A Very Spirited All Hallows Eve (Fall 1234)

Lucas and Cecilia mingle among the other guests while their kids play with the other children. The four of them may be new to this group, but they're all from House Mercere - they're not shy, and they know how to make friends quickly. Both Mercere magi are happy to renew their acquaintance with Vocis and his wife, and they have plenty of stories of their new home in Mallorca - a supposedly haunted villa just outside of Parma. It's only been a little over a week since they moved in, but already it's starting to shape up. At some point they notice Wen standing to the side and come over to say hello. A quick run through languages shows that they all speak French, and a lively conversation ensues about Andorra, Mallorca, and numerous other topics.

Roberto and the Little Caballero are stuffing cream rolls down their gullets :mrgreen:

Carlos breaks out the ol' Latin Guitar and plays a song. Something he picked up in France, one of those northern folk song type of things intended for dancing and drinking.

Acutus arrives wearing a sea blue himation draped over his left shoulder that leaves his near perfect physique uncovered from shoulder to waist. In his right hand he holds an ornate trident that seems to indicate his costume as that of Poseidon.
Selim arrives separately (can companions use the portal system?) wearing his traditional Bedouin silk garments, not really understanding what a masquerade was and immediately finds a glass of wine to quench his thirst.
Solomon is not attending, All Hallow’s Eve being a night of solemn prayer and quiet devotion for him prior to All Saint’s Day.

[color=red]"Thank you. I know some of the details aren't quite right, but most people wouldn't notice.

And your costume! Quite...fascinating. I wish I had the courage to pull something like that off. [size=20]Or someone who would appreciate it.[/size]"

[color=brown]"I will leave that up to you two," Epona says. [color=brown]"Although, if I'm not on duty I might come keep you company for a while."

Vibria will come over once and congratulate Arachné(?) on the creepy verité of her costume. Lucia and Epona eye her warily and keep her distance (although Epona does look over every so often until she decides that the ginormous spider's not a threat).

Vibria also compliments Carmen on her "Nordic Princess" costume (Ella from Frozen-ish?), while Lucia and Epona succumb to the Pontifex's Blatant Gift and give her a wide berth. Vibria engages Roberto in casual conversation ("A dragon and a knight walk into a bar...")

Oh, sod it. Vibria basically mingles with everyone (and tries not to drool over Acutus). Except for the children. She will run around "terrorizing" the little paste-eaters, letting el Caballerito and the others "slay" her repeatedly.

Fleur half catches Vibria's trailing comment "Excuse me?" but she does not pursue the issue.

She greets Carmen with a hug and smile, and offers her a glass of wine.

As the party picks up anyone with second sight may notice (perception+ second sight+ simple die of 9 or better) that there are 2 guests that they do not recognize from, really anywhere. They appear to be wearing Roman costumes, and they are also translucent like Mica. Of course those without second sight do not see them. There is a man and woman, and they don't seem to be interacting much with the other guests.

Carmen's initial reaction is awkward, ((oh, we're going in for the hug, um, okay...)), but genuine and friendly. She show off her outfit when asked about it, it is the dress she was given by Frey when she adventured in the Faerie realm (or as it magic?). Otherwise she is reserved, sticks to herself and especially away from mmundanes. She seems to be brooding about something.

When the "dragon and knight walk into the bar", Roberto sends the little caballero to slay her repeatedly :laughing:

Allen, Wen's husband, has Premonitions (a danger sense) if that ever comes up. No Second Sight though.
However, a quick scan reveals that Micaela has the Syght :wink:

A cackle comes from the creepy spider
Thank you, my dear. You and I make quite the menagerie. I wonder what it means about us...

Underneath her disguise, she'll look at Epona, amused, and, after a while, wave a paw to her. She'd loved to have children. Well, she would have loved many things, but one seldom gets what one wants.

1d10=1 This looks like a wasted die roll...

  • stats and all. She passes.

As she is mostly quiet and look at the people, Arachné is among the first to notice the two intruders. She says nothing, shows nothing, but does not let her gaze fall far from them: If they want to spy on us, she'll spy on the spies. Othersiwe, there's more to learn by watching who they are

The two seem to take little interest in the party, but seem caught up with themselves. They also appear to be responding to events which you yourself do not witness.

(Selim also has Second Sight but only rolled a 6 [Second Sight 3 + Per 0+ 3] so he doesn't see the ghosts)

Selim will make his way over to Fleur once she appears to be free of conversation and allows his eyes to peruse her entire dress, "Maga, I wish to compliment you on your stunning dress. The design is quite…alluring and compliments your natural beauty exquisitely. It reminds me of a similar dress I saw in Arabia, worn by the daughter of an Emir…quite scandalous.” He pauses for a moment of reflection with a smile on his face, “It is that dress that led me to leave Arabia and find my fortunes elsewhere.”

Fleur takes a second to process what he is saying, then smiles. "I assure you, in this case there will be no need to depart should events take a similar vein. Would you be interested in staying after the party tonight to, help me out a bit?" The smile on her face looks more than a little bit wicked.

Selim nods, his stunning blue eyes smiling, "Maga, I would be honored to assist you with any endeavors you feel might require my assistance."

Fleur traces her finger along his chin and grin before turning to the other party guests.

As the evening draws on the two largely unnoticed guests seem to be reacting to something that is both dramatic and unnoticed even by those who notice the two guests. Their presence slowly becomes more prominent and as midnight approaches even hose with a second sight+per roll of 6 will be able to notice them. They seem by this point to be terrified of something.

Selim now notices the ghosts in the corner and walks over to them, "Excuse me, I didn't see you there before. Is there somethere wrong?"

(he's speaking in whatever language everyone was speaking in before, I presume Latin. However, with Faerie Speech, he'll understand whatever language they respond to him in)

The two mostly unseen guests do not seem to hear Selim, and Fleur looks at him apprehensively "Who are you talking to?"
Those who see the two entities now see appearing on a wall in blood "The contract be fulfilled, on Hallowstide when the bells toll, the life will be forfeit, and the spirit bound."

[color=red]"That...is an interesting question," Vibria says as she reaches for a glass of wine.

As the evening goes on, Vibria keeps finding her eye drawn toward Acutus. After draining the last of her wine, she heads over there.

[color=red]"Acutus, right? Your costume is divine! How are you finding Sa Dragonera?"

Acutus stares for a moment, caught off-guard by the small dragon. Re-gathering his composure, he smiles, "Yes, and you are...Mistress Vibria, right?" He glances at his trident, "Thank you. And I must say, your draconic image is quite impressive. I honestly haven't had much time to visit Sa Dragonera or any of the Balearic Isles beyond my sanctum, although I hope to soon."

That is creepy....!

Vocis and his entourage are long gone by midnight. Pere is still there enjoying himself, but not sober enough to notice Selim talking to thin air yet.

Carmen has also gone home by midnight, so have Allen and Wen. Roberto and Carlos are still hanging out, the magus enjoying his new found social skills and Carlos enjoying the ones he always had. Sooner or latter Roberto will find someone to trade war stories with, and Carlos will find some lady to sweet talk :mrgreen:

Lucas and Cecilia depart with Vocis. For although they've left their youngest back at home, they still have two children who need their rest. They bid Fleur goodbye with promises to return the favor when they get their new home in order.