ground and combined with the tents thick material cut out almost all external sounds. Enchanted lanterns glowing brightly are scattered about, making it easy to examine all the goods offered for sale. A soft cough draws your attention to a well dress scholar who has seemingly sprung up next to you from the ether. "Welcome my friends, welcome to the Emporium..."

The Order has a long history of presenting gifts to a freshly gauntleted Magus. Since they are scholars, these gifts are traditionally the tools of the trade. Writing implements and fine inks for new brothers and sisters of a more intellectual bent, while items like pen knifes for those more martial. However for those of means just presenting a gift of common quality is beneath them. For the quality of your gift directly reflects upon you.

The Redcaps, while not alone in the idea, will certainly strive to fulfill this market. While there will be many such merchants scattered across the Order drawing upon the Redcap network to obtain their goods, the best will be the boutiques offering bespoke products. And besides, you might just find that perfect new writing implement for yourself.

Since so many members of the Order wander through, they also serve as a great place for picking up gossip. Players interested in the goings on of the Order can pick up many interesting tidbits, as long as they are friendly with the proprietor and properly weigh their palm.


  • Vincent of Mercere (Redcap): Baring a mix of the traits you would find in a scholar and a good butler, Vincent comes across as well educated and subservient. Patrons are spoken to as if they were a visiting lord, and he their humble servant ready to bring forth all manner of delights to fulfill their desires. Then he slips into the background, seemingly disappearing entirely until needed again. While a great source of potential gossip, his manner can easily cause those he is serving to let slip something others might find interesting.
    [He has Stealth (Shadowing) 5 and Intrigue (Gossip) 5]

There are many of his ken who serve as stockers and runners. They are used to Magi and will be polite if spoken to, though generally leave the selling to him.


  • Feathers: These range across all manner of flight feathers, from common but high quality goose to the exotic and rare. Peacock, swan, flamingo, and crane feathers of all colors are available. For those of more discerning taste there are even those from mystical beast. Most are available for silver, though the more rare might cost a pawn of vis.

  • Reed Pens: Some Magi rather a nib pen over a quill and these are on offer as well. Single piece or with swappable metal nibs. Bodies made from a range of materials, there are reed, wood, and metal on offer. One or two are even available with an internal reservoir. Most are available for silver, though the most rare might cost a pawn of vis. Custom orders accepted.

  • Inks: The selection of inks is specifically focused on exotics rather than usable. Sold in small quantities primarily to serve as a prestigious gift rather than for use in serious work. A few could serve as Resonant components.

  • Accessories: Fine quality ink wells, pots, and penknives are all on offer. Writing and presentation boxes take up their own whole section. While all are for sale, they also serve as a representation of the custom work that can be made for that just perfect gift.


The Young Verditius

Type NPC (vendor)


Arbaros' stall is small and easily missed between the bustling, and mainly larger, stall around it. Thus Arbaros spends most his time roaming the fair, talking to others of similar age, hoping to trade both gossip and goods. He will actively seek out young magi who have shown that they have vis to spend. Arbaros is young and dresses as a craftsman. He wears a tool belt and carries a rucksack. He is friendly and fair, but he is also a merchant desperate to earn vis, and he will not be fooled in trade.


Arbaros is from Rome, which is a harsh tribunal for young magi. Vis is scarce and older magi dominate affairs. Arbaros still does not have a covenant, nor a steady income of vis. He pays dearly for the occasional use of a lab in an established covenant.

Fortunately, he has been able to make some vis, which he has used to make a few enchantments which he hopes to sell at a profit. Inexperienced as he is, there is nothing spectacular even remoutely matching the reputation of the house, but the items are functional and useful for most.

He travels far and wide to find customers for his items. He is a sure encounter at the Hermetic Midsummer Fair in the Greater Alps and the side fair at the Grand Tribunal. He may also visit the regular tribunals and other events if they are open to magi from other tribunals.


Arbaros is designed to give young PCs an opportunity to make international contacts. This could give flavour to any saga, as well as story hooks for a saga with international plots.

Arbaros is also a potetential source of low-level items, and possibly other common-place resources within reach for Spring covenant.

Personality (NPC)

Name Arbaros of Verditius

Origin Rome

«Come here, I have some really nice and cheap enchantments. How about ...?»

Young man with round face and black hair. Dressed in working clothes with a tool belt.

A wood worker. Young and poor in vis, he tries to make a buck on lesser items.

Personality traits
Friendly +2, Merchant +3

Int +2, Per -1, Pre +1, Com +2, Str 0, Sta +1, Dex +1, Qik -1

Key abilities
Bargain [lesser enchanted devices] 3, Latin 4, Order of Hermes Lore [trade] 2, Magic Theory [lesser enchantments] 4, Craft: wood [sculpting] 4,

Arts Creo 10, Ignem 10, Auram 8, others at 0-6.

Calculation Details
Own design at Level 20. Production cost 2p vis/item. Three pieces in two seasons. Sell price 6p/piece. Income 18p, expense 6p. Net income 12p. Profit 6p/season.

Products, General

This is possibly a little much for a young magus. The SG should feel free to trim down the list.

  • CrIg19: Magical lamp. (2 available) Asking Price 6pvf
    • Base 4; +1 touch +2 Sun +4L constant use
    • This is a hand lantern which has been enchanted to provide light
      similar to the canon spell Lamp without Flame.
    • It has a cover which can be used to mask the light.
    • The troupe will have to decide if this suffices to provide a lab
      with magical lighting, or if additional size modifiers would be required.
  • CrAu(Ig)19: Fan of Summer Breezes. (2 available) Asking Price 6pvf
    • The effect is as the canon spell Chamber of Summer Breezes
    • Constant use.
    • This simple fan is enchanted to make a constant circulation of
      warm air in the room. The troupe will have to decide if this
      suffices to provide a lab with magical heating, or if additional
      size modifiers would be required.
  • CrIg40: Incendior Homines. (1 available) 12pvf (he earns 8pvf net)
    • Canon item [Cov].
    • Arbaros' version is a wooden rod with an inset ruby at the tip.
  • Wooden staff opened for enchantment (8p). Sold for 9p vis. (Net 6p)
  • Silver-shod wand opened for enchantment (10p). Sold for 11p vis. (Net 6p)

Other potential benefits

Young and with little network, Arbaros is also interested in making contacts and allies. This is a roleplaying opportunity, and a chance to make well-known canon information available in character.

  • He can provide information about his tribunal and his house.
    • Difficult to find vis in Rome.
    • Enchantments can relatively easily be commissioned.
      The standard price is 3x the vis cost.
  • He could broker deals with other Verditius magi, at a small fee.
  • He would take commissions for low-level items.
  • He would consider other deals the PCs might suggest.
    • He could become a correspondent on Creo or Ignem, if the PCs suggest it.
    • He could trade lab texts, but he would charge a lot of vis.
      For lesser enchantment texts he would charge at least as much vis as he
      could for the corresponding item (and he would try to get more).
      Alternatively he could trade texts for other lesser enchantment texts
      of the same level. He is not interested in spell texts.

The Wolf Ring

Type: Entertainment

In an open area on the edge of the tribunal grounds two concentric rope circles are pegged to the ground. At intervals signs posted around it proclaim:


A single larger sign is placed where the ring is closest to the rest of the tribunal grounds:

"Wolf Duels
Take your wolves, and fight those of your opponent!


  • For single wolf duels the referee will provide you with a single wolf at the start of the duel. For pack duels, you will be provided with a pack of six identical wolves.
  • You have 30 seconds to enhance your wolves as you see fit at the start of the match. All spells must be cast on your own wolves only. No-one else may cast any spells on either your wolves or anything else affecting the duel.
  • Combat will last for one minute, and must remain within the inner circle. During this time no further spells may be cast. You must remain in the ring between the two circles.
  • In the event that the fight does not have a clear winner, the referee will proclaim one based on tactics, clever use of spells and aggression.
  • For "spells" also read any other supernatural or mundane effect intended to affect the duel.
  • Other duel formats available by arrangement - please discuss with Acca of Tremere"

This is largely a bit of fun (and also an opportunity to introduce new players to combat in a safe way). There is no entrance fee, but there is usually a mundane Tremere functionary around who will act as a bookmaker for minor bets.

The default wolves before buffing have the standard stats from the Book of Mundane Beasts:

Size: -1
Teeth: Init +2, Attack +11 (+18/+0), Defense +9 (+0 /+18), Damage 0
Soak: +4
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, –1/–1, –3, –5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–4), –3 (5–8), –5 (9–12), Incapacitated (13–16), Dead 17+
Abilities: Athletics 5 (distance running), Awareness 3 (smell), Brawl 5 (teeth), Hunt 4 (track by smell), Leadership 5 (wolves), Survival 3 (winter)
Max group bonus: +18, applied to either Attack or Defense
Appearence: The wolf has erect, triangular ears, a narrow muzzle, and a coat of shaggy fur. Its eyes are usually yellowish and have a steady, unsettling gaze. Its coat is always a brindled pattern of black and brown.

Acca can multicast a Cr(Re)An 30 spell to create 6 of them, then hand control of the wolves over to the duelists. She will usually cast the spells forcelessly; however, if aiming to penetrate (which she may do for some non-standard duels) she can achieve a penetration total of 31 + Aura + die.

Acca expects most duels to be fought between two other magi; however, she will accept casual challenges herself. Her standard "enhanced" pack has the following stats:

Size: +0
Teeth: Init +1, Attack +16 (+18/+0), Defense +8 (+0/+18), Damage +7
Soak: +9
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, –1/–1, –3, –5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: –1 (1–5), –3 (6–10), –5 (11–15), Incapacitated (16–20), Dead 21+
Abilities: Athletics 5 (distance running), Awareness 3 (smell), Brawl 5 (teeth), Hunt 4 (track by smell), Leadership 5 (wolves), Survival 3 (winter)
Max group bonus: +18, applied to either Attack or Defense
Penetration: 0 / 18+Aura+die
Appearence: The wolf has erect, triangular ears, a narrow muzzle, a coat of thick fur and razor sharp teeth and claws. It is larger than normal, and its eyes are a firey red. Its coat is deep black, but with a brindled brown pattern superimposed on it, and it occasionally appears to breathe steam.

The inner ring has a Ward Against Mundane beasts, and the outer ring has a ward against humans (although this is cast forcelessly, and she will extend her Parma to anyone competing without magic resistance long enough for them to step over the line).

Acca is happy to agree to provide wolves for duels against other conjured creatures. She is more wary about providing wolves for duels against magi's familiars, grogs or the magus themselves, and will require the magi to first fight a duel against the proposed opposition using conjured creatures, and then make a statement in front of a Quaesitor accepting that any damage is upon their own head, and that they forfeit their immunity in respect of any damage that was a reasonably foreseeable consequence of the duel, up to and including deaths. Any such duels must not be deliberately to the death (first blood or surrender are the default options, with the duel also ending at unconsciousness), but there is always a risk of accidents.

Acca of Tremere
Personality Traits: Brave +2, Callous towards animals +3, Paranoid -1
Acca is a lean Slavic woman apparently in her mid fifties (but actually over 100), her hair almost entirely grey. She wears a suit of high quality chainmail with a (talisman) whip coiled at her belt, and a ring on one finger. She's a relatively new Archmage, and Master of Auxilleries for House Tremere. When casting her spells, she often uses the whip to extend her touch range - it appears to reach surprisingly far, and move in direct response to her will with no conscious effort on her part.

She's running the duels for a few reasons:

  • She enjoys them (and has put a lot of effort in over the years developing her suite of spells)
  • As an opportunity to train other magi in the tribunal in handling her wolves in preparation for future military use - she has other spells that last longer than the diameter she uses for the contests
  • To see what ideas other magi have for buffing her wolves. Magi who appear to have developed interesting spells may be approached by her later to request a lab text.

Story Seeds

  • Acca has taken various precautions to prevent accidents - which make it all the more worrying when one of the conjured wolf packs break out of the ring and attack one of the spectators. Is this just a magical botch, or is something more sinister going on?
  • Acca suspects that one or more spectators is magically interfering with some of the bouts, but must keep her full attention on the ring whilst they are going on. She asks a player character (most likely a junior Tremere or Guernicus) to keep watch.
  • Acca views her conjured animals as extensions of her will, and has little to no regard for their welfare. Whilst not gratuitously cruel, she considers that as such creatures will vanish anyway once the spell duration ends, how she treats them doesn’t matter. Some nature orientated magi may have different opinions.

A Peddler of Fine Woods

Type: Vendor (Enchanting Materials, Resonance Materials, possible Exotic Flowers, possible Text)

At the end of the fairway are two large wagons with a awning hung between them as a sun shade. A humming buzz can occasionally be heard, along with the smell of freshly cut wood blending into the scents drifting from the food vendors. Upon drawing near one of the wagons can be seen loaded down with boughs and boughs of wood, while the other host a strange contraption of spinning wheel, stone, and saw blade that make up a magical mobile wood workers shop. Under the awning is a comfortable show room, with padded chairs, a thick rug, and a fancy display table.

Many types of wood are a common item used by Magi for enchanting. An issue is that items are required to at least be Superior Quality to be enchanted. Skilled craftsman assisted by a Herbam specialist can grow whole groves of trees that when finished meet this minimum as staffs, rods, and wands. While initially expensive to set up this can provide a decent income stream for a Covenant.

Options include blending multiple woods together, inserting cores of other material with varies S/M bonuses, and customizing them to meet an individual customers desires. With craftsman on site some minor custom finishing work could be done with only a short wait. Large orders for things like Superior Quality planks for a large enchantment are accepted.


  • Danna (Salesman): A cheerful matronly woman of late middle age, she can not resist mothering everyone. Even Magi a hundred years her senor will often feel like a small child and her their aunt who slips them sweets and generous hugs. Given their generally rough childhood, many Magi actually enjoy her fussing over them a bit. She is married to Emilianus and will play off his rough nature.

  • Vandalus Ex Miscellanea (Magus): A Magus wearing a robe and cloak of literal flowers, carrying a staff that appears as if it is still a living tree. A skilled Herbam specialist, Vandalus oversees his Covenant's groves of trees. In addition to the one producing wood for sale, he also manages fruit and nut orchards as well a large swath of flowering plants. While he spends most of the fair out and about, he is available if required. His passion is flowers. Vibrant and beautiful colors, exotic scents, the stranger the better. He will gladly talk shop with any of his Sodales, as well as trade cuttings and seeds. For those who get on his good side he will even offer to sell them. Those who offer him a flower he does not know can gain a friend for life.
    [He is a single Art specialist in Herbam, with his other Arts in the 5~10 range. His Herbam should be within 5~10 points of the highest in a given Saga.]

  • Emilianus (Wood Worker): Short and gruff, he has little time for others when he should be working. Customers who know what they want might get on his good side, while those he has to hand hold at all will get short shift. A master of wood work, Emilianus performs much of the shaping and finishing with his apprentices. Thanks to a mobile wood shop of enchanted tools, he is able to provide some custom work on site and to fit specific orders.
    [Has Craft: Woodworking (Staffs) 8 (11) thanks to Affinity and Puissant. Also has Finesse (Herbam) 5.]

Products, General

  • Staffs & Wands: Available are examples made from nearly all the woods in the AM S&M Index. They are available in a large range of shapes, though lack wraps and end caps. There are a few examples made from two or three types of wood blended together, along with a single staff made from a dozen.

  • Bows, Spear Hafts & Axe Handles: While not their primary business, there are a few wooden components of weapons available. Their bows are fully finished and of Superior Quality.

  • Quality Wood: This is generally where they make the most sales. Orders for a quantity of high quality wood of a specific type and finish. Thanks to their magical tools, they offer things like herringbone patterned wooden planks that are actually one solid piece. If you want to beautify your sanctum or meeting hall, they are one of the best choices for the raw materials.

Products, Special

  • Flowering Trees & Plants: Those that get on Vandalus' good side can trade or buy cuttings and seeds from his personal collection of flowering plants. Generally they should have unusual colors and strong pleasant scents. For those who want something he doesn't grow, he knows many other Magi who might have what they are looking for.

  • Tractatus: While of only average skill as a writer, Vandalus has written several volumes on Herbam. His works mainly discuss growing flowers. While not having any copies at the fair, he will offer to sell or trade them with those he befriends if they will take delivery later.


Paintings that Tell Many Tales

Type: Vendor (Paintings, Enchanted Artwork, Great Works)

A giant structure set back from the fairway towers above the other tents. Drawing closer reveals a trail of crushed stone and seashells, vividly colored and poured in a pattern, leading between two vendors tents to it. "It" is a large buryuut hajar (bedouin tent, literally “house of hair”) and dominates the whole area. A steady stream of people, Magi and mundane alike, flows in and out of it. The notes of a softly strummed harp and scent of sandalwood drift on the breeze.

Stepping through its swept open flaps transports one into a richly appointed gallery. Luxurious Arabian carpets cover the ground while colored lanterns provide a shifting illumination throughout. Proudly displayed on stands of beautifully illuminated hardwood are many paintings. They shift and flow from scene to scene, seeming to tell an illustrated story to those watching them. A sign announces an auction later that day.

If you combine a skilled artist and Magus into a single being, they can produce artwork of the most beautiful and exotic nature. While this example is of a painter, it would work with nearly any art form with only a few minor changes. Once they have built a name for themselves their works will sell for prices far outside of what a normal enchanted item would go for. You can also use the rules for Great Works (Covenants, p.102) to allow them to be used as text for study.

Selling at an auction during a Tribunal will generally net the artist the greatest return on their time. It will also get their name on many lips and possibly a patron.


  • Augustus of Jerbiton (Magus): Augustus is an oddity. One of the few members of his House without the gentle gift, he was selected for his skilled hand at drawing even though he was only a child. His lab is focused on created enchanted items and he has a lab total of just over 60. He lives in the Roman Tribunal and is not a member of a Covenant, making the Vis for his study and upkeep by the selling of his art. He will spent much of his time at the fair drifting about his tent, not letting others know he is the artist to judge their reaction to his works. Have him choose the PCs as his target, though do not reveal he is the artist till the very start of the auction.

Bids at the auctions are straight silver for unenchantented works and vis (+10 pounds per pawn) for enchanted works.


  • Paintings: Augustus paints a large variety of things when he is working on an idea for a new enchanted painting. Commonly they are landscapes, illustrations of Realm creatures, or scenes for battles and Hermetic history. Price can range from roughly one to ten pounds of silver depending on individual quality and size (though he only sells the best ones so they are all very nice). 8~12 available at a given fair.

Products, Enchanted

  • Shifting Landscapes (Painting): Each of these paintings shows a series of landscapes centered around a theme. Seascapes, mountains, cliffs, and castles are his most common. He can produce 3 new ones or 6 reproductions (using Lab Text) in a season of work. These normally sell for about 5 pawns of Vis new and 3 pawns for reproductions. Custom versions such as of your Covenant are available by order, at a price of 10 pawns. 4~6 new and 5~7 reproductions at a given fair.

  • An Illustrative Work (Painting): Each painting showing an animated collection, made up of 100 finely wroth and animated scenes. Most are stories, such as a battle. He can produce 1 new one (plus 1 or 2 Shifting Landscapes) or 3 reproductions (using Lab Text) in a season of work. These normally sell for about 10 pawns of Vis new and 7 pawns for reproductions. 1~3 new and 3~5 reproductions at a given fair.

  • An Illustrative Work (Painting, Great Works): These are a refinement of the above, using its series of images to teach some ability as a Tractatus. Most are collections of creatures of a certain Realm, though some cover key parts of the Order's history. Augustus can produce 1 new one in two seasons of work or a reproduction in one season. He is limited to abilities he knows and could write a text about. Common abilities include the varies Realm Lores, Order of Hermes Lore, and Code of Hermes. Quality is 7~10 based on your Saga. These normally sell for about 20 pawns of Vis for new works, with reproductions only available by order. 0~3 available at a given fair.

  • Magnum Opus (Painting, Great Works): Each of these is an animated collection, made up of 1,000 finely wroth and animated scenes. They are a Great Works Summa and can take many seasons if not years to produce new. Even reproductions take two or more seasons of work. Their level+quality should only be about average for your saga with no more than one of a given Ability or Art being produced. They normally sell for 40+ pawns of Vis new, with reproductions rarely even available by order. 0~1 (normally 0) at a given fair.

The Shifting Landscape
CrIm, Level 10, P/S/I, Base 1 "sight", RDT 2, Moving 1, Variety 1, E. Trigger +3, 3/day +2
The enchantment will allow up to 10 individually painted scenes, flowing from one to the next. This means each is actually a small collection combined into a single work. These works are normally a collection of beautiful landscapes.

An Illustrative Work
CrIm, Level 20, P/S/I, Base 1 "sight", RDT 2, Moving 1, Variety 2, Complex 1 "Very Intricate", E. Trigger +3, 3/day +2
The enchantment will allow up to 100 individually painted scenes, with each able to flow and move. This means each is actually a whole collection combined into a single work.

The Magnum Opus
CrIm, Level 30, P/S/I, Base 1 "sight", RDT 2, Moving 1, Variety 3, Complex 2 "Very Intricate", E. Trigger +3, 3/day +2
The enchantment will allow up to 1,000 individually painted scenes, with each able to flow and move. This means each is actually a massive collection combined into a single work that takes half a day to cycle through its full range. They are closer to a very slow modern movie than a series of paintings.


A Fruitful Endeavor

Type: (Vendor, fruit products, seeds, plants, mundane goods)
This small stall is manned by a friendly maga wearing a purple robe, with ink stained fingers and messy hair organized in a practical bun. She wears lots of hermetic jewellery (pendants with symbols of her house, various arts, hermetic symbols etc). She is willing to engage anyone in conversation but is clearly rather awkward in the role as a vendor. Her garb identify her as a maga ex Bonisagus, and her appearance suggests that she is rather more of a lab rat than the adventurous type. Her name is Minerva ex Bonisagus, though she will not provide it unless asked for it. She is originally from the greek speaking territories of anatolia but can live anywhere convenient for the story.

Her stall is full of various fruity and plant products. On display in the stall are are dried fruits, potted plants bearing exotic fruit, jams, ciders, preserves, pickled fruit stored in a rickety assortment of jars, baskets and bags. There is very little apparent order in the stall and there is clearly space for more merchandise had it been better organized.

None of the fruits or fruit-products look like any known fruit, nor do the seeds look like they come from and recognizable plant, though on closer inspection many of them appear to slightly resemble the fruiting bodies of known plants.There are weirdly familiar but exotic looking potted plants: Stinging nettles bearing apple sized fuzzy looking fruits, Heather bearing stand of grape-like fruits, A small juniper with juicy looking berries etc.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive and the storyguide should feel free to come up with crazy fruits or whatever they want.
None of the items have magical properties as the fruits are entirely mundane once the spell has ended.

Acorn-fruit jam:
This jam has the consistency of fig-jam and a sweet nutty aroma to it.

Fruit of stinging nettle:
This fruit is covered in a white sheen of stingers just like the rest of the stinging nettle, and thus requires gloves to handle without suffering its stinging burns. The fruit is a delicious mix of sweet and sour and leaves a tingling sensation on the tongue.

Heather-grape wine:
This wine has a flowery, almost meady or honey-like by taste to it, but otherwise resembles normal berry-wine.

The seeds are just that. Seeds harvested from various plants that she has first cast the spell upon, such that they will grow into fruit-bearing versions of their normal cousins.

She accepts payment in mundane currency or vis, though she has not put any sign or other indicator of price and she is not a particularly skilled haggler.

If the players engage her in conversation she will explain that she is able to cause any plant to create fruits and she is willing to sell the seeds necessary to plant these supernatural plants. She is more than happy to talk about the ins-and-outs of the spell that creates these plants and explains that she creates the them with a spell that causes plants to grow to full maturity in the span of a single day or night (a rather standard Herbam effect) but that she created her version of the spell while experimenting in the lab. The plants targeted by the spell always create the same type of fruit if cast upon the same plant (e.g. oak trees always create the same acorn-fruit, heather always creates heather-grapes etc.). The offspring of these plants are fertile and also bear the new fruit.

For a bigger fee the maga will even travel to nearby covenants and cast the spell on plants that the covenant desires, in case she hasn't thought to create a fruit-bearing version of whatever is their favorite plant. Though she has no control over the appearance or flavor of the new fruit. This fee is always paid in vis and on this she is a much stronger haggler.

The backstory here is that the maga has recently invented a version of the CrHe spell that causes a plant to grow to full maturity in the span of a single day/night. However because she invented the spell using experimentation she ended up with an interesting side effect: The targeted plant will always bear an edible fruit once the spell has run its course, and the plant will be forever changed such that it bears these fruits instead of whatever fruit it normally bears. She invented this spell because her home covenant wanted to create an orchard and she drew the short straw on this duty.
The description of the booth may give the impression that the maga doesn't care terribly about the price, and that is absolutely correct. She is a dedicated lab rat and really doesn't want to stand here manning a stall. However she is hoping that this spell will be her chance to get published in the next Bonisagus folio and that developing such an interesting side effect may positively affect her reputation, which is why she has overcome her shyness and lack of interest in non-research endeavors. If the players seem impressed or are able to give interesting conversation about topics that she cares about she will happily neglect her booth to chat about the intricacies of magic theory, her specialty within magic (Creo) or the possibilities for expanding hermetic magic.

If the players try to talk to her about Herbam she will loose interest quite quickly and try to scare them off by raising her prices or only responding with single syllables words. This is because she really does not care particularly for Herbam and is quite annoyed with all the Herbam specialists who assume that she is one of their own for having a plant based stand.


The Baby Drake

Type Vendor and Story


At the edge of the fairground, there is an animal pen, tended
by a blonde girl in her early teens. Inside the
waist-high fence, a dozen lizards and snakes crawl in the mud.
On the side, there are a couple of bird cages on tables.
The most notable animals is a white peacock, a real prize,
and a tiny drake playing with the snakes.


Gregis of Tytalus has taken to breeding and trapping of animals of power.
His passion is the challenge of taming the wild and independent creatures.
Even though he is a mature magus, this interest is relatively recent.
His dream is at some point to control the great dragons of power, but for
the time being, his animals are of more modest power. Even so, the animals
on display are not necessarily the most powerful he can provide.
Some of the animals he breeds at his covenant, others he buy abroad, and some
he has hunted down to capture.

Products, General

  • Lizards and snakes.
    • Different sizes.
    • Might 5-20.
    • Priced at 5-15p vis depending on power
  • The Baby Drake, see under Personalities
    • Price: 10p vis
  • A prize, white peacock in a cage.
    • This is Gregis' pride, a bird of great beauty and powers.
    • Might 24
    • Master of charm and illusions.
    • Gregis wants at least 20p vis for this
  • Two ravens of virtue in a cage.
    • Canon stats [RoP:M]
    • Price: 8p vis
  • Three crows in a cage.
    • Might 5
    • Price: 6p vis


Gregis is a mature Tytalus magus, but busy with his other schemes,
he is rarely seen at the pen.
It is suggested that he be someone otherwise mentioned and named
in the saga. His apprentice, Daphne, is left in charge of the
animals and the business.

Daphne the Apprentice

  • Age 13.
  • Personality Sly +2, Cowered (by master) +3, Kind +2
  • Roleplay
    Daphne should be kind and helpful, but also nervous and scared to take

Cuhriða the Baby Drake

Cuhriða is a baby dragon who is mad about gems and silver,
and she would steal like a magpie.

  • Magic Might 12 [Ignem]
  • Size -2
  • Int -2, Per +1, Str -3, Sta 0, Com -1, Pre [cute] +2, Dex +2, Qik +4
  • Cuhriða is not fully grown and cannot fly; the wings are still useful
    to slow falls and jumps.
  • Brawl [teeth] 2, Charm [first impression] 2,
    Athletics [jump] 4, Stealth [hiding] 2, Awareness 1,
    Latin 1, Penetration 2
  • Gift of Speech (1), Greater Power x2 (6), Soak (1)
    Greater Immunity to Fire (3)
  • Avaricious [silver and gems] (-1)
  • Personality Traits Avaricious +6, Cheeky +3, Jolly +2
  • Vis 2p Ignem in Heart
  • Appearance. Cuhriða has the size and build of a chubby toddler.
    She has the snout of a puppy, ears like Baby Yoda, and small black
    wings on her back.
    She has a lovely smile, at least when you look it in its eyes.
    The hands and feet are claws with two fingers and a thumb.
    The wings are small and do not look as if they can carry her.


  • Claws Init +3; Atk +6; Def +9; Dam -1
  • Fangs/Teeth Init +4; Atk +8; Def +8; Dam -2
  • Soak +3


Peering Into the Mortal Mind, 1 points, Init +3,
R: Eye, D: Mom, T: Ind
As the spell on page 149 of ArM5, but the drake can read the mind of anyone
he can see; the target does not need to make eye contact with him.
InMe 30 (Base 25, +1 Sight): Greater Power (30 levels, –2 Might cost)

Puff of Flame, 1 point, Init +1, Ignem
R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Ind
The drake can spit a cabbage-sized ball of
flame out to about 15 paces, inflicting +5 damage.
CrIg 10 (Base 4, +2 Voice): Greater Power (10 levels)

Devouring the Heat of the Fire, 0 points, Init +14,
R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind
Like the Salamander of Virtue, Cuhriða can instantly extinguish
any fire it touches, even the hottest furnace.
If the fire is very large, only a three-pace radius around the
creature is extinguished.
Even if it does not use this power, the creature is completely
unharmed by heat and flames.
PeIg 15 (Base 4, +1 Touch, +1 Part, +2 Size):
Greater Power (15 levels, +5 Initiative, –2 Might cost)


It so happens that Cuhriða, the Baby Drake, escapes from the pen,
to play tricks around the fair. Daphne will be scared out of her
wits, because what will her master say? Other vendors find their
goods stolen, and fires may be started.


The scenes do not have to occur in any particular order. Instead,
they can be adapted to the characters exploration of the fair.

  1. The characters have talked to Daphne about the creatures for
    sale. Just as they are leaving, she discovers that Cuhriða
    has disappeared. She is devastated and begs for help.
    She pulls a black egg from her poach and promises that as
    a reward if they can catch the baby drake before her master
    discovers that she is gone.
    The egg is of some mysterious lizard.
    She took it, hiding it from her master, from a lizard who
    unusually had two eggs at the same time.
  2. The drake mocks a vendor conversing with the PCs, trying
    to get the PC to laugh. Possibly making faces or messing up the
    vendor's stall.
  3. The drake climbs the roofs, puffing fire. Possibly it creates a
    small fire in an awkward place. The PCs could be the first to notice.
  4. The drake cuts purses of one or more people in the market.
  5. The drake robs a stall, running away with a couple of lab text scrolls.
    Possibly, the scrolls are dropped in the PCs' yard, thus incriminating
  6. The drake is spying on some magi.

Possible solutions

  • Kill the drake. The vendor will not be happy, but the others in the market
    will be safe.
  • Pay it off with silver or gems. It will feel cheated if it cannot keep the
    precious goods in captivity.
  • Entertain it; play, talk, and befriend.
  • When we played this in Hibernia, the players discovered that the drake
    spoke a few words of Latin and should thus be treated as the like of man.
    They put a case to the presiding quaesitoris, arguing that the breeder
    was in breech of the Peripheral Code when he kept the drake captive.

Erastrus' Eristic Moot Booth: The Spectacular Battle of Wits Between Magi!!!

Type: Entertainment

Description: A magus sits in a chair at the middle of an open space. At his side a sign reads "challenge me". There is no booth.

Background: Erastrus is keen to hone his debating abilities. He invites any passerby, magi or not, to an argument, just for the sake of arguing (Tip: for bonus points, change his name from Erastrus to Barnard). Things like your opinion on yesterday's supper, or the clothes he is wearing. He is also open to debating specific fields, such as the latest developments of Magical Theory or the true nature of angels.


  • Pure discussion: use the rules for debate presented in HoH:S p.90, which better represent an argument for the sake of arguing.
  • Academic discussion: if discussing an academic topic, use the rules for disputatio (A&A p.104). In this case use any relevant hermetic reputation instead of the Academic Reputation for the Resistance Total.

Topics for Discussion: If pure discussion, anything. One favorite of Erastrus is arguing that there is a booth (either an invisible one or a metaphorical one), while the challenger claims there isn't. Another favorite is to claim they are (or are not) having an argument. For academic discussion, the abilities for the disputatio should be expanded to include Magic Theory, Realm Lore, Code of Hermes, or even Arts.

Winner: It doesn't matter! Arguing is fun! But Erastrus is willing to bet a pawn against certain selected opponents.

Erastrus stats: To present a better challenge Erastrus should have 5 in all of Folk Ken, Artes Liberales, Charm, Guile and Leadership, and at least a 7 in Intrigue, which means he is at least 10 years out of gauntlet. He prefers a balanced approach to debating, with no weak abilities.

The Plot Thickens

(NOTE: Everything below can be safely ignored. There is some degree of improvisation in it, and it's not really necessary for the Eristic Moot Booth to be interesting. If desired you can also just handwave everything below.)

Erastrus uses this debates to subtly probe the challenger on his position concerning certain social topics in a hidden way. For example, inside what seems like a theological discussion (academic or not) about Mc 12,13-17 (Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s) Erastrus might be actually probing the challenger on his stance about House Bonisagus claiming other people apprentices. Hidden in a debate about "is butter better than milk?" he might be ascertaining what would be your position on the topic "is a magi better than an apprentice?".

Probing: When Erastrus is probing someone his arguments become weaker (less logical, more easily counteracted). He isn't even really trying to defend his point. Erastrus starts the discussion with a discussion fatigue level (see debate/disputatio rules).

Discerning the enemy: At the end of the debate, roll Com + Intrigue for Erastrus. On a 12+ Erastrus determines what is the political position of the challenger on the hidden subject. Optionally, add the argument strength to Erastrus roll (it doesn't matter if he won or lost, he gets a positive bonus).

Noticing the deception: if an observer (including the challenger) succeeds on a Per+Intrigue check against Erastrus Com+Guile by 3+ he realizes there is something going on. By 6+ he discerns the hidden topic. If the challenger notices that something is going on he can choose to lose/end the debate (usually in a pathetic way). If he realizes the hidden topic he can try to reveal nothing (-3 for the debate totals) or to mislead Erastrus (-6 for the debate and -3 for the guile check, since it will be easier for Erastrus to spot inconsistences). Either way he gains a Com+Guile roll against Erastrus Com+Intrigue (and the table on the right column of HoH:TL p. 24 should then be used).

What is in it for Erastrus: First and foremost, Erastrus thinks it is fun to force people do divulge positions that they themselves might even be unaware of. He usually sells the information he gets. Eg., if he learns someone is against a certain move from Durenmar he can either sell this info to Fengheld/Dankmar or to Durenmar. Sometimes he will sell the info to both sides. Most info is traded for other info, or favors.


The Hermetic Theater

Type: Entertainment


You approach a man and asks about the stage being prepared by a group of what seem to be itinerant artists. You are pretty sure it wasn't there this morning.

"You have never seen the Hermetic Theater? Melpomene of Bonisagus is the director. The woman over there, in the green dress. No, the other one, the blonde. She travels the Order with her theater going from Tribunal to Tribunal... but I thought she was going to Thebes this year! We got lucky!"


Melpomene is a Trianomae with a passion for the history of the Order. As a kid she loved watching mystery plays. After her gauntlet she begun to roam the world, and got in love again with theater from several different places. Finally, a few decades ago, she started to write "mystery" plays to narrate the big events of the Order. Her masterpiece is "The Peregrinations of Trianoma", were she retells Trianoma's travels to meet the twelve founders. While not being exactly historically accurate (for example, Trianoma only manages to convince Tremere after defeating him in Certamen, which wouldn't exist for a few years when they first met), it is loved by the public.

The actors are mundane, but Melpomene sometimes invites magi for special participations, or to help with certain special effects outside of her capabilities. She uses CrIg for lighting, CrIm or CrHe for objects and props, and the occasional CrMe to remind an actor who forgot the next line. A multitude of mundane stage tricks is also used. It's usually free to watch the plays, but a few mundanes go around the audience selling salty food and drinks.

The plays reinforce themes like the lawlessness before the Order, the necessity of a strong Code, Bonisagus and Trianoma (sacred) roles in the foundation of the Order, etc. House Bonisagus likes her plays very much. Besides "Peregrinations" other plays include "Join or Die!", "The Temptations of the Devil" (about house Tytalus corruption), "Through Arcadia the Wanderer Goes" (where a mortal travels to the realm of the fairies and meets several figures from hermetic history), "The Witty Jack" (a story about a clever Redcap who solves various problems with a few simple enchanted items and his cunning) and the Magus and the Dragon (were a magus breaches several parts of the Code, messes up with a dragon and ends up being eaten alive. It's actually a very funny play). She is currently working on a play about whatever would get her in contact with your troupe (the Solomonic Order if there is someone from the East, the life of Guernicus if there is a Quesitor to inquire, the forbbiden love between a magus and a noblewoman if there is someone with noble blood, etc), and she would love some feedback on it.


Creating the Stage of Hermes (CrHe 30)
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Ind
The spell creates a fixed stage with trapdoors, cranes and machinery required for a play. The spell was developed through experimentation and has a minor flaw: there is always a slight mismatch in planks, beams and boards. This causes the construction to look a bit rustic, unprofessional even. The floor is squeaky, and the trapdoors sometimes get stuck. But Melpomene thinks it's better this way; the theater has personality.

(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 size, +1 elaborate shape, +1 complexity)

Melponeme: Prideful +1, Free-spirited +2, Moralistic +1.

Story Seeds

  1. The next play will begin soon, but the actress who plays Trianoma can't be found anywhere. Melpomene asks you to find her. Is she just burned out from rehearsing too much, or is something else at play?

  2. The next play will begin soon, but the actress who plays Trianoma can't be found anywhere. Melpomene asks you to replace her.

  3. There is the symbol of a mystery cult hidden in the background of a scene. What does this means? Who put it there? Is Melpomene related to the cult?

  4. A Flambeau didn't like the way the founder was represented (wrong hair color, wrong height, too wrathful, not wrathful enough... choose it). Melponeme refuses to apologize or make amends. Can you de-escalate the situation? If not, what is going to happen?

  5. The stage is ablaze!!! Was this really just a CrIg sponted spell that got out of control?

Anyone who watches a play can put adventure XP or exposure XP in OoH Lore in that season.