A way to partially bypass magic resistance?

So I was thinking about ReAq spells that hit the target with guided water very hard, then I realized that they might get splashed. So what happens if you use say burning naptha?

As long as it hasn't been created by CrAq or something like that, it should be nasty. The impact is gone but the dousing is the important thing in this case. Are we assuming Greek fire was naptha or just using naptha as an example? For something more common you could use lamp oil.


IIRC, if you use magic to aim then it can be resisted. If you take a blob of naptha and drop it on them without aiming it will bypass MR.

But, using your example, if 1 did not aim the naptha at the mage/critter but at their feet and "hope" for a splash I think that would bypass MR

You need something more flammable than lamp oil in general as it will not readily burn as a puddle of it. Hot tar would work as well.

Greek fire would be the best but might be hard to get as the formula was not widely known. Although by wikipedia it seems to have fallen out of use by the time period of AM.

The example in ArM5 of water being directed at a target has the magic resistance removing the impact but leaving the non-Creo'd water present at the target, soaking him.


The thing is that you are using a spell to throw it at the person hard to give it say 5 damage and some knock back. But you are using a substance that even if their MR stops the impact it will fall and splash around them. By using something that is flammable and dangerous it will damage them anyway even if it is resisted.

Or how far away from the mage does your version of magic resistance stop rego effects?

If it was burning naphtha, then you'd probably need ignem. If it was ReIg then it'd be resisted or targeted.

I don't see it myself- unless unlit naphtha is targeted, I could see it not sticking to the person. Water only soaks because it's fundamentally harmless.

Then how about natural strong acid? Or say powdered lye?

There are a lot of things you can do that dropping them next to you can be a big problem.

And I don't see why moving a burning object would need an ignem requisite the fire will follow the object. Of course even with an ignem requisite it does not solve the issue You are still dousing the person in naturally burning flamable liquid, it is just that the force to knock them back and hurt them a bit isn't taken into account.

Otherwise you are thinking that MR should effect totally natural greek fire, so you can not use a fire siphon to burn up mages then?

There are lots of ways to hack magic resistance. Having a consistent way of having it work just makes it easier, but no way I have seen MR suggested to work would stop the mage from getting doused in greek fire.

I am reading a book on the history of venice (and BTW, the creation of the Arsenale is a covenant by any other name :mrgreen: ) and it mentions the use of naphta in several 1150-1250 naval battles so I guess that it was known if you asked the relevant users.


Dead wrong. MR stops magic not harm. The magus gets wet because it is the nature of liquids to spread onto and wet things they are right up next to even if you stop pushing them. You can absolutely use ReAq to cover a magus in mundane oil - you'd have to light it before it reaches or the oil would be protected by the parma!

Isn't there already a spell in the main book that sorta works like this?

The way I understand it if you craq or reaq or crreaq a bunch of oil (or choose your flammable liquid of choice) at the target with MR even if desired the oil would splash around him now you need a seperate critical effect to light the liquid which makes it a 2 round process. Meaning, a target could, if quick enough, step out of the oil. That said the level to make oil I think is fitly low so by passing MR for craq shouldn't be that bad

But if you lit it, then it'd be Ignem and not Aquam.

The oil would still be aquam, the flames would be ignem but they'd follow along naturally anyway unless the wind of passage blew them out. An ignem requisite would prevent that, a CrIg requisite with a magnitude would light oil as part of the same spell. IMO of course.

A damaging creo spell would be resisted by MR. The trick here is using magic to guide a damaging substance, MR stops the kinetic damage from the object but not the exposure damage.

That is why you need real oil.

nah it doesn't the heat from the fire creates the real damage all that is magic is the spark and the fuel

No, otherwise you could just use radiant heat from large CrIg spells to cook magi. It does get weird if you go into say a CrIg blast furnace as the regular objects are hot enough to burn.

But this is my point the fire is actually mundane,
the crig merely acted as a match ...so sure the ignitian heat could be resisted but not the fire.

So, if you CrHe some firewood and lit a campfire could someone with MR burn themselves in it? Kang says yes. I'm inclined to agree - a magus can feel and benefit from the heat after all. She might not choke on the smoke though... :confused:

Burn themselves, yes. Choke on the smoke, yes(the smoke is no longer "officially" the wood after all).

So there would be one round of exposure but the Cr naphtha would not stick so the magus could just step out of the puddle. I'd say that means less coverage too so the damage in the one round would be less than real burning oil would inflict. A MuAq flask that holds a few dozen gallons of the real thing is what you want.